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Park City, Utah

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Heading to PArk City soon...any suggestions for great dining? Am open to all cuisine, but like good food.

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    Anna 'Boo' Carroll

    Are you going for the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL? If so, try and get yourself invited to some private parties where the food and wine are above average. Park City is not London, but their restaurants serve well-prepared dishes. The best thing is to ask a local when you get there. They may know some out-of-the-way place in the area no one knows about and you will enjoy it. I was in Park City many times and each time I dined I enjoyed it. I can't remember the names of the restaurants, though. Sorry. It was 10 years ago.

    1. Hi Thira-

      Please re-post your query on the Southwest board, where Utah chow is discussed. We will be removing the thread here.


      1. We've lived here a year and like to eat out but have yet to find a restaurant in Park City worth revisiting given the resort town prices. However, we eat at Tarahumara and Galleria, both in Midway, about once a week. Tarahumara has amazing fresh, pure Mexican food and margarita's not poured by a local Mormon. Galleria has tasty thin crust pizza and great salads. The staff are nice and relaxed at both places. Worth the 20 minute drive.

        1. I too live in PC and as an ex New Yorker food here is tough, lots of over priced mediocore at best restaurants, we usually head to SLC for dinner out. Setto Bello great authentic Napolitano wood fired pizza, Takashi great sushi, but if you are staying in PC try 350 Main Street and stay away from all of the Bill White reataurants way over rated and over priced and I have yet to have a good meal at any of his establishments in the 12 yrs I have lived hear. Now having said that they are all beautifully decorated but you did say you were looking for good eats! Happy trails : ) tish

          Main Street Cafe
          138 S Main St, Hurricane, UT 84737

          New Yorker Restaurant
          60 West Market Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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          1. re: the tish

            You nailed it about the Bill White group. That's probably why he wants to unload his business. Of all of the mountain resort towns I have visited, Park City has the most overpriced, mediocre (and worse) restaurant food. If I can get a great meal in Jackson, Sun Valley, Santa Fe, Big Sky, Jackson, Aspen, Vail, Telluride, and the rest, why not in Park City, when SLC has innumerable daily flights from both coasts and Hawaii, and a non-stop from Tokyo? I don't think Takashi is very good, but each to his own.

            Big Sky Bar
            120 N Park, Broadus, MT 59317

          2. I agree, Bill White's restaurants are over rated. I worked in the hospitality industry in Park City for 3 years and my favorites were two family owned restaurants on Main Street: Purple Sage and Cafe Terigo. Also, anything at Deer Valley is amazing.

            Purple Sage
            434 Main St, Park City, UT 84060

            Main Street Cafe
            138 S Main St, Hurricane, UT 84737

            Cafe Terigo
            424 Main St, Park City, UT 84060

            1. After visiting Park City for Sundance 8 years in a row, I can say I have just 1 favorite restaurant: Loco Lizard, just off I80. Love the chicken mole!

              1. Get there twice a year to ski for the last dozen years. The Mariposa at Deer Valley is very nice. This year they have Pride Merlot by the glass which was why I switched to a steak that night. Glitertind at Stein is also very good. The skiers' lunch buffet is outstanding at Stein's. Chez Betty is a little more casual. The Red Trout at Mustang is a crowd pleaser. Hope this helps.

                Chez Betty Restaurant
                1637 Short Line Rd, Park City, UT 84060

                1. I'm bumping this thread to see if Park City regulars can provide updated dinner recommendations. We were there last year and ate at Cafe Terigo, Jean Louis, and Easy Street Brasserie. We liked Cafe Terigo a lot and plan to return in this year's visit. Thought the other 2 were so-so and do not plan to go back to either.

                  We are staying in downtown Park City so we want to focus on restaurants there. On the basis of the prior answers in this thread, as well as other investigations, restaurants currently under consideration include Chez Betty, Purple Sage, and Loco Lizzard. What have recent experiences been?

                  Any other suggestions (dinner only)? We like just about any kind of food -- upscale or dive-y. Would really like a recommendation for a place with good pizza or good ethnic. Thanks.

                  Chez Betty Restaurant
                  1637 Short Line Rd, Park City, UT 84060

                  Purple Sage
                  434 Main St, Park City, UT 84060

                  Easy Street Cafe
                  6995 Lexington Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

                  Cafe Terigo
                  424 Main St, Park City, UT 84060

                  1. SLC local here- occasionally drive up the canyon to Park City, and I'm always also looking for good suggestions.

                    Agree with the sentiment about the Bill White restaurants. I have been to Grappa twice- it is very overpriced. Chimayo used to be one of our favorites, however after going there a couple of weeks ago I think I'm done with it. The food was very good (as it always is), however the prices were definitely much higher than in the past. My salmon entree was $39! From what I remember all of the entrees were in the upper $30's at lowest, and most in the $40's-50's range. That is not including salad or anything else. $39 for a fish entree is a bit ridiculous. Also, our bottle of wine was marked up 3 times the liqour store price. The other thing that irritated me was that a tip jar had appeared at the hostess station- I'm not sure what that is all about- am I at Starbucks??

                    I'd like to hear from Park City locals for any good/reasonably priced restaurant suggestions!

                    Chimayo Restaurant
                    368 Main St, Park City, UT 84060

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                    1. re: texas_ute

                      updating this old thread...

                      Everything that's been said about Chimayo is still true:

                      The food is excellent nouvelle southwest. My app was elk skewers in a coffee glaze sauce... excellent but really just a couple bites.
                      I had a veggie enchilada as my entree and it was very good.
                      My wife had three apps... A pear and blue cheese salad with barely any blue cheese. A goat cheese relleno and a duck enchilada, both very good.

                      The bad news:
                      We were PACKED into the basement at a tiny table. There was barely enough room for the servers to run plates to their tables. So of course it was also LOUD. And this was on a Monday night, not a holiday week either.

                      Service was very professional despite the poor conditions for the servers.

                      Pricing is high even by Main Street standards. If you really want to go, at least go in the off season if it's not packed. But you can find a better value elsewhere.

                    2. I know I'm way late in the game but I thought I'd chime in.

                      Good deals in Park City, in my opinion:

                      $10 all you can eat Pad Thai on Sundays @ Bangkok Thai
                      Good burger/beer specials at O'Shucks on Wednesdays (kind of a dive bar but good burgers)
                      El Chubasco in Prospector: always a win
                      Awesome tacos at the back of the Mexican store Anya's.

                      El Chubasco
                      1890 Bonanza Dr, Park City, UT 84060

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                      1. re: UTgal

                        We were in PC about one year ago. We ate at a nice fusion type restaurant on Main Street upstairs on a patio overlooking the street. We went early to take advantage of good prices. I cannot remember the name of the place and want to recommend it to someone else. Please help!

                      2. We have visited Deer Valley and Park City yearly for about 6 years. I agree that the White restaurants are overpriced and very mediocre in quality. The Mariposa is a more expensive versiobn of the Seafod Buffet - same food, just served to your table rather than at a Buffet, for a premium price. We bring our own wine to the Seafood Buffet and pay corkage. Jean Louis was disgusting one year - I don't know who likes his food. Chez betty was a reasonably good meal last year. Unfortunately, we continue to try new places every year, only to be disappointed and realize that Park City and Deer Valley is not New York City or Paris.

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                        1. re: gjrubino

                          We gave up on the Seafood Buffet a few years ago. Just not a good value. To say The Mariposa is the same food as the Seafood Buffet makes me wonder if you've actually dined there. No overlap that I'm aware of.

                          1. re: ElizabethReed

                            dined at both places, and found many dishes identical, as stated above

                            1. re: gjrubino

                              Dined at both places many times over the last 15 years and found no overlap.

                        2. I'm goink to Park City in March. For the benefit of a visitor, what are the "Bill White" restaurants so I can avoid them?

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                          1. re: Dave_in_PA

                            Windy Ridge, Chimayo, Grappa, Wahso, and Ghidotti's.

                            I personally like Grappa. I had a wonderful experience there back in October. I hope you have a good time! :-)

                            1. re: UTgal

                              We also like Grappa. The rest I would pass on.

                          2. Keeping this old thread alive.... Thanks to all for the recommendation for Loco Lizard... My group loved everything they had, in particular the fish tacos and the zuke-stuffed rellenos. Service was quick and attentive.

                            And the Wasatch Brew pub is still a great place to go ... We had typical brew pub food: burgers and personal-sized pizza.

                            Surprising there isn't more activity here.... Chowhounds don't ski? Skiers aren't foodies?

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                            1. re: Dave_in_PA

                              I don't know, honestly. I ski fairly often. I enjoy trying restaurants in and around the area (Wasatch Back mostly, I don't explore SLC too often). Maybe I'm not a true foodie. I lurk around on the Mountain States forum in case anyone is heading up to PC, Heber, or Midway. I want Chowhounds to have a good time when they visit here and like to recommend fun places with good food.

                              I'm really glad you liked the Wasatch Brew Pub!

                              1. re: UTgal

                                Yeah, my group (all guys, starving after skiing) wasn't really looking for fine dining. Mexican and pub grub was more our style on this trip.

                                I wanted to try the Windy Ridge Bakery you recommended in another thread but didn't get the chance.

                                Thanks for all your local info.

                                1. re: UTgal

                                  I know a lot of skiers who are foodies!

                                  In fact, i will be going with 13 other guys to Park City at the end of the month for a bachelor party/ski weekend and we are looking for fine dining options on a Saturday night. We all live in NYC or in the Bay Area, so i guess we are used to overpriced restaurants...

                                  I see a lot of good options in terms of good food, but am afraid that they might be too dressy and maybe not too appropriate for a large group of guys in their late 20s/early 30s who might or might not be a wee bit tipsy around dinner time.

                                  Based on reviews, the High West Distillery seems like a good option (we are whiskey drinkers).

                                  Thoughts? any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

                                  1. re: Alvissse

                                    Yeah, we're going in April, pretty late to ski, but looking for some great eats. Going with the family so that means that all options are on the table. Staying at the Canyons resort. What's the best thing around there or a short drive?

                                    Thanks in advance

                                    1. re: Hog Maws

                                      The Loco Lizard discussed above is close to you.... in the same shopping complex as the Smiths supermarket. There were also other restuarants in there that I didn't get try.

                                      1. re: Hog Maws

                                        I also should have pointed out that old town Park City is only, what, 15 minutes from the Canyons.. there are even free buses. So all options are....

                                        ...wait for it....

                                        "ON THE TABLE"

                                        1. re: Dave_in_PA

                                          How's The Farm?

                                          I figured Best New Restaurant in Utah is worth a try.


                                      2. re: Alvissse

                                        High West is great! Good food.

                                        Re: fine dining...PC is pretty casual in general and used to groups out having fun after a day on the slopes. Have fun!

                                        1. re: Alvissse

                                          Even the higher-end restaurants in Park City aren't what you'd call dressy. It's a very outdoorsy population for the most part. Jeans & sweaters would get you in just about anywhere.

                                    2. Has anyone been to Canyons? What is the best place to eat around there?

                                      1. Tried a new place last night: Vinto. It was the best meal I've had on Main Street in a long time. Delicious and very affordable. Really unique menu. Check it out & get there early! It was packed and they don't accept reservations.

                                        1. Bumping in hopes of answer - are any of the places at the St. Regis resort tasty? We're traveling soon .. Glad I checked here re: Bill White Group.

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                                          1. re: stellamystar

                                            Sorry I'm just now popping back in here. I've eaten at the J&G Grill twice and imo it was nothing to write home about. It is right in the hotel, which is nice. Did you have fun in PC?

                                            1. re: UTgal

                                              yes! Stil here for awhile, so I'm still looking for any great rec's.!

                                              1. re: stellamystar

                                                Fuego - in Prospector
                                                Good Karma - in Prospector
                                                Vinto - Main Street. I love that place
                                                Burgers at O'Shucks are good (in my opinion) and $3 until 5 PM

                                                Venture to Midway! My recs:
                                                Buffalo chili & onion rings at Matty's at the Zermatt
                                                Anything at Blue Boar (it's $$$$ though)
                                                Tarahumara (they won best Mexican in state last year I believe? Stay away from the Corona bucket. It looks like a good deal but the bottles are the 7 ouncers.

                                                1. re: UTgal

                                                  What about that Mexican place in Prospector? Any good?

                                                  1. re: katydid13

                                                    I like to pop in there for lunch, it's decent Mexican food in my opinion. I used to enjoy it more before they changed ownership a few years ago. It still has a very strong following and is very popular.

                                                    I checked out a new-ish place on Main Street last week, the Blue Iguana. I liked it very much. It is a sit down restaurant however so it'll be more expensive than El Chubasco.

                                                      1. re: UTgal

                                                        Thanks for the tip on Blue Iguana. Let me amplify for everyone else's benefit.

                                                        Very good food - we went twice. They make their own varieties of mole sauce.

                                                        I had huevos rancheros for breakfast one day and we went back for dinner another day.

                                                        How many Mexican restaurants have tamales on the menu? They were excellent, with salsa verde on one end and mole on the other. Thankfully NOT smothered with cheese over everything like many mexican restaurants do. My wife had chicken fajitas, very good. Portions were generous.

                                                        One small caution...Don't drink the water... seriously. It tasted funny. This is inexplicable since we were staying in the hotel it's attached to and our tap water tasted fine.

                                                        1. re: Dave_in_PA

                                                          The tap water in Park City proper is disgusting. It comes out of the old silver mine tunnels. The city has to spend millions on water treatment - everytime the EPA changes a standard, they have to go in and modify. Yummy things like arsenic, antimony... The hotel may have a filter system that the restaurant doesn't have. When I lived inside the city limits, I lived on bottled water. We had a filter at the house, but I still did not like the taste.

                                            2. Keeping this old thread alive with new restuarants:

                                              Bistro 412
                                              Excellent food. Our app was wild mushrooms in cream sauce on toast. Luckily we split one order because it was very rich. There was also a pasta entree with what looked like the same mushrooms and cream on it and when i go back I'm going to get that.

                                              I had braised lamb shank that was fork tender and very flavorful with a wild berry sauce. That came with root vegetable puree and sauteed brussel sprouts. My wife had grilled arctic char that was also very good, with kale and a potato pancake.

                                              Incredible dessert - croissant made into bread pudding, with white chocolate sauce and huckleberries. Thankfully we split that too.

                                              Service was informal but very attentive. Pricing is sane by Main Street standards..even the wine list was reasonable. Highly recommended.

                                              Ciseros (basic Italian)
                                              Our appetizer was calamari and it was perfect - always a good test for a restaurant. Personal pizzas were interesting combinations of toppings and generous.

                                              The restaurant is spacious by Main Street standards so not too loud.

                                              Pricing is very reasonable for Main Street.

                                              1. So is it time for 2-for-1 entree deals at Park City already? How do you get the coupons?

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                                                1. re: krystle920

                                                  Not quite yet. To get the coupons, just pick up a copy of the local newspaper, The Park Record. It comes out on Wednesdays and Fridays. Usually they come out after the ski season ends, but I've seen some as early as the Wednesday after Easter if Easter is early.

                                                2. Just spent a few days in Park City and had some good meals. There are many many places to eat and some of them good.

                                                  Cafe Terigo does a nice lunch and, I'm told, dinner.

                                                  501 Main is a bar with food. It's just OK. Food is carelessly prepared...eg a soggy Reuben. Ketchup was in a Heinz bottle, but no chance it was Heinz ketchup.

                                                  The restaurant at Stein Erikson...named something like Giltretind, was a thing of the past. Waiters in vest and apron in a dark room. Dishes are described as American cuisine, but would better be described as late 80s fare. It's not bad, just a little stodgy and variable in execution. I think I'd have liked it more in the winter.

                                                  Chimayo is a southwestern style place with serious pretensions and prices. It pretty much lives up to them. Food was tasty, not cheap, but in generous portions. Don't miss this one.

                                                  Montage resort has a few restaurants. It was largely disappointing. Food wasn't horrible, it just wasn't up to the price point. For exp three burgers, one order of fries, a bourbon and two cokes was $107.00. Right. Breakfast there is not a buffet deal but off a menu. Even so, my order of "breakfast potatoes" had been sitting in a steamer tray for ages and was soggy crap. At these prices put a little sear on them before serving...or better yet cook them to order.

                                                  Tailsker on Main was a great surprise. We did a tasting menu and had a great series of dishes and wines. Chef and staff are the best Park City has to offer.