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Oct 21, 1999 12:23 PM

Kreuz market update - God does listen

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I've recently had the priveledge of giving the new Kreuz Market (Lockhart, TX barbecue) a thorough going over. I approached the new building and its crucial pits with some trepidation. After all, how do you recreate something that was 80 years in the making? Failure to successfully recreate the temple of Texas Barbecue could well have created a 'cue crisis. Without the Kreuz beacon to follow, quality might have suffered on a statewide basis.

Not to worry. The prayers of the faithful have been answered. The 'cue at the new location is as good as the old ever was. Pitmaster Roy is working his magic on a pit area about eight times the size of the original. The fires are still on the floor, but you no longer have to brave the heat to get to the goods.

All of the meats are a succulent as ever. I went in doubting the ability of the food to recover from the move, but quickly cast those doubts aside. In fact, I found myself returning within the week. The line for the sides is unchanged, but you do now have the choice of eating in a large screened area or in an airconditioned room, which also stores Blue Bell ice cream and fresh meats (don't forget the meat market roots of the place). I prefer the screened area if it's under 90 or so.

One side note. Don't take a Canadian along. Our misguided Canadian companion actually asked for dry beef. He meant lean beef (a bad idea, but not a 'cue crime) but we did have to fight our way through the glares of regulars and pitmen. I was afraid for a minute we'd be banned for life. Dry beef. I still can't believe he said that.

In short, go back to Kreuz, it's still the king. As for the old market, the mean sister in the story who forced the move is trying to operate a barbecue place in the old building she selfishly took from her brother. I haven't seen any cars in her parking lot. 'Nuff said.

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  1. Greg, thanks for the great posting. But you've probably not noticed that we now have a Texas board...and would love to get more Texas chat going there. So I'm moving your message over there. Everybody, please reply to Greg on the Texas Message Board.

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    1. re: Jim Leff
      chris b. shaw

      So does this answer the BIG QUESTION? Is God a Chowhound?

      1. re: chris b. shaw

        Nope. If God were a chowhound, Kreuz Market would be boasting 100 Billion Served and McDonald's would still be a carhop joint in San Bernardino.

        1. re: Al Pastor

          No true God could ever let that happen. Chowhound finds are for the chosen few who appreciate the best and avoid the rest. Nothing could be more horrible than a worldwide homoginization of the truly great eateries that we uncover. The last time I ate at the old Kreuz market, there were an alarming number of unappreciative tourists commenting that the sausage is too greasy (heresey) and that the want REALLY lean brisket (not someone I'd heimlich when they choked on that dry plug of protein). One pagan was overheard commenting that the fire seemed awfully hot and that it might be dangerous, unable to comprehend that without the fire, the pork chops might be cold and raw. I haven't asked, but I'd bet the owners and employees of Kreuz would tell you that they are happy where they are and love what they do. I think that all true food artists would feel the same.

          1. re: Greg Spence

            "Chowhound finds are for the chosen few who appreciate the best and avoid the rest"

            I don't feel this way. Chowhounds are made, not born. Subject just about anyone (except for a sorry few stubborn types) to a few really great meals and he/she will get as excited and devoted as any of us.

            As for the hot fire, the pagan may have been hipper than you thought. It's an old Texas BBQ saying that if the meat's too hot for flies to land, the fire's too hot.


            1. re: Jim Leff

              Didn't mean to upset you, Jeff. Could it be that the fate of Chowhounds is predetermined? Or could it be that a serious philosophical discussion here may be a bit silly?

              This woman was complaining about the heat of the fire as she walked past it in the serving line. She didn't seem to understand that this was part of the experience. As for the old Texas saying, I don't care how hot Roy keeps the pits at Kreuz, as long as he keeps turning out the incredible product that he does. He is the master, after all.

              1. re: Greg Spence

                Hey, not upset at ALL! Just disagreeing!

                And if you can't get philosophical over food and barbecue, what IS there to get philosophical about???

                Ok, the complainer WAS being silly, then. But at least she didn't walk up to the pit guys and ask them to please stop smoking [sorry...bad one...]


        2. re: chris b. shaw

          I am "Chowhound hear me roar in numbers to big to be ignored" (excuse me Helen Reddy)Hyper-delicious food in all of its many forms will win out in the end.How many cardboard burgers can a person eat?