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Jan 18, 2005 02:29 PM

Grocery stores on Maui for provisions upon arrival

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Where is the best grocery store at resonable prices to stock up for our condo stay? We are renting a car and driving from the Maui airport to Napili area.Thank you, Diane

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    Kelly Migliaccio

    When you arrive right outside the airport is a Costco if you're a member. I haven't gone to that Costco yet but plan to in Sept when we rent a condo (we normally stay in a hotel and thus have limited food storage options). In Lahaina there is a Safeway and up by Kaanapali there is a Star market. Both are large supermarkets that you can't miss from the road to Napili (it's really only one road-very easy to get there).

    1. We go every year and shop the Star Market north of Kanapali at Honokawai on the main road up to Napili.
      Prices are definitely cheaper than Safeway and it is very close to Napili. Even closer is the Napili Market in Napili Plaza. Prices are usually higher at the market than at Star but not always, especially for produce. Haven't checked out the Costco that Kelly mentions as we aren't members.


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        Thank you , David for your info- from a "local" I know tourism is big, but often prefer to eat out at out of the way places. Have heard good things about the restaurants you mentioned. Diane

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          You're welcome. My wife actually grew up on Maui so we do actually almost count as "locals". Do try some plate lunch places. I am no expert though as usually the meal is meat and TWO starches, way too much for us. Other local delicacies that I am particularly fond of include poke (the octopus poke at Star Market is excellent) which is a Hawaiian ceviche and portugese sausage (not to everyone's taste!).