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Best BBQ

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So Zagats came out with Daisy Mays BBQ at the top of this list. I have had it a few times...tastes great but so expensive and overall not a lot for your money (the side of rice and beans are a joke! I mean they cost 2 cents to make might as well give a full portion).

1)what you all thought the top overall was
2)what you thought the best value was

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  1. havent tried them all, but i really like Q in port chester. but you have to take metro north

    1. My fav's include"

      1. Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem, a transplant from Syracuse that I enjoyed while going to school there

      2. Biscuit for it's closeness to my home and its vinegary Carolina style bbq.

      3. Virgil's for it's variety

      4. RIB for it's location and decor

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        1. I spent 10 years living in the South (I call it my years in exile from NY), and have reached one sad conclusion.
          Unfortunately, the BBQ in NY is the one single type of cuisine where we just "don't get it done."
          Dallas BBQ in midtown is not awful (best value), and Virgil's is okay too (probably best of a mediocre bunch).

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            Well if your ever in Westport CT. go to Bobby Q's. I saw there story on Food Network & it's fantastic. My hubby comes from Texas & it's very close to Tx Barbq!! Service was great too!!

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              Pioneer Bar-B-Q in Red Hook is my favorite NYC barbecue. It's a trek, but all good bbq places seem to be.

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                I disagree partly with this comment. NYC has taken some big steps in getting its BBQ right. Try RUB for cheap and satisfyingly good BBQ.

              2. Best food - Daisy May's
                Best restaurant - Blue Smoke


                1. I'm not gonna claim it's authetic southern style all the way, but for some damn good biker-style BBQ at reasonable prices (and huge portions), hit up Dinosaur BBQ in harlem. sit in the bar area if you can... i hate the main dining area... feels too much like a TGI Fridays (the original Dino is the one thing I'll miss from Syracuse!)

                  1. Dinosaur is the best bbq in NY. We used to be Daisy May fans, but Adam has added too much spice, began to over-smoke, & his prices have gone up as his portions have gotten smaller. Blue Smoke is a great restaurant too, but the ribs are smaller (they use Niman Ranch), but overall a great experience & terrific brisket too. Desserts are great at all Danny Meyer places & Blue Smoke is no exception. Kenny Callahan & John Stage never let success go to their heads.

                    1. Swingbelly's in Long Beach has finally opened. Great pulled pork, brisket, chicken. Ribs a little chewy but I bet they'll get better after this post! Good sides, outstanding onion rings. Price is right too. W/post further as try other dishes.
                      BYOB until they get their liquor license. Good luck, Sean.

                      1. El Jugo de Castillo (pardon my spelling) on Flatbush Ave and Sterling Place in Brooklyn-have the platanos maduros y ensalada and all is well-not really barbeque-but great pork ribs

                        1. What about Brother's?

                          Blue Smoke - food was great but cold, loved the atmosphere

                          1. I've noticed that whenever this question is raised, the people who love Dinasaur are usually graduates of Syracuse. Nothing like college memories. I find it too sweet. And while Blue Smoke and Daisy Mae are very good, I don't "dine out" to eat BBQ. Q is not for dining. My favorite is RUB. Great flavor, served dry, not expensive, quick service, nice atmosphere. Full bar. Search over.

                            1. I'm from the Bronx - not Syracuse - and I enjoy Dinosaur's wings and ribs (also like the mac & cheese, cole slaw, and salt potatoes). Pulled pork is pretty good, too, though I'd pass on their brisket. Ask for the sauce on the side, and there's no sweetness problem - at least not to my taste.

                              Nothing wrong with RUB, though.

                              1. Daisy Mae's is the best; especially love their sides--sweet potatoes and bourbon peaches. The chili is great as well; as is the BBQ of course (really great beef ribs for those who chose to skip the pork). Now that Daisy Mae's has opened a back room can be a fun time too...especially with the BYOB policy.

                                Blue Smoke is very hit or miss, and seems to be missing more and more often.

                                1. Best bbq in Long Island is Smokin Al's no doubt
                                  2nd Best is now Swingbellys in Long Beach


                                  1. I thought the food quite over-rated at Dinosaur BBQ, especially the ribs (but the chicken wings)

                                    Blue Smoke is great, but I agree with ashaps, it's hit or miss. I recently went to R.U.B. and thought it the best of the bunch. I need to try Daisy May’s to solidify the opinion, but it is really pricey.

                                    1. The Smoke Joint is the best in Brooklyn in my opinion. I would also venture to say, that it is solid contender against RUB and Daisy May's. The food is really very tasty plus the prices are are good. I've tried Dinosaur again and had a much better experience. (Wasn't all that impressed the first time around.) It was actually pretty good. Still, I vote for the Smoke Joint.