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Feb 20, 2006 05:26 PM


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What's your favorite cookie? I had cookies from COOKIE GENERATION, a new cult producer, and they were outstanding

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  1. they ain't fancy but what get's my fancy are the chocolate chip cookies at Whole Foods-just one can make my day (one is like a whole desert it's soooo good).

    I ordered from Ruby and Violette UWS for business gifts--I get rave reviews.

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      the chocolate chip cookies at whole foods is good, but i really like the cc cookies at costco. it's a lot of cookies for 2 people, but my boyfriend and i manage to eat it up no problem.

      1. re: eve

        Love, love, love Ruby et Violette! They're located on 50th just off 10th Ave in a little basement apartment -- very easy to miss. Also, call ahead since some have reported they close at odd hours, though I've never personally had a problem.

        1. re: eve

          Whole Foods has a cookie that, if memory serves me correctly, is called the "monster cookie." It has everything--oatmeal, choc chips, nuts, "cane" sugar, etc. Usually I am not a fan of concepts such as this (I hate everything bagels!), but this cookie is awesome. It's moist, gooey, decadent but not overly rich, and, well...awesome!

          1. re: Billy

            The lemon coconut and oatmeal raisin WF cookies are outstanding. And I trick myself into thinking they're healthier ;)

        2. City Bakery and Jacques Torres both have fabulous cookies.

          1. The all time best cookies in the NYC area can be found at Baked in Red Hook section of Brooklyn. Worth the trip but call ahead to see what they've got left. They sell out fast

            1. I recently discovered the Italian cookies at Parisi Brothers Bakery in Astoria, Queens. They are, hands down, the BEST Italian cookies I have ever had - and I've sampled from countless Italian bakeries in NYC!

              The ones at Parisi Brothers are not too crisp, not too soft. They really are delicious!

              Worth a trip on the N train! :-)

              1. levain on uws for chocolate chip; ruby et violette for fancy, smaller types.