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Sep 30, 2003 12:52 PM

SFBay Apple Orchards

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Back in the midwest, especially in Grafton, Illinois, it's apple pickin' time. We are looking a San Francisco Bay area apple orchard. Does anyone know of a nearby pick-your-own orchard? Thanks!

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    Stanley Stephan

    I grew up in New England and this time of year always has me yearning for apple orchards and fresh cider.

    The link below has the links to apple growing regions in California and orchards. Really nice resource.

    Head north over the Golden Gate bridge to Sebastapol which is the apple growing region closest to SF. This region is best known for gravestein apples which are a early variety that appears at the end of August. However quite a few orchards in Sebastopol have many other varieties as well, including some interesting heirloom apples.

    I don't know about U-pick at any of these places, but you might give them a call.

    Farther away but worth a yearly trip, IMO, is Apple Hill. There definately is u-pick in that area. Here's a recent post I did about Apple Hill. It mainly focusts on baked good though. Honey Bear Orchards does have u-pick and is my favorite overall orchard in Apple Hill. There are pretty green lawns beneath the apple trees and a lovely pond. It's my apple orchard fantasy come to life.

    I haven't tried them, but if you go to Sepastopol, Ace Cider is getting some good press for it's hard ciders. Here's an article:

    Here's their website:

    Hope you report back and tell us where you went.


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      Stanley Stephan

      I forgot, there are a number of good places to buy apples in San Francisco if you can't make it to the orchards.

      The Ferry Plaza Farmers market has two great apple vendors. My favorite is Devoto which has the best heirloom and standard varieties. Every week there is something new.

      Bates and Schmidtt also have some unusual varietes of apples. I like them more for their apple vinegars though.

      And if you haven't been there, Berkeley Bowl has dozens of varieties of apples at great prices.


      1. re: Stanley Stephan

        Dear Mr. Stephen,

        Thank you so much for your prompt and informative response.

        We will definiely explore these possibilities.


        R DC

      2. I called up one of the groweres at Apple Hill early this month asking about Fuji's and Goldens - too early - she said some time in October - "generic"
        website is for a listing of growers and maps.

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        1. re: Steve N

          That's also odd that Golden Delicious aren't available. I've had these apples over the last two weeks from friends who have trees in their yards and live in Marin and Sonoma.

          California is not a huge apple producer--Washington, Michagan, New York all bushels more.