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Dec 6, 2004 02:02 AM

Boise Christmas Dinner--Cottonwood or Gamekeeper?

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My Sister and Brother-in-law just moved to Boise. My family and I will be visiting this Christmas for the first time.

Having never been to Boise it's hard to choose a restaurant. Has anyone been to the Cottonwood or Gamekeeper?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Cottonwood is nice. Been there twice. Food is good and the atmosphere is warm and nice. Food is not extraordinary however. There is a a nice place downtown for more casual dining - it's a french cafe that's run by a young frenchman and I like the food there. That would be good for bfast or lunch. Sorry I forget the name , but if you ask on the street or drive downtown it's easy to find.

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      Hershey Bomar

      Thanks for getting back to me.