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Nov 23, 2003 07:17 PM

Kailua, Oahu

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Anyone have any local favorites over near Kailua?

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  1. Kevin's Two Boots (35 Kainehe St). Good cajun food tucked away on the back side of a narrow parking lot. It's a midpriced sit down place.

    1. Boots and Kimo's for mac nut pancakes (119 Hekili St.)--they close at 2 p.m.

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      1. re: mssaimin

        Just ate at Boots and Kimo's last week and REALLY need to find the recipe for the Macadamia pancake sauce, it is the very best I've ever had. Anyone out there???


        1. re: Mike Berner

          Did you ever find the recipe or where you can get the Boots and Kimo's Macadamia Nut Sauce? I am looking also. World Market here in Florida has a Macadamia Nut Pancake mix that is great but it would be much better with that sauce!

          1. re: Mike Berner

            Mike, I know I'm posting YEARS later but did you ever find a recipe for the Boots & Kimo macadamia sauce? TOTALLY the best thing I tasted on the island! Amazing!

          2. re: mssaimin

            Re. Boots and Kimo's - Although our waitress was great, and my husband's macadamia nut pancakes were fine (plain pancakes with macadamia nut sauce), my undercooked side of bacon tasted like it had been shoved inside the mouth of a fish for a few days. The o.j. requested was apparently unavailable 'cause the person with the key to unlock it hadn't arrived yet (30 minutes after they opened I believe). The cashier (manager?) was surprisingly rude, never looking my husband in the eye when he tried to pay our check with a traveller's check (SAME as cash!) - no nice "sorry, but we don't take them" - no explanation, just cold, abrupt, and RUDE. My rarely-angered, mellow hubby was so put off. We hope our very good waitress find a better place to work.

          3. Cinnamon's for breakfast is a must....home fries to die for. Lanikai juice makes the freshest smoothies around. Otaru has good sushi, but can be hit or miss depending on who's working. Teddy's for burgers, Maui Taco for a burrito, Champa Thai obviously for Thai (and its BYOB), Bueno Serra is good for Italian and Los Garcias for Mexican.

            Heard from someone that the pancake sauce at Boots n Kimos is actually melted ice cream....but who knows.

            1. we used to go by boat to Buzz's Steakhouse. It's on the canal next to Kailua beach.
              It was great in the 70s & 80s