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Nov 16, 1999 03:03 PM

The Best Kona Coffee & Mac Nuts

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I must agree with Jason (see his post in the coffee thread on the Pacific Northwest Board) when it comes to Bayview Farms. We took a tour of the plantation when on our honeymoon, it was great and educational, I highly recommend it if anyone is going to the Big Island.

Whenever we need to send a truly memorable gift (like a Thank You gift for when you REALLY mean it), we call up and send a pound each of coffee and the mac nuts. They really are the best available - Mauna Loa nuts are pitifully small, greasy and way too salty in comparison. Roz's are huge, whole (for the most part), and are unsalted, so they are great for baking. If I was snacking and want some saltiness, I would roast a few in the toaster oven, and dip lightly in kosher salt as I ate them - heaven!

Check Jason's post for contact info, or click the link below (I got honeymoon home-sick looking at the picture! I remember that view!) Rachel


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