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Jan 21, 2000 08:57 AM

maui dining

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good am- I've got good friends honeymooning in maui 3/2000. any touts?? thx in adv.

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  1. One place that I remember fondly is Longhi's -- in Lahaina. Terrific food, lively atmosphere, no printed menu! A waiter stands there (or grabs an empty chair and sits down with you) and tells you what they have that day. Pacific Rim, American and Italian. Watch out for the delicious, freshly-baked bread - there's a streak of chopped jalapeno peppers just under the top crust! They have a website (below) that might be of interest.

    Maui No Ka Oi! (Maui's the Best!)


    1. "A Cheeseburger In Paradise" - there are 2 - one in Honolulu and one in Lahaina Maui. Maui is the better of the two.


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        This has almost nothing to do with Maui, but I thought I'd post the URL to my favorite Hawaiian food site. Plate lunches rule: there is no excuse for going to cheesy tourist restaurants, even--especially!--in Hawaii.

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          Thanks very much for the URL of the Plate Lunch site. It makes for great reading and great eating (I'm hoping).

          best, g.wing

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          Deborah Schroer

          This won't get to your friends before their honeymoon, but for others of you out there heading for paradise, you can't beat The Pacific Cafe. There are two on Maui. We ate at the one in Kilea (Sp?) 3 times in the five days we were there. Incredible flavors and not ridiculous prices.

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            This place is not that great. sort of like saying eat at Denny's. My suggestion, although it may be too late,is to try one of the nicer hotels. I've been to some decent places on the Kihei Side. Had a real nice dinner at the Grand Wailea. Also the Prince does a great Sunday brunch, one warning it has gotten crowded.

          2. So so lovely as the food touches your tounge!

            Gerard's 808-661-8939
            174 Lahainaluna Road
            Lahaina, HI 96761 We had a tabl on the patioa bit tight, but is was food so tasty. Also nice to take a breat of the resort, spa feel. It is french rustic. If you drive and parking is hard, you can run in and they will give you a pass to park in thier lot!

            I plan to stop here in March
            David Paul's Lahaina Grill 808-667-5117
            127 Lahainaluna Rd.
            Lahaina, HI 96761

            Mama's fish House was alot of fun. Good food, I thought it was going to bit a bit cooky, but left pretty happy. After we ate we walked around to look at the grounds it was alot of sites to take in. Definetly a fun atmospher.

            On the road to Big beach (Makena Alanui) after the Maui Prince there usually is a lunch truck, and it always has some super yummy fish tacos, and my husband has grabed a dog. and we will walk aorund for a good (and cheapiest we have ever ate in maui).

            Hope these help.
            I will write up more after my next rip, I cannot remember all from last time, and would love to hear about more for this time!