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Jun 16, 2006 05:11 PM

Best BBQ in the city?

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help! i need to find some good bbq!!

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    1. re: Jimbo

      Dinosaur, overall experience (best ribs, pulled pork & fried green tomoatoes ) & price.
      Blue Smoke, a bit more refined with great desserts.
      RUB, for variety, but pricier for what you get & a little less comfortable due to the physical space, but great onion straws.
      Daisy Mays USA, used to be our favorite, but a bit over spiced & over smoked these days...Adam have you become too much of a "rock" star?

    2. I'm with Jimbo - Blue Smoke is the best BBQ I've had in NYC. Its too pricey for que but the smokey chicken is unparalleled and the sausage (made inhouse) are spicey and succulent. The food kicks!


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        Jackie Coffee

        I hate to tell you this, Ann, but you're not going to find any barbeque in NYC that approaches the quality of BBQ that you get down South. I've been to a few NY places—not of my own accord--I’ve been dragged there by friends who mean well. They’ve taken me to places like Brother's and Vergil's or Vernon's or Vermin’s or something like that out in Long Island City. Never been to Blue Smoke that the hounds all seem to be raving about on this site, but I just can’t because I’ve been disappointed too many times. These places are all jokes to me and I’ve stopped letting myself be dragged because it’s just too painful.

        Even though I’ve lived in NYC for the past 30 years, I’m still partial to the BBQ of my childhood in the backwoods of the panhandle of Florida. For me to be happy with BBQ, it must be as follows: BBQ where I come from means only 2 kinds of meat—pork or chicken. If it’s pork, then it’s either the ribs served by the rack with a sweet/hot/red sauce that you make yourself according to your own style--or a slow-roasted butt that’s pulled apart after cooking and the meat served shredded on a soft sandwich bun with the sauce slathered on. The standard accompaniments are: collard greens simmered with ham hocks and/or pigs’ tails in a huge kettle for 2 or 3 hours and served in a soup dish with their pot liquor and Louisiana-style hot sauce (or hot sauce from pickled peppers that you make yourself), tender batter-fried okra pods, potato salad made with Miracle Whip (never mayonnaise!), chopped sweet pickles and just a touch of the same BBQ sauce used on the meat, homemade cornbread with little bits of bacon and honey stirred into the batter before baking, pitchers of iced sweet tea or beer, and for dessert—Florida Key Lime Pie, with a real graham cracker crust and made very tart and not cloyingly sweet like the counterfeit versions you get up here in New York.

        Do yourself a favor--forget barbeque in New York, and have yourself a nice pastrami on rye instead.

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        1. re: Jackie Coffee

          Mike Mills, World Champion BBQer, taught Kenny Callaghan (Blue Smoke) & takes his hat off to John Stage (Dinosaur) for great BBQ. Danny Meyers spent over $1 million to get a ventilation system up & running in order to make real pit BBQ. Stage didn't have to go to the expense because of location, but still does real pit bbq, neither are cloying or oversmoked, but the St. Louis (Blue Smoke) & the Ribs (Dinosaur) are first rate! I've eaten @ Babaloo's in FL, Rendesvouz & Interstate (Memphis) Bryants (KC), Sonny Bryan's (TX) & the Q @ these two ranks with them! The sides at both are exemplerary & so are the desserts. The Banana pudding & chocolate ice box or keylime @ Dinosaur are real good & any Meyers' restaurant has a GREAT dessert chef & Blue Smoke is no excerption. Go & try & report back, you will not be dissapointed.

          1. re: Jackie Coffee

            If you haven't been to the new wave of BBQ places in NY such as RUB, Blue Smoke, and Dinosaur and tried them, you have no right to open your mouth criticizing them.

            I have cooked in a pit down south. I have friends who are some of the top competitive BBQ'ers in the country. We all agree that NY is starting to put out some incredibly good BBQ product, and expect a few more places to open within the next year or so that will blow the socks off of any BBQ enthusiast.

            Of all the places in NY right now R.U.B. is doing a great job. Most especially when R.U.B. is having a good day, they are VERY good.

            Adam Perry Lang of Daisy May's BBQ has won BEST Pork at the world championships the past two years. If there is no good BBQ in NY then how come he is beating the pants off ALL the other BBQ in the WOLRD?

          2. If you think Blue Smoke is the best Barbecue in the city, then you don't know what good barbecue is. I honestly believe that the food at Blue Smoke (except the Burgers!) is a joke. I'm sorry, but RUB and Dinosaur both kick Blue Smoke's butt around the block. And RUB (my personal fave) is right down the street.

            1. If I should happen to bump into someone who INSISTS on going out for NY barbeque (and picking up the tab), then I’ll steer him to one of these BBQ places you folks on this site are so fired up about and I’ll report back on the food. And if it’s as good as advertised, then I’ll gladly admit it and you will all have my undying gratitude.

              But I’m not coughing up a dime of my own money for what I consider to be a Lost Cause.

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              1. re: Jackie Coffee

                Hey Jackie - I'm coming up later this year and I am going to try out some of these 'new wave' places. Being in the panhandle of north florida myself, being pretty darn good at smoking a pig, and having the ability to make a key lime pie that will make ya swoon (yes with a graham cracker crust and key limes - not limes from Mexico)I think that perhaps you'll appreciate the opinion of a girl from the deep south. I'm bringing with me a friend from Quincy and another from Wewa - we'll give you our unbiased account of at least a couple of these places! May-be there is good pig in the big city - let's hope! Hummmm - "Good Pig in the Big City" think HBO might be interested in a new sitcom? :>