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Jackson Hole Food Review

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The skiing was great, the food was not. That about sums up my trip to Jackson Hole. With phenominal spring conditions on the mountain I couldn't have been happier. However, my palate was left less than satisfied. Itemized below are the places we ate at, my recomendations are the Village Cafe on the Mountain (for pizza), Billys in town (for burgers) and the Silver Dollar in town (for game sausages).

Billy's - Attached to the Million dollar cowboy bar, great burgers however the ambiance was a little weird. Walking into a burger joint that has pantera playing is a bit odd but the food made up for it. I know the place is trying to be "kitchy" with their rules and overtly rude chef but if they toned it down a bit the place would be alot more fun. The burgers were very very good and I would go back for them.

Old Yellowstone Garage (OYG) - Perhaps the most unispired menu I have ever scene in my life. The place tries far too hard to be romantic and pretensious but fails on both accounts. We had no less than 4 people come up to us before we ordered to wish us a good meal (my god I'm not going on a trip to the moon!). I was excited to have some pasta mixed with local game but they had nothing on the menu of this sort. The service was very attentive but all in all this place really misses on everything it's trying to be.

The Bunnery - Good breakfast place, service was attentive and food was ok, really not remarkable but its worth a stop for an ok breakfast.

Village Cafe - Absolutley great whole wheat crust pizza. The pepperoni version is vastly superior to the plain cheese; I'm assuming they cook the pepperoni longer making the crust and cheese a bit better. At around $3 a slice it's a bargin for ski lodge food!

Picas - Was looking for some good mexican food since it's hard to find authentic mission style burritos in New York. The food was decent but really nothing great and the flavors didn't pop in your mouth like a burrito in Claifornia does.

Bubbas - Had breakfast at Bubbas and ordered the turkey and jack omlet, very good omlet cooked well with hardly any grease. The biscuit was very bland and fairly terrible but the eggs were good; breakfast burrito wasn't great either.

DOG - Good flavor in the burrito but I found the service to be very rude and the burrito itself to be very greasy. In fact I found all people under the age of 35 to be extremly rude and arrogant in Jackson Hole, is this normally the case?

Well that's it, as I said the food was awful but the skiing was great; since I was there for the skiing and not the food I'll call the trip a success!

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  1. Since I am from Wyoming...I can respond to a couple of things.

    Jackson Hole is the Aspen, Co. of Wyoming. People who are from Wyoming can't afford to live there. I am guessing that lots of their wait staff or chefs are really ski bums who'd rather be on the slopes.

    What kind of food were you expecting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming? I am just wondering. When I was there I stayed at Kings Lodge and had wonderful food (I was there for a conference, didn't ski). I am guessing at the nicer lodges near Jenny Lake, etc. you'd get more of what you were looking for. Just guessing.

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      I wasn't looking for anything fancy; to be honest I was just looking for good homestyle cooking, great steaks, chops and things of that nature. I just couldn't believe the lack of local ingredients on so many of the menus.

      1. re: melly

        I agree w/ Melly. Jackson isn't really Wyoming. People from Wyoming don't really live there or consider it a part of their state.

        On the other hand, the Gun Barrel specializes in wild game and it is very good.
        Jedidiah's House of Sourdough is very good for breakfast. The few locals who live there, eat there. I think the Sweetwater at King and Pearl is very good also.

        But I am from Wyoming, so maybe my standards aren't the same.

      2. Oh...we ate at the Mangy Moose when I was there and had great Buffalo steaks and burgers. Yumm.

        1. I'm probably a little out of date but I've had dinner at two places in Jackson. Because I was caught in a blizzard one night on the way to Togwotee, I had dinner at the Wort Hotel. I swear that the thick prime rib didn't need a knife and was cut with a fork. Because I asked, I know the beef came from Ennis, MT. My next dinner was at the Gun Barrel since I couldn't get into the Wort. I was upset by the prices until I saw my meal, a huge sirloin with a full onion flower along with garlic mashed potatoes, which should have fed four. If you like beef, Wyoming and Montana are the deal.

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            We have been to JH several times and are going again in a couple of weeks. While we'll have vegetarians along for part, the Gun Barrel sounds like a good option. Haven't been to the Wort for food either. Have really liked Snake River Grill, Blue Lion used to be very good, Koshu was fun, Bunnery decent in the A.M, Sweetwater for lunch. Mind if I ask how Togwotee was, for food, lodging, fun, and location?

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              We are an older couple that love to snowmobile in the Togwotee area. I have eaten at the Togwotee Mountain Lodge, but was not overly impressed. It’s a good place to get something to drink and food along the trail. Brooks Lake Lodge is more of the upper end experience. The Wilderness Boundary Restaurant at Lava Mountain Lodge on Hwy 26 near the pass was a really good coffee shop. We’ve eaten at Line Shack and Sawmill near Union Pass. We really liked the food at both, but we were hungry too.

              Fun? I've seen hundreds of moose, thousands of elk, coyote packs, a wolf, been chased around by a muskrat; you name it. Once we snowmobiled over 500 miles in 5 days from Salt Pass to Moran Junction, staying and fueling at back country lodges while only crossing one paved road. We saw young elk boxing along the Gros Ventre River one day. We think it’s fun.

          2. We went to Jackson Hole last fall and I don't think we had a bad meal anywhere. Although, we ate at completely different restaurants than the original poster.

            Cadillac Grille--food was absolutely delicious. I had the Idaho trout and my husband had some sort of beef filet. Both were cooked to perfection. The atmosphere was kind of weird though--their menu looks like they're trying to be fine dining, but the atmosphere is more loud and fun. We really couldn't argue with how good the food was, though.

            The Moose Pizza and Pasta Co.--This is right outside the entrance to Grand Teton and a welcome, affordable change from a lot of the typical Jackson Hole food. We ate a few meals there and didn't try the pasta, but the salads were fresh and creative and the pizza was flavorful with a good crust. The view is also incredible. Wear a sweater and sit outside.

            Found some out of the way sushi place that was nearly empty and had scary bathrooms, but the sushi and miso soup were amazingly good.

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              I just got back from a week in Jackson, Wy,, which is what the locals call Jackson Hole. (Jackson Hole refers to the entire valley which is about seventy miles long.) Jackson is a very small town, population around 7000, but it does seem to know what it is doing restaurant wise. We had kids, so the Snake River Grille was out. We ate one night at the Cadillac Grille. The place was crowded, as it is right in the heart of the tourist district, next to the Cowboy Bar. We had excellent cocktails, followed by a mixed grille of game animals, buffalo, elk and wild boar sausage, all of which were prepared fairly well. My wife had trout, which she reported to be good. My kids had personal pizzas. The service was a little slow, although in fairness, the place was mobbed. One thing I noticed was how badly some tourists dress when they go out-- sweatpants, t-shirts, flip-flops. C'mon, people, it's not your den. Two days later we had lunch at the Snake River Brewery, which has some quite tangy, spicy and generally suprerior chili. I also had a brat there, served with sauerkraut. They do brew some excellent beer, although the atmosphere and service could stand some improvement. As I mentioned on another thread, the pizza at Leek's Marina in Grand Teton National Park, south of Yellowstone, and about forty miles north of Jackson, (which out west is close) was worth seeking out. Breakfast at Shades was something of a disappointment. Good coffee can be found at the Hard Drive cafe, a little away from the touristy area, near the new post office on the west edge of town. Also, the ice cream at Moo's which is in the back of a hat store (?!) was worth looking for. It is on Broadway near the town square. 100% organic homemade ice cream. The English Toffee was great. So I would say that it is entirely possible to find good dining in Jackson and Jackson Hole. And, oh, yes, the Bar J Chuck wagon dinner is sui generis. Good steak, self serve buffet style followed by a "hee haw" type Western swing/ old-timey Cowboy music show. Corny, but oddly good, and the steaks weren't bad.

            2. Thanks for your tips on eating in Jackson Hole. I just got home from a week of
              trying the restaurants and I found that the steak at the Gun Barrel was terrible.
              The service was slow and the sides were very dissappointing.
              However, the Peaks at the Four Seasons was pretty good. Certainly the best
              steak I had in Jackson by far. Perfectly cooked and the sides were great.

              The new restaurant at the top of Teuton Mt was also very good.
              Great rare tuna and crab cakes. Otherwise all very dissapointing.
              At least the snow was great.

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              1. re: lreeves

                I tried out Gun Barrel while traveling through Jackson, and the game I had (buffalo, elk, venison) was pretty solid, at least compared to some of the other 'fine dining' I enjoyed in SD and MT. Of course, the Gun Barrel isn't really fine dining,despite what would appear to be 'fine dining' prices (to this LA native).

                The place is really more of a family steakhouse, loud and cheerful and comfortable, with reasonable although hardly johnny-on-the-spot service. Eh, it's supposed to be about the food, right? And my game and my SO's steak were good;, although the buffalo carpaccio seemed kind of dry and the mustard on it definitely overwhelmed the taste of the meat.

                Later, browsing some sort of dining guide in the hotel, it appears as though there was some amazing food in Jackson, and I'm kind of sorry I didn't look harder to find it. Eh, arriving in town hungry at 8PM will do that to you... :-(

              2. We were there a couple of years back and had wonderful experience at the Wild Sage Restaurant in the Rusty Parrot Lodge.

                Is it still noteworthy?

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                1. re: MSK

                  The Wild Sage IS still noteworthy. I am a chef for one of the guest ranches in Jackson Hole (Wilson) and the reputation at the Rusty Parrot is very solid. Unfortunately, many of these posters are going to 'fill-em and bill-em' tourist traps. One must dig a little deeper and go beyond the town square to find the extraordinary dining experiences, and I assure you they are here to be had! For example, my menu is a 5-course prix fixe which changes every week. Last week there was Lavender and Honey Marinated Elk Chops, Roasted Monkfish with Thyme Beurre Blanc and Ratatouille, and Seared Scallop with Caramelized Fennel and Saffon-Sherry Sauce. Consistency has always been the biggest issue with local restaurants and although there are a plethora of reasons as to why, suffice it to say that some places just aren't interested in GIVING the full dining experience.

                  1. re: chefpels

                    Chef - can a visitor to the area eat at your ranch? I'm passing through for a night or two on both ends of a hike on the Teton Crest Trail and will be with my foodie brother who is a wine/cheese buyer. We'll have a car and a budget, we just want to find the good stuff. If your place isn't accessible, where would you recommend?

                2. it's been years since we've visited JH...is the pizza place located in the big house west of town still there?...is the little house located just east of the town square which had excellent breads and soups still around?...mahalo nui loa for giving us an update

                  1. I was in Jackson the first week of June. We had lunch at Sidewinder's Sports Grill & Tavern. I was content with my hamburger but my fiance's fried chicken was pretty darn tasty. I'd order that again, for sure. We also succumbed to our Mexican food cravings and went to a place next door to Bubba's...umm think it was Los Abuelitos or close to that. HORRIBLE! The refried beans tasted as if the oil used for the refrying part had come from a tuna can. There is never, ever any time that your refried beans should have a strong fishy flavor. ::::shudder:::: The rest of the meal was edible, but not delicious. The salsa was decent, if mild and the chips were good. The one thing they excelled at (the only thing they excelled at) was a kick ass huckleberry margarita.

                    The rest of our dining was in Grand Teton & Yellowstone, so I'll take my comments over to that thread.

                    1. We were passing through from Yellowstone and on our way home to San Francisco - great breakfast of trout, eggs, and sourjacks at
                      Jedediah's Original House of Sourdough
                      135 East Broadway
                      it's great for lunch, too; but closes at 2pm
                      Service was friendly and attentive; they gave me a jar of the sourdough starter and I've tried to duplicate those delicious sourjacks but my San Francisco version is just not as sour as those addictive sourjacks at Jedediah's.

                      1. I've lived in Jackson for three years. There is great food to be found, you just are getting "suckered" into the tourist traps.

                        Here are my favorite dishes:

                        Nikai (Sushi, Asian inspired food) = special sashimi scallops will melt in your mouth!

                        Teton Thai = hidden local gem with the BEST yellow curry to be found. I've traveled Thailand. Chicken Satae is yummy! Small place in the winter with the local thai family cooking in front of you. Very intimate and local place. Cash ONLY!

                        Koshu = Steak Tataki = amazing. Also try, pad thai and Golden fries.

                        Snake River Brew Pub = spicy chicken pasta, elk chili are two good options. Their pizzas are good and their menu has improved tremendously in the past year. Best beers are: lager, pale ale, powder 11 port, Tripel = high alcohol content. I like the atmosphere too. Very casual.

                        Blue Lion = (fancier, pricier place) hands down the best dish is the rack of lamb.

                        Stiegler's = (traditional Austrian restaurant, on the pricey side) To some people, hands down best restaurant. It's been around for a long time, owned and operated by a local family known for their ski racing. My brother from NYC loved it. It's unique and you won't find in other towns. GREAT food! Try the "Brat Fest" or the "lamm" also get some pear schnopps (sp?).

                        SUMMER: you must do a visit to Dornan's. It has the most AMAZING view of the Tetons. I like their Calazons. Food is decent and not too overpriced. Great place to grab a margarita post hike in the park.

                        Jackson Hole Roaster = Good Criossants (they go fast!) + cup of coffee. He uses the "honesty" jar. Cash ONLY.

                        DOG burrito = Local's place with $5 breakfast burritos. People either LOVE or HATE them. I personally am a fan. A little greasy, but great when skiing and need something to keep you going. Choice between mild and spicy / veggie or meat. I usually eat 1/2 in the morning and save 1/2 for lunch. BIG burritos. Great for hangovers!!!!!! Cash ONLY.

                        Rendezvous Bistro = hit or miss. Most people who live here love the "Pork Loin".

                        Best pizza = South Side Pizza. It's a little out of the way, you'll need a car or taxi. Gourmet pizzas with organic ingredients. I consider a local's place.


                        -Cowboy Steakhouse= GREAT INTOWN CHEAP option, is the $5, Burger + Beer. It's only from 5-7PM and you have to sit at the bar. Cheese, sauteed onions, mushrooms are $1 extra.

                        -Pica's = Wet burrito. Not your typical Mexican restaurant. Fresher and a little different. Wet burrito will fill you up! I also like their quesadillas. The other mexican places in town are nothing special.

                        Village Cafe = Breakfast Egg McCollister. YUM! = $4.50

                        Hotel Terra Cafe = Good sandwich with Tomato, basil, Mozzerella. Healthier option in the village. = $6.00.

                        Snake River Lodge and Spa = you can sit at the bar and order an "Elk quesadilla" from their fancier dining restaurant. It's very tasty!! I can't remember the price. Around $10, but GOOD meat.

                        That's what I have for now. I guess I "fit" into the ski bum category so I don't know the fancier / pricier places as well, but there are plenty.

                        I know most people that like to spend more tend to love: Wild Sage, Snake River Grill, Buffalo Club (if you can get in, must know a member), Mizu, and Osteria. All are great places!

                        I don't really eat steak, so if that's what you are looking for the above options are good + the Gunbarrel. I hear they have good Elk. (I do love Elk, but most of my friends "harvest" their elk in the fall; so I don't eat out for it).

                        Best of Luck!!

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                          Ok I joined just to comment on this string. I am not sure how anyone can say a pizza with a whole wheat crust is good. Maybe it is good but I would never try it because pizza should never have a whole wheat crust and if it does it shouldn't be called pizza. Your credibility was shot there.

                          Restaurants can not serve wild game. If it says elk it is from New Zealand. The last moose I saw was from Russia but I think it was near Chernobyl and that farm closed. Buffalo is farm raised here in the states. Nothing is wild except for fish that are not farm raised.

                          Many people in Jackson are rude. They live here because of skiing and all think they are awesome skiers. Everyone who moved here to ski are great skiers so I don't know why there is attitude. I apologize personally for the idiots that live here.

                          As far as people in Wyoming not believing that we are part of Wyoming I'm very sorry. A bunch of extremely wealthy people may live here but the majority of my friends and myself do not fall into that category. We can not afford to live here either but stay and rent. If 3 million people came through your little town in the summer you may get a bit agitated at times as well. Other than the Big Hole mountain range the majority of the state is a dump so keep you animosity towards Jackson.

                          Restaurants. The start up costs of opening a restaurants here is insane. I know plenty of people that could open up tremendous eatery's but not many people can dump a million.

                          Best place with reasonable cost
                          Bunnery and Nora's are aweful

                          china town
                          brew pub
                          merry piglets

                          most dinners are pricey. If you do not like any of them just stay home.

                          The Bunnery Bakery & Restaurant
                          130 N Cache, Jackson, WY 83001

                          1. re: porterrj

                            this is a great review....i can't wait to go in Feb. with my family.

                          2. I wanted to weigh in on this long-standing discussion as I made an early summer trip to Jackson and enjoyed the food immensely.

                            The restaurants I ate at?

                            Snake River Grill - Utterly exquisite. I'd go back to Jackson just to eat there again. Excellent service and amazing short ribs.

                            Billy's - Burgers are great. Not so much the french fries though. If you eat your burger in the Cadillac Lounge, you will be a bit jarred by the weird decor.

                            Bunnery - Don't know why people complain so much about this place. I had one sit-down breakfast and one to-go pastry breakfast and enjoyed them both. Service was just fine. Is it required to hate this place because it's touristy?

                            Thai Me Up - Wanted to go to Teton Thai, but they only have outdoor seating and that can get cold! TMU was tasty and fun. The menu is a hilarious read.

                            Cadillac Lounge - This was worse than the SNG, but better than Trio. The wild game mixed grill has mediocre buffalo, good elk, and dreamy wild board sausage.

                            Silver Dollar Grill - I ate at both the bar (standard) and the grill (excellent). The buffalo filet with port-fig reduction is to die for and so is the huckleberry tart.

                            Trio- Would have been better if the chef weren't so heavy-handed with the salt. Desserts are HUGE, although nothing out of the ordinary.

                            I'm not from Wyoming. I was a tourist and I don't apologize for that. I ate like a tourist and enjoyed most of my meals. I hope this thread doesn't turn people off.

                            Teton Thai
                            135 N Cache Dr, Jackson, WY 83001

                            Snake River Grill
                            On the Town Sq, Jackson, WY 83001

                            The Bunnery Bakery & Restaurant
                            130 N Cache, Jackson, WY 83001

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                            1. re: Avalondaughter

                              Thanks for posting. I'm going to Jackson in 2 weeks and am always looking for information on places to have a good meal.

                              I remember eating at Bunnery about 10 years ago - I liked it then and would be willing to give it another try.

                            2. It's been a few years since we've been to Jackson Hole and eaten at Blu. Is it still good?

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                              1. re: mommystar

                                I think so! Still have many of the original dishes, but also some new items as well.

                                1. re: caze17

                                  We ate there last week (the last time was 2 years ago). Oh me. It was so wonderful 2 years ago. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the same innovative menu. The combination of Spanish/Italian/Japanese was so perfectly thought out and executed then. There were only 2 other tables with customers at 7:45 pm. Yes, there were some of the same items on the menu, but they were poorly executed and there was no new items or specials. I understand that the chef/owner is starting up a new restaurant and is basically hands-off now. Sad. It was a real disappointment.

                                  Blu Kitchen
                                  155 N Glenwood, Jackson, WY 83001

                              2. Can anyone give an update on breakfast joints in Jackson? Seems like there is some disagreement on The Bunnery and it appears that Jedediah's may be closed. Any thoughts on Cafe Genevieve? Specifics on Bubba's for breakfast?

                                We're tourists but we're hoping to avoid folks wearing Jackson Hole sweatshirts.

                                Bubba's Bar-B-Que Restaurant
                                515 E Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

                                Jedediah's Original House of Sourdough
                                135 E Broadway Ave, Jackson, WY 83001

                                The Bunnery Bakery & Restaurant
                                130 N Cache, Jackson, WY 83001

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                                1. re: bgoldsberry

                                  Jedediah's is closed, except for the airport location, which certainly doesn't count!
                                  Cafe Genevieve is good, but somewhat expensive for what it is and their portions are a little small for some's taste.
                                  Greasy spoon breakfast is great at the Virginian (though the coffee leaves something to be desired). Bubba's is also a good greasy spoon. But these are both truly greasy spoons - giant portions of greasy food, which can definitely hit the spot, but nothing elegant. Nora's in Wilson is a big local's place; also kind of a greasy spoon but has excellent huevos rancheros. The Bunnery is fine, I suppose, though definitely overrun with tourists and I personally think the French Toast is way better at the Virg. But the Bunnery serves Starbucks coffee, which I think is a plus, though some will disagree.
                                  Shades has a hippie-flair but has really good Eggs Benedict.
                                  The Wort Hotel has excellent blintzes among other things.
                                  If you're not in a hurry, Atelier Ortega (which is really a chocolate and pastry shop) has yummy crepes (savory and sweet) and breakfast sandwiches made on croissants. I'm sure you'll see no tourists here.
                                  Across the street from Atelier Ortega is the Bread Basket, which is a French & Mexican bakery. It's only for takeout, but they do have delicious ham & cheese (and similar) croissants.
                                  Pearl Street Bagels for bagels and coffee.
                                  D.O.G. for amazing breakfast burritos - takeout only.

                                  The Bunnery Bakery & Restaurant
                                  130 N Cache, Jackson, WY 83001

                                  Cafe Genevieve
                                  125 E Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

                                  1. re: bgoldsberry

                                    I should also point out that my comment on Cafe Genevieve is in reference to their breakfast only. I think their dinner is excellent and very reasonably priced.

                                    Cafe Genevieve
                                    125 E Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

                                    1. re: caze17

                                      Thanks caze17. Atelier Ortega looks great -- it's close to where we're staying.

                                      Any other suggestions for lunch and dinner places off the tourist path? We're looking for tasty food where they don't mind us wearing jeans. Rendezvous Bistro looks right up our alley.

                                      Rendezvous Bistro
                                      380 South Broadway, Jackson Hole, WY 83002

                                      Atelier Ortega
                                      150 Scott Ln, Jackson, WY 83001

                                      1. re: bgoldsberry

                                        Search for Jackson Hole on the Mtn States board and you'll see numerous posts I've made with recs which might give you some good ideas, though many of them are steered more towards fine dining. I will say that you can wear jeans to any restaurant in Jackson, and I do, though sometimes it's only appropriate with dress jeans and heels (or dress shirt for guys). But since I'm guessing that you are going for a nice, but not-too-nice vibe, the Rendezvous Bistro ("the Bistro") sounds perfect. The atmosphere is very lively and it is definitely a locals' hotspot, though plenty of tourists eat there as well (which isn't a bad thing!). If you are coming at a busy time, definitely make a reservation. The food is generally good, though sometimes a little pricey for what it is, and I don't think the quality is on par with the restaurants that are just a little bit more expensive. That said, it is probably the restaurant I visit most frequently, if nothing else, for raw oysters and martinis! But yes, you should go there.
                                        The Snake River Brewery ("the Brew Pub") is very casual and a lot of locals' go there. Pretty much what you'd expect from a brew pub; I like their thin-crust, personal-size pizzas.
                                        Betty Rock Cafe is fabulous for lunch. They also have a pizza night on Thursday night that is a fun experience. $11 for all-you-can-eat interesting/gourmet varieties of pizza. $15 if you want to add salad. BYOB makes it even more affordable. But this is definitely a slow process. You pay and then sit at a table, and they bring around pizzas at a slow-ish pace offering you one slice at a time. But it's fun and delicious if you are prepared for the slow pace in the advance. And you will definitely get (very) full eventually.
                                        Teton Thai is my fave and also BYOB, though they only have outdoor seating. Be prepared to wait, though you can drink your wine or beer while you wait.
                                        Read my other posts about the Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse burger deal.
                                        And Cafe Genevieve is good for dinner, along the same lines of fanciness as the Bistro.
                                        Backcountry Provisions makes awesome sandwiches; get them to go and picnic on the Town Square if the weather's nice.
                                        Have a good trip!

                                        Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse
                                        25 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001

                                        Teton Thai
                                        135 N Cache Dr, Jackson, WY 83001

                                        Rendezvous Bistro
                                        Highway 89, Jackson, WY 83001

                                        Backcountry Provisions
                                        85 W Deloney Ave, Jackson, WY 83001

                                        Snake River Brewery & Restaurant
                                        PO Box 3317, Jackson, WY 83001

                                        Betty Rock Cafe
                                        325 W Pearl Ave, Jackson, WY 83001

                                        Cafe Genevieve
                                        125 E Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

                                  2. Just spent a couple weeks in Jackson Hole/Tetons/Yellowstone. While most of our meals were small animals cooked over a campfire, we did have a chance to try out some of the local places and had more than a few good experiences.

                                    The Bunnery - fantastic granola and baked goods

                                    Snake River Brewery - only brew pub that rivals the pub food at the Quarry House at home in Silver Spring, MD. Hit it a couple times.

                                    Q - good place for kids after a long day driving up from SLC. Solid food and beer but the real draw was the playground outside. Adults can linger while kids run around in circles.

                                    Bubbas - very different experience than Wingman. Very good brisket and a good lunch.

                                    The Bunnery Bakery & Restaurant
                                    130 N Cache, Jackson, WY 83001

                                    Snake River Brewery & Restaurant
                                    PO Box 3317, Jackson, WY 83001

                                    1. Back from Jackson Hole, and here's what we found:

                                      Bubba's BBQ
                                      Late night arrival meant we ended up at Bubba's near the hotel. We found it to be perfectly adequate, but for anyone (like us) who has eaten a lot of barbecue from South Carolina to Texas, it's going to disappoint.

                                      Pearl Street Bagels
                                      Great bagels. Way better than the stale chain-bakery bagels we're used to in the Midwest. And, they serve Intelligentsia coffee which was quite a pleasant surprise.

                                      This was another pleasant surprise. The menu doesn't appear to promise anything exceptional, but the food was much better than we expected. A great lunch spot.

                                      Cafe Genevieve
                                      Quiet, low-key place with a really good food. Seemed pretty empty for a Saturday night considering it's location just off the square. Loved the blackened catfish. We hope the word gets out.

                                      Easily our favorite meal of the trip. Boisterous atmosphere, well executed dishes. Started off with some great blood orange margaritas and sweet potato fries. Probably the best rack of lamb I've had -- nice 'n rare, but with a unusually smoky flavor.

                                      Atelier Ortega
                                      Went for mid-afternoon dessert since they close at 7pm. I *loved* the Mexican Chocolate Cake and she spent about 20 minutes savoring the Chocolate Mousse. Amazing technique at work here - the semi-spherical mousse is covered in a ganache. Top two all-time dessert. Why isn't there a line out the door? This is amazing.

                                      Nora's Fish Creek Inn in Wilson
                                      Really good banana bread, and a better than expected spinach omelet. Insanely busy for a Monday morning and the staff seemed to be streched a little thin.

                                      Stopped in for a happy hour margartia (again). Good stuff. Menu looked pretty intriguing for such an unassuming place that appears to be a routine take-out place.

                                      Rendezvous Bistro
                                      Exactly as described by caze17. Noisy, friendly place with good food. A good place for a birthday dinner with a big group.

                                      Overall, I don't think anyone can complain about the dining options in Jackson. There's a great variety of food and prices and a lot of places we would have enjoyed but just didn't have time with all the geysers up north beckoning us. Considering the population of under 10,000, it's a pretty phenomenal place. We don't ski, and we can't wait to go back.

                                      Trio An American Bistro
                                      45 South Glenwood Street, Jackson, WY 83001

                                      Pica's Mexican Taqueria
                                      1160 Alpine Ln, Jackson, WY 83001

                                      Bubba's Bar-B-Que Restaurant
                                      515 E Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

                                      Sweetwater Restaurant
                                      85 Kings Hwy, Jackson, WY 83001

                                      Nora's Fish Creek Inn
                                      5600 W Highway 22, Wilson, WY 83014

                                      Rendezvous Bistro
                                      380 South Broadway, Jackson Hole, WY 83002

                                      Cafe Genevieve
                                      125 E Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

                                      Atelier Ortega
                                      150 Scott Ln, Jackson, WY 83001

                                      Pearl Street Bagels
                                      145 W Pearl St, Jackson, WY 83001

                                      2 Replies
                                      1. re: bgoldsberry

                                        Forgot to mention Moo's Gourmet Ice Cream at their new location. Ordered Huckleberry and Belgian Chocolate. The chocolate was as dense as any ice cream we've had and incredibly rich. Can't imagine anyone wanting more than once (large) scoop. The huckleberry was quite tasty in addition to being a regional novelty. This is ice cream to be treasured -- in my experience, second only to Mt Desert Island Ice Cream in Bar Harbor, Maine.

                                        Moo's Gourmet Ice Cream
                                        110 Center St, Jackson, WY 83001

                                        1. re: bgoldsberry

                                          Glad you had a good trip...and glad that you have good things to say about Jackson, as I certainly agree! And just so you don't worry, most of Atelier Ortega's business is catering, so they are doing just fine. They even made my wedding cake a few years ago!

                                          Atelier Ortega
                                          150 Scott Ln, Jackson, WY 83001

                                        2. We were in Jackson over Labor Day weekend 2011 (for about 5 days) for my niece's wedding. Some general comments and specific reviews:

                                          1. We found all the service very good...without exception, be it food or shops. Attentive and polite...no "attitude" was apparent at all. Perhaps there is a difference during ski season but certainly, we were well-treated every place we went. This includes times we dined as a couple and times we were in a large group which included a 3 year old and infant.

                                          2. To our astonishment, we didn't have a single bad cup of coffee...any place. We are typically devoted to our French Roast and usually find restaurant coffee (regardless of the price) disappointing. We had strong, tasty cups everywhere.

                                          3. It's expensive. Period. Be prepared.

                                          Generally, we ate breakfast and dinner...the former were always substantial...and had the occasional snack.


                                          We had a couple of breakfasts at the Lotus Cafe. We liked everything. The blue corn pancakes were really good...maybe a bit heavy but tasty. Egg dishes very good. Good sausage.

                                          We also had a couple of breakfasts at the Wort Hotel (wedding HQ so we were right there.) SUBSTANTIAL but good.


                                          Again, as we stayed at the Wort, we had a dinner there...group of 8. All the entrees were quite good...I had an excellent pork chop...second to Mustard's in Napa Valley, CA but then, what isn't? Steaks were well appreciated by our group, as were salmon and ahi tuna. Sides were a tad uneven.

                                          Blue Lion...this was my husband and I and we liked it a great deal. Excellent steak, properly cooked and their well-regarded rack of lamb. Of all things, we really liked the tiramisu...light, flavorful and a good end to a big dinner.

                                          Snake River Grill...this was the rehearsal dinner, large group but ordered off the menu. Best meal of all. The trout was fantastic. My Caesar Salad was...odd...had an odd flavor I couldn't identify. Others had a pasta (mixed reviews). steaks, etc. The doughnuts dessert and the "snickers" were very good, well received. Generally...good reviews.

                                          Snake River Brewery...the only real disappointment. Beer was ok, have had better. Chili and a homemade sausage were both very hot and spicy, the former near inedible. Others may have been ok with this; our problem was it was a surprise to us.

                                          The Garage...first, high marks to the hostess at the Blue Lion. The idiot concierge made our reservation there for the following night (which would've been after we checked out) so there was no table or room when we appeared for dinner. She called to other places and got us an immediate table (for 6) at the Garage, a pleasant surprise. A little loud...and we were tired so it might have been less of a problem on another night...but we all liked it. 3 of our group had the elk chop with hunter sauce (a special) which was uniformly praised...and from my husband, who isn't keen on sauces with meats, that's high praise. Good salads...a chopped with blue cheese and Caesar were standouts. A salmon dish, a burger and a pasta also hit the spot.

                                          Oh...and the snacks??? Moo's Ice Cream! Really good quality. Sampled and liked were Ginger, Pistachio, Mocha Chip. Belgian Chocolate...eh, not chocolately enough. And surprisingly, the ice cream at Yellowstone, near Old Faithful, was impressive. The rest of the food there...well, what you would expect.

                                          Finally...I know this is a food board but a plug for the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Even if you don't like wildlife art...not our favorite...you cannot miss this. It's a gem of a museum setting a standard to which all other museums should aspire.

                                          Old Faithful Bar
                                          300 Mill, Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730

                                          Blue Lion
                                          160 N Millward, Jackson, WY 83001