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Jan 31, 2006 06:56 AM

Italian on Maui

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Any rec's for best Italian to be found on Maui! Is Ferraro's good or are there better choices?

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  1. We did not try Sarrento's, but heard from a few people it was a good place, nice view right on the beach.

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      Try Vino in Kapalua. They are small plates mostly but it was as good as I have had and I come from Chicago. Had 3 pasta dishes which were awesome. The calamari was good, lightly fried with spicy peppers. Great wine list, probably best on Maui and fairly priced.

      1. re: GregS
        Kelly Migliaccio

        I'll second the rec for Vino-it was my husband's favorite restaurant in Maui. They have lots of samll plates and a few entrees (the stuffed pork chop was very good-very rich!) They also have a nice wines by the glass list. The one place I would recommend against is Giovanni's Tomato Pie-really not good (I know-not a surprise-even by the name(. The only thing it had going for it was that it was fairly inexpensive. My husband is Italian and had a craving for red sauce so we went there and we wished we hadn't.
        To clarify Vino's is in Kapalua on Office Rd.