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Sep 27, 2003 03:10 AM

Marin's Best Kept Secret

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. . . is how Franks Bar-B-Que bills itself. I tried it last week at the Thursday night San Rafael Farmers Market (done for the season). Decent cornbread, good potato salad (lots of celery, pickles in an unsweetened mustardy dressing), palatable sauce ("hot" was mildly spicy), but unfortunately, the spare ribs themselves were dreck. Parboiled into oblivion with no texture or flavor of their own. This was a dumper, straight into the garbage can.


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  1. Haven't tried Franks and don't think I will, however Mr Ribs is a Marin secret that I've been keeping for too long.

    Outside of the United Market on the Miricle Mile, Mr Ribs sells some of the best ribs I've ever had. Tender, smoky and fat free, they are take out only and come with very decent sauce. Mr. Ribs also has great smoked chicken, pulled pork and tri-tip (wish it were brisket)

    He's there Friday, Saturday and Sunday only, and he closes for the season after Holloween weekend.

    This United Market is at 100 Red Hill Ave.
    San Anselmo.

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    1. re: Gumbolox

      do they really have wood fire there?
      hard to imagine in san anselmo

      1. re: plvr

        The ribs, etc. are sold out of a large mobile black metal structure that looks like a smoker. Don't know if they are smoked right there, but they do taste of wood smoke. There is no evidence of smoking going on during business hours, and at that time the box seems to be more af a storage unit.

      2. re: Gumbolox

        Mr. Ribs does have good smoked brisket that is sold to restaurants. It is available upon special order by the whole piece, runs around $20 for 5-6 lbs.

        1. re: Bob Copeland

          That's a really good price for meat that's fully cooked.

          1. re: Bob Copeland

            Actually, I knew about the special order brisket, but have not had the occasion to order one. What restaurants does he sell to?

            1. re: gumblox

              The Flatiron in San Rafael carries it. Mr. Ribs will also have a food booth at the San Anselmo fair next Sunday, October 4. They will have ribs and smoked chicken. Thier phone number is 415) 461-6370.

          2. re: Gumbolox

            You might find the bit of heresy in this link interesting.


          3. A couple of years ago I had ribs from the BBQ guy at Apple's Market in Novato on San Marin drive (2 miles W of 101). They were wonderful.

            A food professional friend had Tri-tip? Brisket? from the BBQ outfit at Scotty's Market on Las Gallinas in Terra Linda (San Rafael). She raved about it.

            1. So, stop beating around the bush and tell us what you really think, Melanie!

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              1. re: bennyboy

                Now let me tell you how really terrible it was . . . (g).

                I'm glad I posted since it inspired Robert and Sharuf to come forward with some recs. Can't remember any previous discussion of 'cue in Marin here.