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May 13, 1998 12:42 PM

Best in Joisey

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Just thoiught I would let you all know that I strongly
beleive that Restaurant 28 in Montclair, NJ is the best
food served anywhere in the Beautiful Garden State.
New crew in the back and it has only gotten better.
No resis so you may have to wait (on weekends as long
as an hour+) but if you want the best...

By the by, a new restaurant in Montclair has just
opened: Taro. "California/Asia Fusion". The food is
much better than the cliched description. Wonderful
but also hard to get a table. Worth it anyway...

Both places are BYO (a blessing to those in the know).



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  1. Looking for an excellent Chinese restaurant in central
    N.J. between Clinton, N.J. and Plainfield, N.J. Help..

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    1. re: Carol Winer

      cathay 22 on rt. 22 w is a cut or two above any other
      chinese restaurant in central nj. near barnes & noble.

      1. re: Carol Winer

        If you're willing to head a little further north,
        try Phoenix Garden Too on Rt. 46 in Ridgefield. Very
        good, very authentic Cantonese. Seafood is their

        1. re: Carol Winer
          Joseph Graham

          Looking for something in South Jersey. There are many restaurants here. Some must be worth recommending. Only people from New York say Joisey.