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Sep 10, 2002 09:09 PM

Places to eat in Oklahoma

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My parents have just moved to Norman, Oklahoma and are seeking good places to eat. They have heard about Bricktown, any suggestions for food here or OK City?

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  1. I live in California, but visit OKC frequently. My favorite place is Trappers, which is located by the Stockyard. It's really special. And if you are feeling adventuresome, there are several good Thai and Vietnamese places on Classen, near OCU. Try the Vietnamese "pho" or beef soup!

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      In Norman, I like Legends and LaBaguette. Bricktown is good for baseball, etc., but for restaurants there are better places, like Nonna's at the Painted Door, and the Mexican is better in S. OKC than in Bricktown. There are other suggestions listed on the Midwest and the South boards.