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Feb 4, 2005 07:50 PM

Best Carrot Cake in NYC?

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I go to Magnolia for the cupcakes, to Cake Man Raven in Brooklyn for Red Velvet Cake.... where to go for Carrot Cake with really think cream cheese frosting?

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  1. Is your typo supposed to be thin or thick? Well in any case, the carrot cake at La Flor in Woodside, Queens, is quite good, but it is a heavy style cake not light and fluffy interior--a few bites and you're done. Don't beat me up for the next one, but the carrot cake at Cheesecake factory is a favorite of a friend of mine, although I have not tried it myself, but it does look good--it is huge, and appears to have thick frosting. It is very funny but the best carrot cake I've had is made by Publix bakery in North Miami Beach florida, complete with the carrot in orange frosting--it's the light airy kind with that thick styled cream cheese frosting--nice and moist, not dry styled or bread like. I used to make a carrot bread which was quite dense but also very good, no frosting though--Have not had anything memorable from any bakery of late that I can think of--but I try it often in restaurants if it's on the dessert menu---------it is one of my husband's favorites, and it would be good to know some other sources for certain, so let's hope others chime in.

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      Although I haven't been the ones here, when I was at the Palm steakhouse in Texas, they had the best carrot cake I've ever tasted. And it was huge! I am sure the Palm locations here would have it as well. Soooo good.

      1. Today I was at Magnolia and tried their carrot cake. It was satisfying. I compare every carrot cake to my favorite, which is in upstate NY. The frosting didn't taste like cream cheese enough for me. It was a light-colored cake made with coconut which I liked. The one I'm used to is dark, and the edges seem to have been coated in molasses and is made with raisans. Their must be a place in NYC that is known for their carrot cake!

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          Have you tried the place that's a few blocks farther north from the end of the 1 & 9 train(242 street van cordtland park) in Riverdale? I forget the name of it. The cake is dark, and made with raisin.

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            The place near Van Cortlandt Park on Broadway is called Lloyd's Carrot Cake and we drive all the way from Rockland County to get it. My friend used it as her wedding cake, stacking the three different sizes as tiers...

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              Lloyd's! That's it! It's still there, then? I hope? I remember that they also have sweet potato pie and other southern goodies. Maybe it's time to take that long train ride again...

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                still there and so is the sweet potato pie

        2. Carrot Top - Broadway at 165th St. No question.

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            I tried Carrot Top, it was ok, but not what I'm looking for. In my opinion, Magnolia's was better. Thanks for the recommendations, and I will keep on searching!

          2. I like Junior's Carrot Cake. Since they're famous for their cheese cake...their carrot cake's cream cheese frosting is excellent.