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Jan 7, 2004 04:27 PM

Where to eat in Juneau, Alaska???

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I'm ISO some great places to eat in Juneau when I'm there in May. Any suggestions? It would help if you would give me an idea of the price range as well.

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  1. great? juneau? bwahahahahahhahaha
    sorry. it must be the weather.

    chan's tai kitchen, north of town in the valley. very good, very reasonable (10-15$ per person), and very low decor.

    the fiddlehead restaurant and di sopra upstairs. near the federal building and the state museum. burger to soups to salads downstairs. upscale restaurant at di sopra. 10$ and up

    prospector hotel, nest to the state museum. gets good recommendations but i rarely eat there. don't know why.

    grandma's feather bed, a part of the best western chain but like no best western you've ever stayed in. my hotel of choice, but i don't always get to choose.

    hanger on the wharf, downtown, good water view. can get very loud. good beer selection. good pub grub plus.

    avoid all mexican food. repeat. avoid all mexican food.

    i really enjoy eating, but i don't go to juneau to eat.

    petersburg, ak
    80 miles south

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      The recurring theme seems to be "you don't go to Juneau to eat" - I had a local tell me "eat at Subway or McDonalds". Thanks for the recommendations!

      1. re: swngdancir

        Take a look at Fiddlehead. Their cookbook is pretty good.

        I've enjoyed DiSopra too.

        If eating out in Juneau, that's where I went when I lived in Sitka. Good luck and enjoy your trip!


    2. Important: Whatever you do, don't eat at the top of the tram. The horror stories abound, and have gotten worse every year. Have a beer on their deck but don't order food even if you are starving- the Twisted Fish, right by the bottom of the tram is inconsistent but you may get a very good meal there so risk that or anything else before eating up there. And no I didn't get fired from there or anything I just had an incredibly bad, slow, pricy, gross, cold meal there once and everyone else with zero exceptions who has eaten there and told me about it says the same thing or worse.

      1. Consider the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council's TLC: A Taste of Local Culture for Visitors. An opportunity to enjoy a home-cooked meal with real Alaskans while supporting the arts. $35. Call (907) 586-2787 to arrange. check the website too,
        FYI the Fiddlehead has closed (although as one of the authors of the cookbook: Thanks! glad to know you like it!) and the Sandpiper, which replaced it, does great breakfasts and lunches but not dinners.