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Jan 4, 2005 01:34 PM

Sun Valley / Ketchum?

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Going to Sun Valley mid-February & starting to wonder about the restaurants there. I know there's one in the main lodge, but that's about it. Any suggestions for 4 nights & do you think we need to make resvs in advance? It's 'Ski Week' for lots of US school kids. Will just be the 2 of us, so would rather avoid the 'lots of kids' venues! Thanks!

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  1. I'm a part-time resident and there are a lot of really good restaurants in Ketchum and Hailey. Reservations are probably a good idea since you're going at a popular time.

    Evergreen Restaurant, Ketchum (fine dining, French-American) 208-726-3888

    Sushi on Second, Ketchum (casual) 208-726-5181

    Chandler's, Ketchum (fine dining, American) 208-726-1776

    Zao 75, Hailey about 11 miles south of Ketchum (casual, French-Asian) 208-788-3310

    There is Felix's (French) and Il Naso (Italian), both in Ketchum.

    Taking your chances with the crowd, but;

    Grumpy's, Ketchum (very casual burger joint)

    Have fun!

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      torta basilica

      Thank you, sag! I just read articles in Departures & Ski Magazines - what do you think about the following:?

      Sun Valley Lodge Dining Room - is it super-formal & stuffy? Would my husband need to bring a jacket?

      Tapestry Gallery & Wine - do they serve food/tapas? Would this be good for a light fun dinner one night?

      Whiskey Jacques & The Cellar - I get the feeling these are really young crowd hang-outs - we're in our mid-late 40's, but like to have fun!

      It also mentions Chandlers & the Saw Tooth Club & a sleigh ride to Trail Creek Cabin.

      Too many choices! TIA!

      1. re: torta basilica

        There's better food, but if you're stuck then the Lodge isn't bad. We try to avoid the Lodge altogether (unless to the ice show or spa service). It's a very touristy spot, but a great place for first-time visitors.

        Whiskey Jacques...hmmm, let me say that my husband and I are your contemporaries and I don't go there unless visitors want to.

        The Gallery, I hear, is lovely especially if you're a wine enthusiast. We don't drink, so it's just one of the places we don't go to.

        Chandler's is really nice. We usually eat there when we get into town. One of our favorites. Very good food and the setting is wonderful. Sawtooth is okay, but if you're deciding between the two, I'd have to say go to Chandler's.

        Jackets are good to have considering the temperature during February, but you get a broad spectrum of attire, which is quite entertaining at times. We've been part-time residents for 5 years and I still scratch my head. What I've realized is when I think I'm underdressed, I'm usually not.

        Hope this helps.

    2. We loved Sego in Ketchum after our trip there this winter. The restaurant was new, so they did not have their liquour license yet...but we brought in our own wine. The food was wonderful - think fine dining yet with a casual feel. We went with a larger party and had great service....recommend the mussels and pancetta flatbread for starters. All of us enjoyed our entrees as well as the homemade sorbet for dessert. The owner had some great suggestions for the area and we will definitely return. After eating out at some of the pricier restaurants, we felt this place had the best food for the price range.....good place to go without the kids and have an adult night out!

      1. Il Naso is a family favorite. Definitely for grown-ups - make a reservation and enjoy.

        1. There's so little Ketchum/SV info on this board I thought I'd add to this thread.

          First, on Baldy at the top of the gondola (so, non-skiers can access it too) is the Roundhouse, which is fantastic. It's the original 1937 lodge with a 4 sided wood burning fireplace. Besides the fantastic ambiance and great views, the food is quite good and nearly everything is under $20 (a few entrees are more).We ate there every day for lunch. I loved the raclette--it's quite hearty, with prosciuotto, sausage, salad, pickles, etc. They are currently open a few days a week for dinner but it's a big deal, because they haven't done that for a while, so you need to reserve well in advance.

          In Ketchum, the Pioneer Saloon is great. It's a very casual steakhouse, and always packed (go early or wait) but the food is surprisingly well done. I had the best grilled trout I've ever had, and the whole meal (incl. bread, salad, rice, etc) was $18.95.

          The Ketchum Grill was highly recommended, but not as good. It's a cozy place, and my husband enjoyed his duck, but my homemade pasta was just okay. The butter came in cold, hard foil packets. So tacky--it's one of those little things that says, we don't care. Service was good. I wouldn't necessarily steer anyone away from a place based on my one meal, but I expected more since I'd heard high praise.

          The Kneadery is great for breakfast, which they serve all day. There are lunch items too but I've never had them.

          There's a deli at the lodge that makes basic but surprisingly decent sandwiches (we got them for the plane ride home). The adjacent coffee shop was fine for a quick breakfast before skiing, but I wouldn't make it a dining destination. The lodge bar had pretty good wings for happy hour--there's probably better apres in town, but we were at the lodge, wanted a drink and snack before dinner, and that suited the bill.

          260 Leadville Ave N, Ketchum, ID 83340

          Pioneer Saloon
          320 S Main St, Hailey, ID 83333

          Ketchum Grill
          PO Box 205, Ketchum, ID 83340