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Jun 8, 2006 02:10 PM

Best Diners?

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My friends and I love friendly diner atmospheres and I want to know if you guys have any suggestions for the best diner in the city?

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  1. The Waverly is incredible. 6th ave and waverly downtown

    also, cafe 72 is a very homey place on corner of WEA and 72 on the UWS

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    1. re: mike

      The diner on 72nd St & WEA is to be avoided. They served me undercooked oozing pancakes and weren't one bit apologetic. The food there is simply not very good and not cooked properly. They also aren't very nice in there.

    2. I don't know a lot of diners but am an enthusiast of Townhouse, 2d Ave bet 37 & 38.

      1. Don't know if this would be called a diner, or just a nyc coffee shop, but, The Galaxy on 8th Avenue around 19-20th Street has fantastic food with everyone working there very helpful, friendly and they never rush you. Their patty melt's are the best I've had in the city!

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          I second the Galaxy. Great salads as well.

        2. I can't say enough about the Georgia Diner in Elmhurst. That's still the city. Hope you're not restricting yourself to just Manhattan.

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          1. re: E Eto

            Georgia dinner is good put did you ever try the Fame diner on Grand Ave in Mapeth. next to the OTB great food

          2. Another vote for the Georgia Diner. Was just there at 3am last night with a starving 8 year old (late night ER visit). DH was happy with steak and eggs, daughter was happy with chicken fingers and FF, and I was happy with roasted turkey with all the trimmings.

            They treat you well, you get a TON of food for the $$, and they make it fresh whether it is 3pm or 3am. Peter and Georgia make sure that all is kept in check. This diner is the best in Queens by far. Worth the subway ride!

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            1. re: KellyBelly

              The Romanian Steak Tips are delicious; juicy and flavorful.

              1. re: KellyBelly

                A third vote for Georgia. The service is good, and the portions are huge. They put so much chicken on their grilled chicken sandwiches that it hangs off the bun by an inch on each side. I also love the warm rolls they serve with feta inside.