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Feb 9, 2001 09:02 AM

Big Island eats

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I would like some recommendations for the Big Island, especially the Kona side. Anything from fish and chips, sushi, plate lunch, great seafood & view, luau, best sunday brunch just want ono food!

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  1. The best luau on the Big Island: Friday evening at the Kona Village Resort. (In all honesty, it's the only one I've been to -- several times.) It's included in the cost of a stay at Kona Village but it's open to the public, by reservation. I don't know what it costs for non-guests. The setting is lovely, the food is very good, and the entertainment is terrific.

    1. try driving up to manago hotel up in capt. cook which is mauka (mountain) of kona and eat their specialty...pork chops! they're famous for them.