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Sep 20, 2001 04:02 PM

chinese in reno

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there seem to be a million chinese resturaunts in reno, nevada, but are any of them good? Please save me from casino chinese!

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  1. I don't think there are any really really great chinese restaurants in Reno, compared with SF or Seattle (I am most familiar with Seattle). But there are some pretty good ones. I like China Diner, which is downtown, near the casinos, it is a little joint and is really pretty good. More upscale and quite good is Palais de Jade. I hear Shanghai is good but I haven't been there. Oddly enough, the El Dorado casino serves Dim Sum in their Asian Court on the ground floor, it is all fresh and is the best Reno has! We have some good Vietnamese Restaurants, the best I think is Golden flower, we also have Pho 777. A wonderful, upscale, intimate, and delicious non-chinese restaurant is the 4th Street Bistro. Enjoy Reno!

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      We did like Shanghai, on Baring Blvd in Sparks,
      both times we went there. Fresh, one of the
      nicer atmospheres we've seen, and reasonably

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        I agree about Palais de Jade. It's also one of the most expensive and is the most elegantly decorated, there are no chinese lanterns. Pho 777 is usually very good and the Vietnamese food is distincively different from Chinese. There prices are also low compared to other oriental restaurants, in the $3.00 range for a dish. You will experience the occasional cockroach there. Other good ones are Yen Ching and Two guys from Hong Kong.

        1. re: nevex

          Cockroaches at Yen Ching too. :|

      2. The Chinese restaurant in Eldorado Casino was not bad (Not the cafeteria-cook-while-you wait one in the basement).

        1. We needed an update for Chinese food in Reno. I'm looking for a decent dim sum selection and good chinese food. After a couple of months, these are my findings so far:

          House of Orchid - Nice surroundings, bad chinese food
          Duck House - They have a small dim sum selection and the food is fair

          Chinese Village - Decent Cantonese

          Please let me know if you have any other places that I can try. Desperately seeking good chinese food.

          1. Our favorite is China East on So. Virginia.

            1. The best place for dim sum in Reno is probably The One. It's across Virginia Street from the Silver Legacy, cater corner to Circus Circus. It can be hit and miss, depending on whether they're making it fresh or are reheating it.
              The One can be hard to find (ask JanetofReno). It shares a wall with the pawn shop. They only serve dim sum from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., unless their policy has changed.
              I like their non-dim sum food as well.
              Another place, Golden China, served better dim sum than the Duck House but I stopped by there this last weekend and Golden China was closed. I don't know if they relocated or what.
              The best Chinese food as far as I can tell is still Soochow in Sparks at McCarran and Prater next to Big Lots. the couple that operates that also operate Two Guys from Hong Kong on South Virginia Street just north of Neil Road.
              I like China East as well.
              A friend likes Szechuan Garden on Moana, but I haven't tried it recently.