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Jun 20, 2006 12:07 PM

Best latte in NYC?

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Anyone know where to get the best latte? Any borough will do.

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  1. Le Pain Quotidien, a French chain

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    1. re: Jackie H

      i disagree with Lpan Q. I used to work there and I do like there coffee as the best CHAIN. You can find LPQ around the city easy and there lattes are very good but not THE best
      but two of the best lattes i would say:
      1) Cupcake cafe coffee house (on 9th ave 40+41st?)
      (a block and half north from the original cupcak bakery- same owners)
      2) cup a joe (not sure of name or location--one and half blocks west of waverly diner at corner of 6th and waverly--the street gets crossed by another street so it may be on waverly)

      1. re: djalexis

        Probably you're talking about Joe's off of the 6th Ave & Waverly. I love their coffee! Their latte is the best in NYC, in my opinion. I drank their lattes & coffee for 6 years and I never had a bad cup. They also have another location off of 5th Ave & 13th St.

    2. Yep. The Cupcake Cafe (formerly Casa Cupcake) on 9th Avenue (new digs, in case you still think they're in that teeny shack on the corner of 39th Street) has some of the best coffee in the city (it ranks up there with Oren's and Joe's), and their lattes are just phenomenally good.



      1. Jack's on w. 10th. They use organic free trade and know how to pull a good espresso, and they don't scald the milk in their lattes and capps. In a pinch I will go to Joe (there's one on christopher and one on w. 13th).
        By far though, the best latte i have had in the city was at Ici in brooklyn on DeKalb (Clinton Hill/Fort Greene area)

        1. most DEFINITELY joe's! the one on waverly, or the other one on 13th street btwn 5th and university. it is sooooo incredibly good. my second favorite is from elephant and castle on greenwich ave.

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          1. re: calypsogirl

            FYI, Joe's (at least the one on 13th between 5th and University) does not know what a latte is. I have gone there three times over the past 6 months and every time I order a latte. What I get is a cappucino. A latte is a double shot of espresso, topped with steamed -- never frothed -- milk. It's basically the same thing as a cafe au lait in France or a cafe con leche in Spain or Latin America or a milchkaffee in Germany. A cappucino is always thirds -- a third of espresso, a third of steamed milk, a third of frothed milk. I still have not found a good latte in NYC. HELP.

          2. City Bakery. Even better than Starbucks ;-)