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Jul 26, 2005 11:35 PM

Maui shave ice and malasadas

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Looking for best shave ice and malasadas in Maui - Kanaapali area - willing to travel though -- mahalo!

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  1. For an icy treat one can only get in Maui, try Tasaka's Guri Guri Shop in Kahului. Its been around as long as I can remember, my mom used to go there as a child and she is 78 years young. It's kind of a creamy sherbert in strawberry and pineapple flavor. Awesome on a hot summer day.

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      There is a bakery in Makawao that has has an asian name..never got to try them but heard lots of wows about them..

      1. re: Ann P.

        Komodo General Store is *supposed* to have good malasadas and bean pie, but alas, it was closed last week when we were there. Best malasadas we've found so far is at the Simply Sweets Bakery on Hana Hwy. next to 24-Hour Fitness, of all places. Get there early for the Lilokoi filling, they run out daily. Don't bother with the Break Da Mout, WAY too sweet.

        Best shave ice we've found is in Kihei on the sidewalk in front of Kukui Mall. 3 different flavors and ice cream on the bottom. Yummm.

        1. re: Steve Brooks

          Sadly, Simply Sweets closed. It definitely had the best malasads, especially the cream-filled Broke Da Mouth ones!! Oh, I almost cry when I think about how good they were.

          Komoda General Store is a landmark. Their cream puffs and Chantilly cakes are ono, but they keep odd hours. Call in advance: 674 Baldwin Ave Makawao, HI 96768 - (808) 572-7261

          Best Shave Ice? Currently I think it's at Annie's Island Shave Ice, 113 Prison Street. You can get yours with Roselani coconut ice cream and adzuki beans on the bottom. Yum!

    2. I like the shave ice at the ice cream store on Front Street in Lahaina, on the north corner of the Lahaina library.

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      1. re: Maui Jon
        kanaka o Maui

        No ways, cuz. Not even real shave ice, too chunky, just ground up ice cubes. Fo' real shave ice no can get in Lahaina. Go Kihei to Local Boy or the Espresso shack at Rainbow mall or to Pa'ia to Aloha shave ice.

        For malasada, best is found at festival booths wen aunties make 'em fresh. 5 fo tree dollah. Komoda's in Makawao, but wen go try cocoa puffs too. Home Maid Bakery, CJs, Simply Sweets.

        Fo real local food no ask lolo malihini posers, ask local boys!

        1. re: kanaka o Maui

          no forget da onolicious shave ice dat Tom's Mini Mart in Wailuku get.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Annie's is by far the best! Its on prison st. Right across from the free parking lot. I go there all the time!