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May 9, 2002 01:36 AM

maui-korean restaurants

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Does Maui have any good korean restaurants with authentic cuisine? what about other good restaurants in Maui?

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  1. sadly, i didn't make it to any korean restaurants. i read about a ramen house that has good kimchee ramen elsewhere on this board, but the lack of address and name left me stranded.
    i really liked saigon cafe. very good vietnamese food. ask the waiter to recommend. i don't eat meat and they were nice enough to make some special springrolls without the meat. you should make reservations and also you NEED a good map! we got very confused and frustrated trying to find this place because main street turns into lower main, east main, etc. the main street that saigon is on is actually perpendicular to the main street we were on. and there is a major dearth of street signs. and the restaurant has no sign. it's not that hard if you know where to look, though. don't rely on the rental company's map of maui.
    sansei is good for sushi. we were told at the end of our meal that if we came in half an hour later everything would have been half price! not sure what the time was, maybe 10:00, you should call and ask. i think karaoke is also at the same time.
    plantation house was very good for breakfast/lunch. good eggs mediterranean and be sure to get the rice, not the potatoes (or half and half) as the side. i was really happy with the rice, but apparently nobody else has ever asked the staff about it. buttery and tender.
    i heard sam sato's is good for noodles, didn't make it there.

    1. try the kal-bi house in kihei, on south kihei road. very nice service and excellent food. even my extremely picky no-one-can-even-cook-rice-as-good-as-my-mama-in-korea korean ex-boyfriend likes that place. there is also a place on south kihei road in the plaza accross from camp 1 (by foodland) that is decent.

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        Ciaohound (Bob Savelli)

        Yeah, I had to take bonehead English, but wasn't that a run-on sentence? Every time we make it to Kihei, it's like a tornado (very windy). We haven't been back in the last 10 trips. Weird, huh? Maybe that Korean place that your extra-picky, extra-fussy, maybe that's why you dumped him, ex-boyfriend even liked will be our motivator? Mahalo for the rec.

      2. We are in fact will be looking to open a Korean restaurant in Maui or elsewhere if saturated (I suspect not). Where is the best growth potential?

        My wife, who is Korean, has built a menu that will satisfy even the most picky-no-one-can-make-korean-food-better-than-my-mother boyfriends.

        We are ready to leave Boise.

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          I am aware these posts are really old and you may have left Idaho by now, but I am on the internet looking for a good Korean place to eat on Maui and there is very little out there.
          So in other words, I am excited that someone wants to open a place up here.
          Local people love Korean food, so I'm guessing Kahului or Wailuku is the best place to open a business (where most of us are). However they are not always the most scenic areas, just in case you are imaging a restaurant with an ocean view.
          Lahaina is a beautiful place, but more expensive to run a business and more tourists, who are usualy intersted in seafood.
          Also, keep in mind that we love meat jun, which I hear is not a traditional dish, but you have to have it in Hawaii.
          I hope this helps you even if this is post is so 5 years ago.

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            No way to tell how old the post was, or whether they're still in business, but I found a listing for:

            Chun's Korean Restaurant-Lahaina-Korean (661-9207)$$

            There are a couple of others listed, but again, can't tell anything much about them from what I've found...

            Isana Restaurant
            515 S Kihei Rd Ste C3, Kihei, HI 96753