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Great olive oil?

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Greek, Spanish, Italian...It doesn't matter. I'm just looking for a delicious, fruity extra-virgin olive oil..preferably available at supermarkets or ethnic stores. Thanks!

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  1. go to Greek House Foods
    32-22 30th Avenue
    in Astoria

    great selection of oliveoil and they'll help you get what you want!

    1. I love the house brand olive oil from Buon Italia in Chelsea Market. It's the type that tastes like olives, if that's what you mean by fruity. It's very reasonably priced, too.

      1. I have a relative who grew up in NYC, spent her 30's in Italy moved back to NY for 10 years and know lives in the Carolina's.

        Whenever I go visit she asks for the house brand at Fairway.

        I like it too.

        1. Asaro brothers of Brooklyn. The have a shop in in Bushwick Brooklyn. They supply alot of Italian stores in Middle Village Queens. Very good and cheap. They have been in the olive oil and chesse biz for over 75 years.

          1. Don't laugh, but the Kirkland Brand of Olive Oil at Costco is EXCELLENT--green and fruity.......I've tried many, especially Greek olive oils, and lots of expensive Italian ones...but, this one's great, and it's a great price! It was rated one of the best, and I was skeptical to try it, but glad I did......

            1. Recently at an olive oil tasting at stone Barns, Davero olive oil of California recommended never cooking with olive oil because most of the olive oil flavor buns off. They suggested using pumis (olive oil, but not first pressed or virgin) to cook with & finish off with a real good olive oil.

              It is hard to find pumis (sp?), but I found a good one and inexpensive big can @ Teitlel Brothers on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. (BTW, the best price on Parma Procutto & Regiana Parm cheese in NYC.)

              For a great inexpensive vigin olive, first pressed & the winner in a contest in California is Trader Joes Olive oil. Very yummy.

              1. The best olive oils I ever had (but quite strong) were the middle eastern ones I bought at different stores on Atlantic avenue... haven't been there in a while, but they had great spices and oils. Will you post what you find and what is worth while? I am a huge fan of delish olive oil, but have been nursing a couple of bottles of Sciabica from Napa for a while now.

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                  i recently bought an amazing olive oil from sahadi's on atlantic ave. between court and henry. it's the traditions du liban from the zgharta region. they have ones from several other regions - and in spite of the fact that the price just went up on these (cause they're from lebanon) they still can't be beat.

                2. Check out Olivier & Co. - yes, they're a trendy boutique but the oils really are superb. The staff can be a bit annoying at some locations - they seem to be trained in "hard sell" tactics - but you can taste every one of the oils they have (quite a number of them) so you can really narrow it down to the one (or four, if you're me) for you. Prefer a sweet one with overtones of tropical fruit? Or something grassier, with a peppery snap in the back of the throat? Or something a bit more floral and delicate? It's pricey - no question - they're more "finishing" oils than for frying.

                  1. Novello Fior Fiore is first. The Fairway brand comes in second. You can purchase the Novello at Fairway so you don't have to look around much. Fairway also sells the Novello at an in-expensive price unlike other stores. And, Fairway usually has samples of their brand olive oil to taste. At least they do in the Red Hook outlet.

                    1. i have been doing a lot of shopping around and internet ordering for olive oil lately but so far i can't really find better than the widely available and cheap Ybarra Extra Virgin. It's from Spain. It is damn good

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                        I also think that Ybarra is one of the best value in extra virgin olive oil. Generally, I think Spain makes some of the best inexpensive olive oil.

                      2. SAHADI on Atlantic Avenue has a dizzying array of olive oil at great prices.

                        FAIRWAY has a large selection as well.

                        1. Frantoia is an outstanding fruity extra-virgin Sicilian olive oil. Its available from Fresh Direct, $19/Liter. Murray's Cheese also carries it. Its imported by a Bronx distributor, so it should be readily available.

                          1. The best olive oil I've ever had is grown in Texas. The website www.texashillcountryoliveco.com is for a great olive orchard I've found. They do this special tree adoption program. I did it as a gift for a friend who got married. Then when I tasted their oil it was so good I adopted a tree myself. I'm going to adopt again next year and get even more oil for the same price. It's worth the wait.