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Apr 3, 2006 03:25 PM

Jackson Hole Food Review

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The skiing was great, the food was not. That about sums up my trip to Jackson Hole. With phenominal spring conditions on the mountain I couldn't have been happier. However, my palate was left less than satisfied. Itemized below are the places we ate at, my recomendations are the Village Cafe on the Mountain (for pizza), Billys in town (for burgers) and the Silver Dollar in town (for game sausages).

Billy's - Attached to the Million dollar cowboy bar, great burgers however the ambiance was a little weird. Walking into a burger joint that has pantera playing is a bit odd but the food made up for it. I know the place is trying to be "kitchy" with their rules and overtly rude chef but if they toned it down a bit the place would be alot more fun. The burgers were very very good and I would go back for them.

Old Yellowstone Garage (OYG) - Perhaps the most unispired menu I have ever scene in my life. The place tries far too hard to be romantic and pretensious but fails on both accounts. We had no less than 4 people come up to us before we ordered to wish us a good meal (my god I'm not going on a trip to the moon!). I was excited to have some pasta mixed with local game but they had nothing on the menu of this sort. The service was very attentive but all in all this place really misses on everything it's trying to be.

The Bunnery - Good breakfast place, service was attentive and food was ok, really not remarkable but its worth a stop for an ok breakfast.

Village Cafe - Absolutley great whole wheat crust pizza. The pepperoni version is vastly superior to the plain cheese; I'm assuming they cook the pepperoni longer making the crust and cheese a bit better. At around $3 a slice it's a bargin for ski lodge food!

Picas - Was looking for some good mexican food since it's hard to find authentic mission style burritos in New York. The food was decent but really nothing great and the flavors didn't pop in your mouth like a burrito in Claifornia does.

Bubbas - Had breakfast at Bubbas and ordered the turkey and jack omlet, very good omlet cooked well with hardly any grease. The biscuit was very bland and fairly terrible but the eggs were good; breakfast burrito wasn't great either.

DOG - Good flavor in the burrito but I found the service to be very rude and the burrito itself to be very greasy. In fact I found all people under the age of 35 to be extremly rude and arrogant in Jackson Hole, is this normally the case?

Well that's it, as I said the food was awful but the skiing was great; since I was there for the skiing and not the food I'll call the trip a success!

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  1. Since I am from Wyoming...I can respond to a couple of things.

    Jackson Hole is the Aspen, Co. of Wyoming. People who are from Wyoming can't afford to live there. I am guessing that lots of their wait staff or chefs are really ski bums who'd rather be on the slopes.

    What kind of food were you expecting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming? I am just wondering. When I was there I stayed at Kings Lodge and had wonderful food (I was there for a conference, didn't ski). I am guessing at the nicer lodges near Jenny Lake, etc. you'd get more of what you were looking for. Just guessing.

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      I wasn't looking for anything fancy; to be honest I was just looking for good homestyle cooking, great steaks, chops and things of that nature. I just couldn't believe the lack of local ingredients on so many of the menus.

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        I agree w/ Melly. Jackson isn't really Wyoming. People from Wyoming don't really live there or consider it a part of their state.

        On the other hand, the Gun Barrel specializes in wild game and it is very good.
        Jedidiah's House of Sourdough is very good for breakfast. The few locals who live there, eat there. I think the Sweetwater at King and Pearl is very good also.

        But I am from Wyoming, so maybe my standards aren't the same.

      2. Oh...we ate at the Mangy Moose when I was there and had great Buffalo steaks and burgers. Yumm.

        1. I'm probably a little out of date but I've had dinner at two places in Jackson. Because I was caught in a blizzard one night on the way to Togwotee, I had dinner at the Wort Hotel. I swear that the thick prime rib didn't need a knife and was cut with a fork. Because I asked, I know the beef came from Ennis, MT. My next dinner was at the Gun Barrel since I couldn't get into the Wort. I was upset by the prices until I saw my meal, a huge sirloin with a full onion flower along with garlic mashed potatoes, which should have fed four. If you like beef, Wyoming and Montana are the deal.

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            We have been to JH several times and are going again in a couple of weeks. While we'll have vegetarians along for part, the Gun Barrel sounds like a good option. Haven't been to the Wort for food either. Have really liked Snake River Grill, Blue Lion used to be very good, Koshu was fun, Bunnery decent in the A.M, Sweetwater for lunch. Mind if I ask how Togwotee was, for food, lodging, fun, and location?

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              We are an older couple that love to snowmobile in the Togwotee area. I have eaten at the Togwotee Mountain Lodge, but was not overly impressed. It’s a good place to get something to drink and food along the trail. Brooks Lake Lodge is more of the upper end experience. The Wilderness Boundary Restaurant at Lava Mountain Lodge on Hwy 26 near the pass was a really good coffee shop. We’ve eaten at Line Shack and Sawmill near Union Pass. We really liked the food at both, but we were hungry too.

              Fun? I've seen hundreds of moose, thousands of elk, coyote packs, a wolf, been chased around by a muskrat; you name it. Once we snowmobiled over 500 miles in 5 days from Salt Pass to Moran Junction, staying and fueling at back country lodges while only crossing one paved road. We saw young elk boxing along the Gros Ventre River one day. We think it’s fun.

          2. We went to Jackson Hole last fall and I don't think we had a bad meal anywhere. Although, we ate at completely different restaurants than the original poster.

            Cadillac Grille--food was absolutely delicious. I had the Idaho trout and my husband had some sort of beef filet. Both were cooked to perfection. The atmosphere was kind of weird though--their menu looks like they're trying to be fine dining, but the atmosphere is more loud and fun. We really couldn't argue with how good the food was, though.

            The Moose Pizza and Pasta Co.--This is right outside the entrance to Grand Teton and a welcome, affordable change from a lot of the typical Jackson Hole food. We ate a few meals there and didn't try the pasta, but the salads were fresh and creative and the pizza was flavorful with a good crust. The view is also incredible. Wear a sweater and sit outside.

            Found some out of the way sushi place that was nearly empty and had scary bathrooms, but the sushi and miso soup were amazingly good.

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              I just got back from a week in Jackson, Wy,, which is what the locals call Jackson Hole. (Jackson Hole refers to the entire valley which is about seventy miles long.) Jackson is a very small town, population around 7000, but it does seem to know what it is doing restaurant wise. We had kids, so the Snake River Grille was out. We ate one night at the Cadillac Grille. The place was crowded, as it is right in the heart of the tourist district, next to the Cowboy Bar. We had excellent cocktails, followed by a mixed grille of game animals, buffalo, elk and wild boar sausage, all of which were prepared fairly well. My wife had trout, which she reported to be good. My kids had personal pizzas. The service was a little slow, although in fairness, the place was mobbed. One thing I noticed was how badly some tourists dress when they go out-- sweatpants, t-shirts, flip-flops. C'mon, people, it's not your den. Two days later we had lunch at the Snake River Brewery, which has some quite tangy, spicy and generally suprerior chili. I also had a brat there, served with sauerkraut. They do brew some excellent beer, although the atmosphere and service could stand some improvement. As I mentioned on another thread, the pizza at Leek's Marina in Grand Teton National Park, south of Yellowstone, and about forty miles north of Jackson, (which out west is close) was worth seeking out. Breakfast at Shades was something of a disappointment. Good coffee can be found at the Hard Drive cafe, a little away from the touristy area, near the new post office on the west edge of town. Also, the ice cream at Moo's which is in the back of a hat store (?!) was worth looking for. It is on Broadway near the town square. 100% organic homemade ice cream. The English Toffee was great. So I would say that it is entirely possible to find good dining in Jackson and Jackson Hole. And, oh, yes, the Bar J Chuck wagon dinner is sui generis. Good steak, self serve buffet style followed by a "hee haw" type Western swing/ old-timey Cowboy music show. Corny, but oddly good, and the steaks weren't bad.

            2. Thanks for your tips on eating in Jackson Hole. I just got home from a week of
              trying the restaurants and I found that the steak at the Gun Barrel was terrible.
              The service was slow and the sides were very dissappointing.
              However, the Peaks at the Four Seasons was pretty good. Certainly the best
              steak I had in Jackson by far. Perfectly cooked and the sides were great.

              The new restaurant at the top of Teuton Mt was also very good.
              Great rare tuna and crab cakes. Otherwise all very dissapointing.
              At least the snow was great.

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              1. re: lreeves

                I tried out Gun Barrel while traveling through Jackson, and the game I had (buffalo, elk, venison) was pretty solid, at least compared to some of the other 'fine dining' I enjoyed in SD and MT. Of course, the Gun Barrel isn't really fine dining,despite what would appear to be 'fine dining' prices (to this LA native).

                The place is really more of a family steakhouse, loud and cheerful and comfortable, with reasonable although hardly johnny-on-the-spot service. Eh, it's supposed to be about the food, right? And my game and my SO's steak were good;, although the buffalo carpaccio seemed kind of dry and the mustard on it definitely overwhelmed the taste of the meat.

                Later, browsing some sort of dining guide in the hotel, it appears as though there was some amazing food in Jackson, and I'm kind of sorry I didn't look harder to find it. Eh, arriving in town hungry at 8PM will do that to you... :-(