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Oct 7, 2005 01:18 PM

Re: Best Italian Bakery

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I need help to find the Best Italian bakery that produces lovely cakes cookies, and Biscotti daily.

I rely on the Board for suggestions often.

Many thanks in advance,

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  1. The best Italian bakery is Venieros on 11th Street at First Avenue. The stuff is the best and it isn't expensive either.

    1. Not strictly Italian, but the best Cannolo and ricotta cream puff I've ever had, including Venierro's was had at Cascon Cheesecake in Whitestone, Queens. Hounds have at it. Let me know what you think.

      1. I wouldn't consider this the best Italian Bakery but Pozzo Brothers on 9th Avenue between 48th and 47th Street is very good. Everything is made in the store and it is really owned by two brothers. They are famous for their cakes. People drive in from other states for them. Try any cake with the cannoli filling. People from my job insist on their cakes only for any special occassion.

        1. DeRobertis 1st Ave @11th St

          1. Veniero's? DeRobertis? No, I don't think so or I'd weep if it were true. For good Italian pastries you have to go to the Italian neighborhoods: up to Arthur Ave in the Bronx or to Bensonhurst's Villabate and Royal Crown. I stay local to my hood in Carroll Gardens -- Court Pastry and Monteleoni's (hopefully they will re-open soon).

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              I'll have to get to Arthur Ave again. Haven't been in a while. I wouldn't dis DeRobertis'cannoli though. Veniero's I agree with ya'.

              1. re: Marco

       the question would be where in Manhattan is the best Italian Bakery.....if a trip to the outer boroughs is not do'able?!
                ...and what are their specialities?

                1. re: ChowFun_derek

                  If you're not up to going to the OB, I think Veniero's, Rocco's, or Bleecker Street Pastry is just fine.

                  (1st) Veniero's:

                  (2nd) Rocco's:

                  (3rd) Bleecker: Bleecker Street Pastry, 245 Bleecker Street, 212-242-4959.