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Jan 1, 2006 08:39 PM

Best Empanada

  • j

Hey I'm looking for the best Empanada in the city or its New Jersey doesn't matter what country it's from or what's in it, just whatever's the best

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  1. Ruben's is good. 3 in the city. I like the spicy chicken.

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    1. re: Mitch

      La Nueva Bakery in Jackson Heights has the best argentine empanadas I've had in New York. Get the meat empanadas with raisins (carne con pasas de uva).

    2. Hands down...Gauchas Empanadas on 90th and 1st. Only place that Ive had good empanadas al horno Argentine style.

      1. Havana Central has GREAT empanadas!!!

        Their main location is 22 E. 17th Street in Manhattan. I think they also opened a location in Times Square.

        They also have good margaritas. :-)

        1. too bad you're not venturing to queens, if you do, try Empanadas Del Parque on 108th st in Corona