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Apr 2, 2003 03:26 PM

Need suggestions for Montana and Wyoming

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I have not travelled there for several years, but now
they are part of my territory again. I'll be around
most of Montana west of Billings and for my next trip at least pretty close to the interstates in Wyoming.

Any and all kinds of fare welcome...I especially
enjoy whatever-Mex and barbecue, so let those recommendations fly!

Much thanks and expect an extended report or perhaps a smattering of individual posts as
I find places that are Chowhound-worthy.

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  1. Stop by Rose's Lariat at 410 E. Cedar in Rawlins. It's an excellent Mexican diner with one table and everyone else eats at the county. We had mini tacos with green salsa and amazing tamales. But the guy next to us had a plate of home-made chorizo and eggs that we were wishing for!

    1. I have no Mex or BBQ to recommend, but if you happen to find yourself in Missoula one evening, I recommend a stop by the Big Dipper Ice Cream drive-in. I visited my brother and sister-in-law in July and we went nearly every night. The flavors are inventive (black licorice, cardamom, honey porter, saffron almond, strawberry pink peppercorn sorbet, mango habanero sorbet, and the always popular, yellow cake. They also sometimes carry a Mexican chocolate i.c., which could be nice after your Mex or BBQ). And if you're feeling less daring, they have the old standby flavors there as well.

      Big Dipper Ice Cream
      631 S. Higgins
      Missoula MT 59801

      1. I-80 in Wyoming...Casper, try Guadalajara Mexican on CY Ave. My brother and his wife go there when they are in Casper..and she is mexican. In Cheyenne, T-Joe's Steakhouse and Saloon at exit 370. Good beef!

        In Lander on Main St. Cowfish or Gannett the Snake River Brewery.

        Montana. Missoula..Epicurean Bistro on Stephens. Really fresh! Nara Korean BBQ on N. Reserve. Koreans own it. And get the Clubfoot at the Staggering Ox.

        I've seen other post here for places in Bozeman..or between Missoula and Bozeman. Can't recall the names.

        I see the original post is old...but rec's in Wyo and Montana are always good.