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Mar 15, 2006 03:37 PM

Malasadas in Maui?

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Is there a good bakery in Maui to get good malasadas? Thanks!

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    1. re: theSauce

      I am on the same quest, but am still stumped -

      Simply sweets folded - according to a news article.
      called CJ's and they don't have malasadas.

      Home Maid's one location that has hot malasadas is too far (near airport), and they only make it fresh in the morning and late afternoon.

      Are there any options in the Lahaina area?


      1. re: live2eat

        Hello, my impression of Lahaina with its higher commercial pressure /real estate&rents, usw.,would make it an unlikely abode for the homely/beautiful malasada; I tried looking for 'em in Makawao at the Komodo Store&Bakery and found it closed for vacation, but call them (808-572 7261 I think, it's right on the main drag, Baldwin Ave),they might know another place if they don't make them. It's probably farther from Lahaina than Home Maid, but if you're going to the Haliimaile General Store for dinner (one of the island's best), not far at all from there. Have you tried the rough and narrow road that goes around Maui's NW corner? That is slow but passable and very scenic if it's semi-dry or dry-ish weather, and the legendary banana bread (from some local's home kitchen) is on that road, which is actually more direct between Lahaina and the north coast/airport than the modern highways. Our rental Corolla did fine, it was the Lahaina resort folks in full size or bigger rentals that had problems(it's called appropriate technology, folks) enjoy

        1. re: moto

          Back from Maui. Never did find malasadas near Lahaina, but drove to Home Maid at Wailuku store 3x to get the manjus and malasadas. Despite another posting I saw on a website, CJ's Deli at Kaanapali doesn't have malasadas.

          My impression - good, but nothing like Leonard's. The sugar used is regular sugar, not powdered. The dough's texture is really close to a regular bread texture. I recall Leonard's seems to be a bit more pillowy, with a slight elasticity. In sum, I find it strangely similar to beignets and less like Leonard's malasadas.

          The manjus though are out of this world. The chocolate manju and the crispy manjus are really, really good. Wish I bought a lot more - think the crispy ones will freeze well.

          1. re: moto

            Forgot to comment - went up the northeast road past Kapala to Wailuku 8 years ago. Unless things had changed, I will never go that way again. Most of the road was so narrow that we had to pull way over to let the opposite traffic pass. We were stuck going up with a moving van going down. There is no ledge, no railing (or low ones at least), no shoulders, with the other side of the road a basic drop off down the cliff. We were in a compact car but that didn't help.

            It's like the road to Hana, except less safe. If there are excellent banana breads on that road, I would never notice it. I was too busy biting my nails. ;)

      2. hello, these were the only ones I've tried, so I'm no authority on their relative quality, but I do enjoy goodies in the same genre when they're fresh,well made and non greasy (beignets, loukomades, fry bread) and they were very good at Home Maid Dairy, Lower Main St, Wailuku. They have them one or two times daily and sell out, we called ahead to verify and have some reserved (808 244 4150). enjoy

        1. I was wondering the same thing. I only got Malasadas on the Big Island and of course
          Lenords in Oahu. I am going to West Maui "Laiana side" and will search for Malasads.
          I have a lot of Freinds in Napili and Kahana so I will quiz Them, although I've never heard any mention of Malasadas.