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Jun 8, 2006 03:35 AM

Best Cuban Media noche sandwitch

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Where in all of NYC and other boroughs can I find the best Cuban sandwitch with real lechon asado and great fixins?

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  1. I am no expert. But I do love a good cuban sandwich and have been comparing them. hands down the winner is at Las Vegas restaurant in Long Island City.. right across the subway (E or V--23rd ely stop back entrance from manhattan).
    The sandwich: reaal roasted pork with crispy crackling pieces. they make it with deli ham and strong swiss. my only criticism is that sometimes they put garlic spread on the bread. I think it ruins the order no garlic. (and i love garlic but i think this stuff is cheap).

    1. I worked down the street from Las Vegas and the cooks, counter girls and owners are Dominican. Great Bacalao Guisado but not cuban sandwiches. Try the cuban restaurant on 8th avenue off of 21st Street. They make a really good and toasty media noche with real roast pork, not the entire lechon but a great big pernil, and the waitresses are cuban and surly, just as it should be. I have been eating their sandwiches for about 15 years.