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Jul 16, 2002 01:38 PM

Honolulu plate lunch stops

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Where are the must-eat-at plate lunch trucks/stops in Honolulu from downtown-ish to the north shore? Other budget eatery suggestions w/b appreciated as well!! Mahalo!

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  1. Call before you go. It's been 1 year for some and 2 years for others since I've been. All are in Honolulu unless otherwise specified......Enjoy.


    Cafe Haleiwa - 66-460 Kamehameha Hwy, Haliewa HI (North Shore) - 808/637-5516 - Diner serving "El rollos" (vegetarian burritos), quesadillas, grilled mahimahi with eggs - B&L ONLY, closed Sun

    Gulick Delicatessen & Coffee Shop - 1512 Gulick Ave (N. School St, Kalihi area) - 808/847-1461 - Plate-lunch okazu-ya (Japanese delicatessen-style shop) with more than 3 dozen offerings with Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, American, Hawaiian and local-style dishes - Sushi, nishime (Japanese stew), vegetable dishes - Makishi family - Strictly takeaway in residential area - $, MC/V - M-Sat B&L>0430-1530h, Sun B&L>08-1500h

    Hale Vietnam - 1140 12th Ave (in Kaimuki area at Waialae and Harding, ~15 mins from Waikiki) - 808/735-7581 - Home-cooked 17 varieties of Vietnamese soup (pho); 10 kinds of cold noodles (bun); cold Vietnamese summer roll in rice paper with dipping sauce(s) - Owner Mark Fu - $-$$ - 7d L&D

    Kakaako Kitchen - 1216 Waimanu St (near Ala Moana Center) - 808/596-7488 - Upscale local plate lunch featuring gourmet items> Chinese chicken salad, crisp tempura mahimahi sandwich on soft taco bun; catch of the day, daily specials reflecting Hawaiian regional cuisine - Plate L also makes good picnic fare - ~45 seats - Co-owner-chef Russell Siu - $ - M-F B&L>0630-1400h

    L & L Drive Inn - Multiple locations, on all islands - ( - Local plate lunches such as Hawaiian Barbecue plate ($6.29) (02) with grilled teriyaki steak, small serving of grilled ribs, 2 grilled chicken thighs served on 2 scoops of rice alongside macaroni salad - Also fresh grilled fish plates, shrimp curry, chicken katsu, varietal saimin (noodle) dishes - Plate lunches available as mini or regular (enough for 2) - $

    Mitsu-Ken Catering - 1223 N. School St - 808/848-5573 - Local okazuya (small delicatessen-style shop) okazu, local side dishes such as crisp sticky-sweet garlic chicken, Japanese mochi, Chinese chow mein, Korean kimchi, Philippine lumpia, Portuguese malasadas - Lunch

    Youngs Fish Market - Locations: 1723 Liliha St, 808/536-4037; 1210 Dillingham Blvd #19, 808/841-4885 - Extra-large lau-lau (pork and butterfish with sea salt wrapped in ti leaves and steamed) - Cafeteria-style with tables, counter, take-away - Plate lunches - Alan Young - Serves 800-1000 lau-lau/day

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      I would strongly suggest TSUKENJO Lunch House, in this case
      go to their red wagon on the corner of WARD Avenue and
      QUEEN street. The are there from 10:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
      The have the best meatloaf, roast pork (Great gravy for both)
      and other items. Many combination plates too. I crave their
      meatloaf sandwich, a big slab on soft white bread with a
      lettuce leaf and ketchup and mayo along with a passion
      orange juice. I've been eating there for 17 years, just yesterday I was watching the FoodNetwork "My Country/My
      Kitchen" which featured Sam Choy, low and behold there he was at Tsukenjo's wagon!!! You can always trust Sam!!!!!!
      Definately EAT at - El Charro at 111 Sand Island Access Rd.
      off Nimitz Hwy. Not the most exotic neighborhood but an
      unbelievable oasis for mexican food 'San Antonio' style. He
      just yesterday served Mexican Lasagna as his special and
      every Friday has the best fresh fish specials!!!!! His prices
      range to about $7.95 as the highest for a plate. We had him do a party at our house and his range was just amazing in the menu he created for us, unfortunately some of the things can only be had at private functions but nothing is dissapointing there at all!!!!!!!!! GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. re: SBCochran

        I always enjoy plate lunch at any of the numerous L&L locations on O'ahu - lots of choices for the meat.

        Be sure to leave room for shave ice somewhere, like Waiola Store (da kine!) But then, you don't have to wait for mealtime to enjoy shave ice...