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Jun 27, 2000 11:35 AM

Any recommendations in Salt Lake City, Utah?

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am looking for good food in Salt Lake City

Thanks !!

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  1. "am looking for good food in Salt Lake City"

    Our sympathies!

    but seriously folks....this really belongs on the southwest message board (same for the Denver and Wyoming messages below)


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      If Salt Lake City isn't Elsewhere in America, I don't know what is.

      1. re: Pepper

        And if Wyoming was in the SOUTH West, they'd be eatin' grits and chitlin's in New York

      2. re: Jim Leff


        I actually thought about SouthWest, but it really doesn't seem like the SouthWest to me. Did I miss a list of which states apply to which US region? They call themselves part of the "InterMountain" West.

        So in the end, I went to Settler's brewpub, where I had a good burger, despite them not being willing to cook less than well-done. We also went to a Brazilian BBQ place in the "Trolley Square" shopping area. For those who can truly take advantage of an All-You-Can-Eat place, this is super. They come around with skewers of meat, fish, veggies, etc. and you take some, then they just bring more! Plus there is a HUGE salad bar. Even vegetarians would do OK at this place.

        1. re: lee

          Yeah, maybe you're right. Sorry.

          We really need to redivide up these boards.We're working on it, believe me...


          1. re: Jim Leff


            I see that when you go into Southwest it lists Utah, but since I figured Utah was "Elsewhere in USA" I didn't go in. Oops!

            Maybe a line drawn around US states colored like the name of the board would be helpful, or listing the names of states in smaller letters.


      3. YES! For the best authentic Italian try the Michelangelo Ristorante, it is upscale and technically in Sugar House, but this counts as SLC. (The chef is temperamental, but the meal is worth it, transcendental in fact.) For sushi, no one else can match Ginza downtown. An excellent Afghani restaurant, Baba Afghan is also downtown - I would recommend the lunch buffet for price and convenience, not to mention the eggplant - the texture is otherworldly. Also, The Southern Plantation has take-out Soul Food to die for. The House of Tibet offers a rare taste of Tibetan cuisine, affordable and delicious - don't go without ordering their special sweet tea. George's Greek Cafe, located off the lobby in a medical building by the University of Utah, is open for lunch and breakfast and offers traditional diner fare as well as delectable Greek specialties. Lastly, Siegfried's Delicatessen - get there early for the roast chicken, but everything on the menu is mouth-watering - warm potato salad, spaetzle, etc. I live and work in downtown SLC and love good food. These are my favorite places.

        1. I know it is probably too late but when I was there a few months ago I ate a (I know I am spelling this wrong)raditzio, which is a South American (Argentinian?) b-b-q place. It was in the downtown area, in a renovated warehouse near one of the universities. I thought it was wonderful.

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          1. re: 90210

            I believe that's Rodizio Grill 459 Trolley Sq, Salt Lake City, (801) 220-0500.

            And the style's actually Brazilian (though it originated in the south, right near the Argentinian border!)

            1. re: 90210

              Believe it or not, we went there! Very good, and the price difference between "all you can eat" and picking only 2 or 3 things is really worth getting "all you can eat" because the choices are so amazing (brahma bull hump was fantastic, nearly 75% fat, of course, but so tasty)