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Apr 27, 1998 02:02 AM

Atlantic City Ideas requested

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I'll be going to A.C. this weekend and although I've got a dinner obligation on Saturday night, I'm looking for any food ideas (snacks, junk, upscale, whatever) for A.C.

Any good cheesesteaks?



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    Bary Strugatz

    It's been years but if they're still around check out White House subs for submarine sandwiches. The Knife and Fork for old time AC atmosphere and good seafood.

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    1. re: Bary Strugatz
      elliot brown

      You bet, Barry, the White House is an essential stop in
      Atlantic City. But you can't rely on them for lomitos.
      Best, Elliot

      1. re: elliot brown
        Dave Feldman

        Thanks to both you and Barry for recommending The White House. It was definitely the culinary highlight of my short trip to AC (and I guess I must concede that the other meal was a banquet steak).

        I have a strong preference for "real" cheese on cheesesteaks. In this sense and because of the great superiority of the bread, I'd give WH's cheesesteaks a higher grade than those I've had in Philly. My only criticism is that there is too much lettuce and tomatoes on the sandwich, which detracts not only from the meat, but from the wonderful onions.

        We also had an Italian sausage parmigiana sub, which was a little disappointing -- the sausage was too bland. The cold cut subs looked good, but we are mere mortals. First of all, we had no idea that a "half" sandwich consists of two halfs! We ordered a whole cheesesteak and a half-sub and had just enough to sate our large appetites.

        And also, of course, the White House is utterly charming, as is its waitstaff.