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Jan 15, 2006 07:50 PM


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im going to be in NY in march for the lone reason of trying out pizza joints.

please list your favs.

i've heard di fara, lombardi's, john's and grimaldi's are definitely worth a try. any others that cant be missed i have 5 days to complete this tour of ny pizza.
please help.


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  1. Some other obvious must-do's are Patsy's on 1st Ave. in Harlem, Una Pizza Napoletana in the East Village, Nick's in Queens, and some of the stars of Staten Island (a post on the Outer Boroughs might help with this) -- to my shame, I have no personal experience with S.I. pizza. You should also definitely read the blog linked below -- plenty of suggestions


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      ChowFun (derek)

      I'll second DiFara's, and Patsy's...and add Totonnos in Coney Island (you can take the "Q" train to both DiFara's and Totonno's!

      1. re: ChowFun (derek)

        Concerning NYC pizza: Do you guys know of any place that would, say, FedEx a pizza or two to me, here in Michigan?

        1. re: Summerfield

          I am pretty sure Lombardis will. there are other places in ny if you google this topic, but try Lombardi's first--it's excellent

          1. re: yalechk

            Thanks. I tried Lombardi's but they said "no". I wanted to jump through cyberspace at him but I restrained myself. I'm going to work through the map at God, this is terrible.

      2. re: Dave Feldman

        thanks for the slice link. that site is OG.

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          If ever in Philly, Pietro's (Rittenhouse & South Street)is the same as Patsy's. Same menu & family

          1. re: Dave Feldman
            Michael Scott

            Definitely Sbarro. I never miss it when I get to NYC.

            1. re: Michael Scott

              Hilarious! Am going to NYC tomorrow and that is the running joke....

          2. Patsy's on 1st ave between 117th and 118th.

            Up in The Bronx, Full Moon Pizzeria
            600 E 187 St 718.584.3451

            That's in the Little Italy section near The Bronx Zoo, on the corner of Arthur ave and 187th st.

            1. It seems to me that most people like the thin crust pizza, but there is also the normal crust pizza as well.


              Angelo's - Arturo's - John's - Ben's - Pizza by the Inch

              And, honorable mention to the pizza place at the corner of 37th and Eight Avenue for being open 24/7.

              1. Patsy's in Spanish Harlem, and Two Boots to go are my picks.
                Patsys in Brooklyn I did not like at all, Johns in the village has little flavor. Arturo's is not that exciting. Many people think Totono's in Coney Island is the best but I feel like Johns it lacks flavor due to a flavorless fresh Mozz..Vinnies on the upper West side gets rated highly by many and I can not understand why it is even mentioned. Da Baffeto in Rome has a ton of flavor and a crisp crust that blows away any wood or coal fired pizza I've had in NYC. Also Vincents Pizza Park in Pittsburgh which I learned about from this site , I like better than any NYC pizza . Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix is called the best pizza in the country by Ed Levine and I think it is extremely overrated with the exception of their Roja which has no sauce, red onion,Paregano Reggiano,crushed pistachios and rosemary-it has a very nice flavor profile! but still nowhere near the best in the country. Pepe's in New Haven is very good and probably better than any NYC pizza, I have never had Lombardi's or DiFarro's and plan to try them -especially Di Farro's. Many people feel that the only way to experience true New York pizza is to order a whole pie but I disagree. To me the reheating of the slice crisps it to a point that it never achieves in the first baking and is part of the character of what New York pizza is all about-it's street food!. I prefer Patsy's in Spanish Harlem buy the slice rather than the whole pie, assuming that the reheated slice is fresh.

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                  Adam Holland

                  Totono's (Neptune Ave. in Coney Island) and DiFara's (Ave. J in Midwood) are the best in Brooklyn and in NYC in general. In Manhattan, I like V & J on Amsterdam Ave. in Morningside Heights opposite the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, although it's not a classic Italian style pizza. It's a real good Italian-American style pie!

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                    V & T, not V & J; and yes, I agree. It's not thin crust, but it's very good and contrary to what a lot of (recent arrivals?) claim, it is very New York.

                    It's not a slice place though, and ordering a small is a very big mistake most of the time - they're rarely as good as the larger pies.