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Breckenridge Colorado help

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What's your favorite in this ski town? Has anyone been to the new tex-mex place Jalapeno's? I'd appreciate your thoughts, we're headed out there this weekend - 6 or 7 adults.
Thanks! Amy

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  1. We're heading there this weekend, too. Never been there before, hope for some responses.

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      You can check the US board at Fodor's - I posted there and got a few responses - just look under Colorado, and you'll see a post called Breckenridge dining. See you on the slopes.... Amy
      www.fodors.com (if the link doesn't work


      Link: http://www.fodors.com/forums/pgMessag...

    2. Just Back, here's the report:
      Best Mexican: Jalapeno's (I liked it much better than Fiesta Jalisco, burrito to burrito). Southridge Seafood - best meal overall by far, comparable to east coast prices, high quality, innovative cooking. Downstairs at Erics - fun, good pizza. Better pizza at Giampietro's. Rasta Pasta - fun, funky, tasty, reasonable. Swiss Haven -fondue, wouldn't do again -overpriced for what you get. Thanks to everyone for your help!