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Dec 5, 2001 06:09 PM


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Please say it's not so! Where do I go from there? It is our all time favorite restaraunt ever and we were planning at least 3 dinners during our stay! Any update and info is so much appreciated!

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    torta basilica

    There's a reason - it really went waaaay downhill. Ate at the one in Kauai years ago & was very impressed. Kihei next - and loved it. Have been back every year & finally about 2 years ago realized it just really wasn't even good anymore. Had a better dinner at the new Roy's up at the Lucky shopping center - but that really feels like a chain now. SanSei in Kapalua still worth the drive any day!

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      Thanks for the reply. It's a shame but perhaps a blessing in disguise to get us to Sansei on our first leg of the trip....5 nights in Kaanapali, 4 on Lanai, and 5 in Wailea. Any other recs would be great!

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        torta basilica

        What a fabulous trip - I'm jealous!

        Kaanapali - SanSei, SanSei, Sansei. After that, both Roys are good & Pacific O. Used to love Avalon in Lahaina, but that's gone way down too, sadly.

        Lanai - I've never been lucky enough to get here, but from what I've heard, the food is fabulous at both hotels.

        Wailea - The new Roys is ok - really feels like a chain, but I still really like their food. Nick's at the Kea Lani is always really good. If it's just the 2 of you, my husband & I just like to sit at the bar & order appetizer after appetizer or split a lobster & people-watch. Tell Timmy the maitre d' that Stuart & Brenda say hi. The Italian cafe at the Kea Lani is also great for take-out, picnic lunches, etc. Really good deli food. The Italian restaurant is so-so. I like their appetizers, but have never been that excited over the main courses. We love having end of night drinks in the lobby bar - very romantic!

        SeaWatch is a beautiful setting - especially at sunset. The food is average (ok, above average), but setting specacular overlooking the golf courses & ocean. There's also a new restaurant by the 5 Palms on the road to Kihei - used to be Italian - was highly recommended, but I can't remember the name! We went to the Irish restaurant/bar on Wailea Golf Course that was also recommended, but thought it was awful. Is evidentally a big hot spot later in evening

        Humuuuu... restaurant in Grand Wailea Hotel is fun - nice change when you are getting sick of seafood with 20 ingredient sauces! Not super impressed with rest of restaurants there. The sushi bar at Prince Hotel is great.

        Don't go to Lobster Cove - awful! Sushi bar in there used to be ok, but it's been awhile. My daughter & I loved 'Cheeseburger Cheeseburger' in the Wailea Shops, which by the way, is great shopping! We saw Roseanne Barr there! I like Longi's in Lahaina, but have not tried the new one in Wailea.

        If I think of anything else, I'll add - when are you leaving?

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          I wish you were joining us. We spent our last trip at A Pacific Cafe, Roy's in Kaanapali, and Nicks at the bar....our favorite way of eating and enjoying the people around us. It is usually our first choice for dining rather than a secluded table, we like the chance for interaction! Can;t wait to try Sansei. In fact if we don't go our first night from Aston Kaanapali Shores---planned on pacific, but will most likely do sunset at Hula Grille since we don't have to look for night two is a definate...can't wait! Just in case we NEED to go back! Which from what you said seems likely! So if I am a true Chowhound, something i never considered....well day 1 Hula Grill, 2 sonsei, 3 Haillemaile General Store, 4 David Pauls,5---sonsei??!! off the Lanai and back to the Four Seasons with 1 Spago, 2 Nicks,3 the new Roys?4 the huumuumuu place at Grand Wailaa or the sister restaraunt to Haailimaile, or sushi at Harry's, and 5 well I guess that will be the place we just have to go one last time until we are blessed to return. Our last trip wasBev Ganon's... Let's not even think about lunch!!! Thanks for your response. You've inspired me about your favorite place...we'll send timmy at Nicks your best!

          So now that we're on a roll, anything I shouldn't miss as far as recreation...we've stayed at Hana twice, once at a condo type place and last at Homao Bay House---fabulous....any further suggestions of something we may have missed....always an adventure when visiting our favorite islands!!


          1. re: gyppielou
            torta basilica

            Boy, you're not the only one wishing that! Sounds like a great itin. We hope to get to Lanai next (this!) year. Thought of 2 other fun things to fill you up at times other than dinner - Brunch at Ritz-Carlton is realy nice, delicious &, of course, expensive. Fun to have lunch at the Kea Lani's swim-up bar - great burgers & daiqiris while you're still sitting in the pool!

            The 4 Seasons is supposed to have an excellent restaurant in the hotel. We ate once at the Italian & weren't all that impressed, but it was a wierd rainy night (outdoor restaurant - or at least no walls), so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt!

            My idea of great recreation is a day at the Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea Hotel - pure bliss! They also have a pool parcours-type class that non-guests can take if you are having a spa service that day that is really fun - swinging on ropes, climbing, etc - people look at you like you're nuts, but at least you are not alone. Is only offered on centain days, so call first.

            As you can tell, we are pretty lazy there, but I love to ride bikes up Kihei Road from the Hotels to Makena & down by the old church & drool over all the gorgeous homes. Clint Eastwood is building (& should be about finished) a spectacular home. There's lots of sightings of him around Wailea now. If you haven't been to the Big Island, fun to go to very end of this road to see lava flow. Also like just riding bikes other way into Kihei as traffic is so bad, you probably get there quicker on bikes! Surfing off of the beach with the bridge in Kihei (sorry, can't remember name, but you will see vans with 'surf lessons' painted on sides parked by it.) This is a great beach for beginning surfers as they will get you up & you will feel oh so proud of yourself. Pay for an hour lesson & then ask to keep board a little longer to practice.

            Great snorkelling past Kaanpali before Kapalua - ask concierge for best & lest trafficked spot. Have a great trip!!!

            1. re: torta basilica

              Just got Sansei menu off the internet....we love sushi and the menu....what is a must in all reads wonderfully..shrimp cake, which maki? the countdown is 3 days! Let me know what we really must order!

              1. re: gyppielou
                torta basilica

                Pls direct me to the site for their menu as we've had so much, I can't remember specific items. I do remember an Ahi Firecracker-type appetizer that was served with a sauce so good they give you spoons too, as everyone ends up asking for them anyway. Once I see the menu, I can tell you some more.

                Basically, though, have never had anything even average - all good to fantasic & whatever bartender / sushi master advises with be great. They also have a daily specials menu in additional to already huge regular menu.

                Talk soon!

    2. all I can tell you is the address from what I copied for my husband to see. No time to look in my history book as I am home and not at work. Thanks for your encouragement...we seem to have the same palate!! Almost there!! We have never been so excited since this is out first winter trip....hope we see some whales!!! thanks again for your help and thoughts!!!!