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May 28, 2002 01:09 PM

Maui Wedding

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I have a niece that wants me to scout out possible wedding/reception sites on Maui. We'll be there in September, so I want to get some ideas first.

My wife has a co-worker that had her wedding and reception with the help of a wedding planner at one of the deluxe Wailea resorts. I think she said the Maui Prince Hotel.

I'm not sure my sister wants to spend that kind of $$.

Anyone get married on Maui, and what did you do? Mahalo.

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  1. I just came back from a wedding in Maui. I have never been to the Maui Prince but the Four Seasons in Wailea is gorgeous. We had drinks on the grass overlooking the beach and walked down some stairs for dinner which was also held outside. The setting was comfortable, nice, and incredibly private. The atmosphere was stunning, with the sky changing colors, the waves crashing, and the blue light from the pools beckoning. I also walked through the Grand Wailea it was beautiful as well. One downside about having the wedding at the Four Seasons is that you can't play live music past 10 pm. It was also fairly windy, but this is probably indicative of Wailea. You really can't go wrong with a wedding in Maui.

    The night before the wedding, guests were invited to a luau at the Outrigger in Wailea. It was a strange event, since we had a private party with drinks, but later joined the scheduled luau with the rest of the tourists. The event was not intimate in the least. I felt like cattle. There were about 100 wedding guests, mixed in with 300 other tourists. The food was get-you-own, buffet style. I don't know how difficult or expensive it is to arrange a private luau, but I would suggest this over herding your guests to a larger group luau. I would have preferred a shorter, less flashy show with lower quality food over being mixed in with the masses.

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      I forwarded this to my niece in Cincinnati to read.

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        Bob and I were very pleased with Dolphin Dream Weddings in Maui. We found them after doing our research on the web, called them up, made a date, told them what we wanted and they did the rest. They seemed to be the best and most honest wedding specialists on the island. Our sunset wedding ceremony on the beach was a dream come true. Couldn't of been better. I would highly recommend their service for anyone wanting to get married on Maui.
        We also attended the Lahaina Hotel Luau and found it as crowded also. Seems they want to get a lot of people in on these luaus. Hopefully in the future they will offer better luau accomodations.


      2. Depending upon how big the wedding is and how complicated and traditional the bride wants it, there are lots of options. I'd check out Seawatch in Wailea, or Capische? if the resorts (Maui Prince is gorgeous, Four Seasons amazing, any would be fabulous).

        Most wedding sites can't play music after 10pm - we're really quiet here on Maui! Rural/local, and homeowner associations have a lot to say about noise restrictions.

        If your niece wants a church wedding, I highly recommend Keawala'i church in Makena. It's a historic church with a really good minister (Hawaiian) and it's right next to Maui Prince and below SeaWatch. My friend Evie was married there last year, and it was gorgeous, and I really liked the minister's service. I also like to go here for Christmas services.