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Fried Chicken in Brooklyn (this just can't be!)

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I have been scouring the web and various informers about finding good fried chicken in Brooklyn...and the results have been DISMAL! I consider the borough to be one of the food capitals of the world and I just don't believe it's true.

I am not talking about anything fancy, just good fresh fried chicken with decent flavor, preferably take out. Could be from a deli, or maybe an upscale food shop. (how about West Indian places in Flatbush???) I would even settle for a Popeye's once in a while but they are few and far between. Pudgies used to serve our needs OK, but they are going Chapter 11. Meisner's Kosher take-out on Avenue I in Midwood can be OK, but often too much breading. The phrase "fried chicken in Brooklyn" gets only 13 hits on google. Something is wrong here.

Pls help.

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  1. Try searching without the quotes.

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    1. re: The Rogue

      I had awesome chicken and waffles, ala Los Angeles' Roscoe's, at Blue Ribbon for brunch believe it or not...yums!

      1. re: Katie H.

        chicken and waffles, ala Los Angeles' Roscoe's,

        is that brooklyn?

        1. re: Sumby

          No, but Blue Ribbon is....it pays to read the whole sentence.

          1. re: Eric P.

            also pays to stick to the subject header!

            1. re: Sumby

              They did stick to the subject header...Chicken and waffles involves fried chicken. Blue Ribbon is in Brooklyn. Thus...fried chicken in Brooklyn

              1. re: I_<3_NYC_FOOD

                chicken and waffles, ala Los Angeles' Roscoe's


                1. re: Sumby

                  a la = in the style of. It's fried chicken similar to Los Angeles' (sic) Roscoe's.

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                    this whole time I thought we were talkin bout sushi

        2. re: Katie H.
          Peter Catapano

          I finally answered my own question. Pollo Campero, the legendary Guatemalan chain has one location in Queens and one in Sunset Park Brooklyn (45th and 5th). I visited the latter and -- I don't know about the BEST -- but it is darn good and a cut above Popeyes, etc. I'm sure you could get better at a good sit-down place for $20 or so, but this is what I was looking for. Atmosphere-wise, it is not much different than eating at McD's or KFC, but it makes a nice meal if you take it home.

          Also, R. Sietsema from the Voice picked their beans as the best in NYC 2004 and they are very good. It seems like a nice business. Fast food with a friendly staff and somewhat of a conscience (as far as I can tell), and a foray by a Latin American chain into the US. I would encourage a visit.

          1. re: Peter Catapano

            Yes, you're right, Pollo Campero was among the best take-out FC places in the borough. You'll notice I said "was." Went there last week and it's out of biz. So I went to my other favorite, Luther's on Jay Street near Fulton Mall and it's recently closed too. Mama Duke's is also kaput. What's going on here? Can't Brooklyn support a decent friend chicken place? There's gotta be someplace. Is Kennedy any good? And while I'm sure Henry's End makes a good bird, I'm really interested in finding the next great take-out joint.

            1. re: Henry

              i always like kennedys. I'm not into pollo camperos as much. PC is really juicy and marinated chicken but as far as being fried and breaded like KFC, it really can't hold a finger to it in my opinion

      2. popeyes is pretty tasty.
        you can also try the other local chain. kennedy fried chicken.

        do a search on citysearch for locations.

        1. Mitchell's Souther Cuisine on Vanderbilt Avenue in Prospect Heights has fantastic fried chicken.

          1. My favorite FC is at Corn Bread Cafe, 434 7th Avenue (between 14th and 15th St.) in Brooklyn, 718-768-3838. The real stuff, cooked by a real Southerner.

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            1. re: KRS

              Unfortunately, they went out of business.

            2. It's not take-out, but Henry's End in Brooklyn Heights has some of the most spectacular fried chicken I've ever had. It's pricey (like 16 bucks for a plate - a BIG plate, though) but MAN is it GOOD. It's not your typical southern-style, it kinda has it's own thing going, spice-wise. Nothing too weird or out of the ordinary. Just good. I wouldn't go there to fill a KFC or Popeye's fix, but if you find yoursel fin the Heights and maybe want to go for a sit-down chicken, it's well worth trying.

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              1. re: Al Lawson

                Nutmeg, cinnamon, clove. I sat next to a table having it last night and almost traded in my soft shells on the spot.

                The other place I like is Jack's on 5th Ave in Park Slope (around 10-13th St. area?). For $12, it's a very large portion with good collard greens and mashed potato. Dismal place, great fried chicken.

                Blue Ribbon also has a great rep. but you'll need a 2nd mortgage.

                For the once in awhile craving when inexpensive take-out is okay, there's a decent Popeye's on Court St off Montegue.

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                Have you tried the fried chicken at Tibilsi? It's a Georgian (former USSR) restaurant with a great, inexpensive garlic fried chicken in Brooklyn. They are on 811 Kings Highway, between 8th & 9th streets.

                1. Biscuit
                  Mama Dukes

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                    both biscuit and mama dukes have closed

                  2. crowns fried chicken?

                    1. Henry's End has an outstanding Fried Chicken as an entrée.
                      Very large portion, beautifully spiced, and fried to perfection.
                      Everything else is delicious there as well. We also like their ribs.

                      1. I can't believe that anyone would have trouble finding good fried chicken in Brooklyn. If anything there's an excess of it. Right in my delivery area there's Biscuit, Jake's BBQ, and The Soul Spot right off the top of my head - and a little further south there's Cornbread Cafe.

                        I will concur with those who have said it already, though: Henry's End in Brooklyn Heights might be the best plate of FC I've ever had. Astounding. And I use to live smack between Amy Ruth's and the M&G Soul Food Diner, so that's saying a lot. Pricier than any of the above places, and not totally "traditional" - but then everyone's got their own tradition I guess. It's got a great garlicky zing and warm flavors of nutmeg, clove, allspice. Worth going out of your way for if you've got a chicken craving.

                        Anyway, if you can't find good FC in Brooklyn you must live somewhere awful, like Williamsburg. Of course there'll be no good FC in a neighborhood filled with vegan hipsters.

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                        1. re: Seth Gordon

                          Actually Pies'n'Thighs in Williamsburg has pretty good fried chicken. It was in the Times Dining's 'Under $25' column a couple of months ago.


                        2. from a former vegetarian who succumbed to bacon and fried chicken and has since gone whole heartedly to the meaty side...

                          my brooklyn fc vote is tavern on dean (dean and underhill in prospect heights). somewhat affordable ($10-13)with two sides and two big pieces of tasty fried chicken. usually take half of it home and eat it the next day.

                          1. Sietsema's recommendation in the brand new Best of New York is Mitchell's Soul Food, 617A Vanderbilt Avenue just west of St. Mark's Ave.

                            We went there yesterday, and the chicken was perfect. Just as good was the fish and chips,the corn/okra/tomatoes and rice with gravy.

                            Just tacky enough to be the perfect chowish spot.

                            1. Seitsma's recommendations from the Village Voice are Ruthie's, Mitchell's and Les':


                              1. We were pleasantly surprised today at Knapp Street Bagels (near UA Sheepshead Bay)--the fried chicken is awesome. After 2 years of searching unsuccessfully for decent fried chicken, we were happy. Note: we know our fried chicken, the best being from Gullah Cuisine in Mount Pleasant, SC.

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                                1. re: Caralien

                                  Popeyes and Bojangles(there's one in Williamsburg). That's about as top notch consistent as you'll find in BK.

                                  1. re: dnm3k

                                    the Popeyes in Bay Ridge was dismal, but we did try.

                                2. I love the fried chicken from Buff Pattys on Myrtle in Ft. Greene. They give little wet fried chicken pieces that are sweet bbq. soo delicious.

                                  1. This is an update to an old post. There is finally good chicken in williamsburg brooklyn!!!!!! There is Walter Foods on Grand bet Driggs and Roebling st whose chicken is crispy and extremely tender and juicy served with honey dipping sauce and dirty mashed potatoes. There is also Egg on N5th bet Bedford and Berry whose chicken is served with biscuit and collard greens. Mmmmm sooooooo goooooood!
                                    I also wanted to add that Blue Ribbon is coming maybe by end of the year to the burg which means we will have even more delicious chicken clucking their way into the neighborhood.