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Mar 20, 2006 03:27 PM

Best Buffalo Wings

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What with the abrupt closing of Wingz and (I think) the downward spiral of Atomic Wings (REALLY overcooked and hardly fresh), It's time again to weigh in on where to get great Buffalo wings--take out: too messy to eat in front of anyone--in the East Village. I have an almost unnatural craving.

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  1. Planet Wings make great buffalo wings. I do not know if they are in NYC. They are in Astoria and the Bronx

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    1. re: FaL

      Alas, they aren't in Manhattan. Maybe they'll scoop up the space that was Wingz, on Third Avenue bet. 10th and 11th. It's all outfitted for wing frying.

      1. re: Tom Steele

        Tom--I live in the neighborhood, and I loved the wings at Pluck U -- was very upset they left. And-what was that with Wingz? Seems like they were open for a day or so, and then they split. Would love to get something good in that space . . . .

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      The Chicken Tender

      Blondie's Bar upper east side. You won't regret it!!!

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        OK. They ain't Buffalo wings but they're my favorite wings anyway. The bourbon chicken wings at East 4th Street Bar are baked (not fried) so the meat is just falling off the bone. And if you're a cheapskate like me they're half price on Sunday and Monday, so for $3-4 you have dinner. Good beer selection too.

      2. Atomic Wings on 3rd ave? pretty close to what they served in buffalo

        1. Dinosaur's in Harlem makes some killah wings. You can drown them in extra sauce too for more finger-lickin' goodness.