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Sep 30, 2003 05:42 PM

Oakland Coliseum food

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Going to the A's game tomorrow night, first time at the Coliseum. Is there anything special to eat, or just burgers, hot dogs, fries?



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  1. Here are some previous recommendations...


    1. I'm a frequent visitor to the Coliseum since I'm an A's and Raiders fan :-)

      I think the signature items are the grilled Saag's sausages, BBQ from Everett & Jones and the microbrews. I'm partial to a fish sandwich from the Black Muslim Bakery myself.

      Here's a link to an ESPN story about the stadium, including rating the food:


      1. Like most ballparks these days the Coliseum has a wide variety of offerings. Of course you're still paying premium prices for food service quality food. Most of the specialty offerings are on the main concourse level, although there's a Gordon Biersch stand on the plaza level that serves garlic fries.

        There's the West Side club on the Plaza level which has hot food and table service.

        Other foods found around the stadium

        Garlic fries (several locations -- these have improved again this year, IMHO)
        Saag's specialty sausages (available behind section 118) (but skip the onions and green pepper, which are steamed and yucky)
        Everette and Jones BBQ on the main concourse out toward left field (around section 128?)

        In the main part of the main concourse (between sections 110 and 125) there are also a stand that sells tacos, a minifood court with Roundtable pizza, salads, baked potatoes and made to order sandwiches, and probably some other things I've forgotten (I go to the Coliseum a lot, but rarely buy food).

        Also in that area is a stand that sells hot wings and chicken fingers. I've seen fish and chips, but I'm not sure where they're sold. Down by section 110 there's a stand for "Your Black Muslim Bakery" which sells fish sandwiches and veggie items, and some pretty good baked goods (if you don't mind supporting Yusef Bey, but that's a whole other issue).

        The regular hot dogs (which come in two or three different sizes) are a local brand (Miller) which are very well thought of by chowhounds, although of course the buns will be steamed and mushy.

        Behind section 119 is "The Field" which is a mini pseudo Irish pub that sells decent corned beef sandwiches and Guiness. For some reason it's never very crowded, so it's a good place to check if the lines other places are really long.

        "The Field" is right next to the customer accomodations station where they have a directory and will happily tell you where to get what.

        Basically, you have to keep your eyes peeled: even the ordinary concession stands vary in what they offer -- one might just have hot dogs, one might also have garlic fries, etc. The bigger specialty stands are marked by an overhead banner on the concourse.

        I was going to link the earlier discussion, but I see while I was composing this opus, Nick beat me to it!

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          Oh, so that's why the peppers and onions are so lame. Steamed?

          I always wondered how hard you have to try to screw up grilled onions. Now I know--don't grill them.