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Feb 18, 2006 08:05 PM

Kauai vs. Maui

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Last summer I was in Maui and had some very good meals (David Paul's, Sansei, Mama's) -- as well has some disappointing, overpriced meals (Five Palms, Chez Paul). And also, the best breakfasts ever at the Gazebo Restaurant at Napili Bay.

This summer I am planning a trip to Kauai, but I am concerned that food-wise, Kauai does not have enough to offer.

Is this concern wrong? Should I go to Kauai? Or should I stick with Maui?


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  1. Kauai is so freakingly awesomely beautiful and wonderful that food should be the least of your concerns. That being said, I have heard the dining there is getting better.

    Or rent a condo, go to the Sunshine (Farmer's) Market, and make some tasty meals yourself.

    Kauai isn't for everyone, but if you at all love doing physical stuff outdoors, appreciate a truly laid-back atmosphere and peace and quiet, go check it out.

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      Agree 100%. There is some food that's not awful (and some that's actually pretty good), but that's not a reason to pick Kauai. I'd go back to Kauai in a second despite only mediocre food, but I'm hesitant to return to Maui.

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      torta basilica

      If you're going just for the food, go to Oahu! Otherwise, Snackish sums it all up rather nicely. One does not go to Kauai for the food, but it is beautiful & very different from Maui.

      1. Maui is my favorite of the islands and I would never discourage you from returning! However, on Kauai we had a good meal at Brenneke's (Poipu area) and excellent pizza at Brick Oven Pizza (Kalaheo). Tidepools at the Hyatt is also highly recommended by many and has a lovely setting.

        Up north consider Hanalei Dolphin for good fresh seafood (not fancy) and CJ's for an excellent steak.

        Kauai, like Maui, offers hit and miss dining. For ultra casual and different try a Puka Dog!

        1. Just returned from a trip to the Islands and had pretty good food everywhere. Loved Sansei by the way.
          On Kauai we went to a restaurant called Casablanca by Kiahuna in Poipu area. Very good food, very slow service. The shrimp and cheese appetizer was fabulous. Also, in Kalaheo there's a place called Kalaheo Coffee Company which used to be just a cafe that I loved. It has now expanded to a full restaurant, and while I haven't tried it in this incarnation, I remember loving it in years past. Stop at Ishihara market for the best poke around! Also, 7-11 has manapua which are great for a snack. Brennecke's is decent, and there's always Roy's.
          Have fun! Kauai is the most beautiful and peaceful of the islands. You'll love it.

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          1. re: Jess

            Kauai rules! Hands down.

          2. Kauai is one of the most beautiful places on earth. You will love it. The north shore has been featured in more movies than space will allow. Great meals in Kauai can be had a :The Beach House, Bali Hai (located in Hanalei Bay Resort-incredible views), Lighthouse Bistro, Dondero's, you won't have any problem finding good food! We'll be there in late September. We try and make it every year. Enjoy!

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              Oh, I had forgotten about Dondero's. I thought it was exceptional. Service, setting, and food...