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Mar 25, 2005 08:36 AM

Best Ethiopian?

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Any recommendations for the best Ethiopian in the city? I am open to Manhattan as well as the outer boroughs. Thanks!

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  1. awash on 6th st, amid all of the indian places, is fantastic, really care about their food there. not too expensive and very high quality ingredients.

    1. Just ate at Ethiopia last week on 1st Avenue around 83 St. Highly recommend it. A tiny place, but the food was great. Also try the Ethiopian Honey wine. Wow!
      Ethiopian Restaurant
      (212) 717-7311
      1582 York Ave
      New York, NY 10028

      1. Awashes uptown location (around 107th and Amsterdam is better than the downtown location (although I've only been down town once). The uptown location is spectacular. My girlfriend used to live up that way and we would order it in at least once a week. I miss it so much...

        1. I had an excellent dinner at Meskel at 3rd and B. No corkage BYOB.

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              This place is ok, but Awash is much better...