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The best gyros

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I'm looking for a place that would make the best gyros in NYC. A place where the meat is a combination of lamb & beef or just lamb. No chicken gyros please.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Here are two I love:

    Greek Corner on 7th Ave at 28th(?): Little non-descript lunch counter that serves killer gyro and souvlaki. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they also do a delicious lemony, eggy avgolemono soup.

    Greek Kitchen on 10th Ave at 58th Street: tasty gyro, but the souvlaki is even better. I really like the greek fries here.

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    1. re: a&w

      Fontana, Northern and Francis Lewis Blvds.
      They are the only ones I know of that still make their
      gyro meat on premises and don't get it from a distributor

      1. re: byrd

        Are you sure about that?. I eat there often and get the regular gyro (or the chicken gyro,big hunks of white meat,well grilled)and even though I think they are great, I assumed they were just doctoring the standard "kronos" stuff.

        1. re: stuartlafonda

          i believe you are confusing the souvlaki for gyro

          1. re: byrd

            To me: the Gyro is the huge block of meat on the rotating vertical spike that the guy slices lieces off of as it cooks. The souvlaki are the cubes of meat grilled on the flame grill, like shish kabob. How do you know they make their own gyro meat?

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              nick the greek

              take it from a greek: stuartlafonda's description comes straight out of a greek cooking dictionary, spot on. Souvlaki is made of pork. Gyro is lamb, beef or chicken. Also, there is nothing like tzatziki in my gyro...unfortunately I have not been in town that long to be able to write my own reviews of places...sorry

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                BTW: After being in greece for my honeymoon and watching them make the Gyro meat and I can attest...they take very thin, marinated slamb steaks and pile them up, one after another, on a vertical spit. after they've piled it up high enough, they moves the spit to the cooker where it rotates and cooks for hours. The gyros in greece don't taste anything like they do here. The big hunks of molded "meat" that they use in diners, etc., can't compare to the fresh greek gyros.

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            down francis lewis is a great place, Gyro Corner I believe? love that place esp. the combo plate or the gyro.

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            BIG second on The Greek Corner. I ask for the meat to be "well done". Damn it, it surely IS!

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              Although Turkish, I had a delicious gyro at TAKISM on 54th and 2nd Ave. It was like no other.

              1. re: jenniebnyc

                Actually, in Turkish, it's known as a Doner Kebap. :O)

            2. Gyro 2 on 7th Ave. between 33 & 34.

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              1. re: Eric K.

                I recently went back to Gyro 2 and it confirmed my earlier opinion. It just doesn't come together. Plenty of meat, lettuce, tomatoes and sauce but somehow it doesn't work. Their tomatoes are cut too large ang keep falling out of the sandwich. It doesn't help that they serve them balanced on top. The sauce doesn't get down to the meat because the lettuce is so thick it's impenetrable. So you wind out up eating salad with sauce and them meat and pita dry as a bone. The sauce ia so bland it probably wouldn't help anyway.

                It's a big serving for the money but the taste just isn't there.

                1. re: Brian W

                  Agreed. Also, they don't use tzatziki. Definitely give greek corner a try.

                  1. re: a&w

                    Greek Corner is the best. I love the place for everything they make.

                    1. re: a&w

                      I went to give Gyro II a try. I thought almost all the componets were good. Veggies were pretty fresh, the gyro meat was ample & I did taste some lamb in the mix. The one major thing missing is the Tzatziki & I think it makes all the difference. Instead they use this overly sweet Ranch style salad dressing. It turned what could have beem a good gyro into something that didn't taste right. It tasted more like those cheaper gyros you get from the street vendors with their "white sauce". If only they used the real stuff. Safe to say I won't be going back there. If I want a gyro with the "white suace" I'll save money & go to a street vendor.

                  2. re: Eric K.

                    I agree with your choice of gyro 2 its the best! On 7th between 33rd and 34th!

                    1. re: Eric K.

                      I realize the food comes first and every other detail is secondary, but Gyro II, as decent as it is, is just waaaay too depressingly ghetto-depressing. Most of the crowd are sad office worker- or shopper-types, most getting the horrible looking pizza crammed in there, too.

                    2. The absolute best GYRO and trust me is
                      ROMANOS FAMOUS PIZZA and GYRO on 33 street and Broadway in astoria(don't let the mane fool you its "GREEK")
                      Made on Premises for sure been around for 25 years or so ...
                      I Drive all the way from Philadelphia 2x a month

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                      1. re: george123

                        So good you come all the way from Philly 2x/month to have the gyros, huh? This I have to try!

                        You should look into maybe asking them to sell you the gyro meat cold & a container of yoguet sauce so you can make to gyros back in Philly & so won't have to come back to Astoria as often.

                        1. re: george123

                          1) I ate at Romano's last night and it was processed "meat product", not homemade

                          2) There were no Greeks on staff, there were no Greeks eating there, and the clientele seemed (from appearances, at least) to be more interested in cheap food that authentic food.

                          I won't go back.

                        2. Yatagan(Macdougal St bet Bleecker & W 3rd) hands down the best gyro in the city, I've been going there for years. The meat is delicious and plentiful, tomatos sliced not too big, lettuce, onions, white sauce makes the perfect gyro sandwich!

                          Big sandwich- layered (meat, tomatos, lettuce, more meat, sauce)~ yummm. It's a hole in the wall but the nice staff is very nice :)

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                            Second Yatagan! The falafels are lovely there as well, I drive in from Westchester all the time to get both. Plus they're open super-late.

                          2. Okay...I read all of these opinons and Im sure there are a lot of good gyros out there...but I know where THE best gyros are in NYC....

                            There is a street vendor on Wall Street, between Water st and Pearl st (across from the street from Wall St Cafe)...the line during lunch time can go almost all the way down the block! And not only is it the best gyro you will ever have, but...get this...it's only $3.00...and it will fill you up. I swear it is the best. And for you gyro non-purists...make sure you try it with some hot sauce! (they also make a mean chicken sandwich served on the same pita bread...)

                            Trust me.

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                            1. re: bill

                              Second this post- that street cart gyro on Wall is BEYOND AWESOME, and it's the standard I hold others up to. I hope this doesn't increase his business- the lines are long enough already.

                            2. There's a Turkish place in Brooklyn on Avenue U around and E.27th called Lalezar that's great.


                              1. Oh my gosh...where do you all live? This is my very first time here and my heart skipped several beats reading this thread. We are Greek and have moved to Long Island from Astoria. Our two most favorite places for gyros and souvlaki are listed already ---- Fontana in Flushing and Romano's in Astoria. You will not be disappointed!

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                                  Since you live on Long Island, you HAVE to try Lucky Boy in Woodmere/ Lawrence on Rockaway Tpke. It's right across the street from Costco and you would drive by it a million times. At the light where you make a left into Costco, you would make a right and park. The place is a hole in the wall, but Friday and Saturday nights it's JAM packed with usually a 30 minute wait. Their Gryro's are amazing...also their pasta with mussles.

                                  Lucky Boy
                                  636 Rockaway Tpke, Lawrence, NY 11559

                                2. I was recently on Hempstead Tpke., in Franklin Square to get something to eat. I decided to try a new Greek place called the Greek Grill. When I ordered a house made Chicken Gyro I got something more than I expected. The gyro was unbelievable! The flavor was fantastic and was actually more than a meal. The gyro was so huge, I couldn't eat the whole thing. I definitely need to go back to try more on the menu. It will absolutely be my pleasure.

                                  1. Lefteris on Route 9 in Briarcliff Manor NY. Great portions, you can eat like a king for a $15 bucks at lunch, or dinner. A souvlaki platter, pork kebobs, fries or rice and tzakiki (spelling?) cucumber / yogurt sauce. The gyro platter is also 4 Forks up, as rated by ME!! The dressing on the salad, (included with each platter) and token dolmada, incorporates a variety of deep green lettuce, bell peppers, red onions, Feta, and a secret recipe dressing that has not been matched in my travels!!! Worth the trip!

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                                    1. re: Big Daddy Dave

                                      Lefteris is the best!! Ate there last night and the place was packed at 8 PM!! Pretty crowded for a Sunday night, and for good reason. :)

                                      1. re: lizrdkng67

                                        I think Lefteris, if we're thinking of the same place, is actually in Tarrytown. They also recently (OK, maybe not that recently) opened up a new one in Mount Kisco. Although I think the Gyro is better at some places in the city (like Yatagan, above).

                                        Lefteris Gyro
                                        1 Main St, Tarrytown, NY 10591

                                        Lefteris Gyro Two
                                        190 E Main St, Mt Kisco, NY 10549

                                        Yatagan Kebab House
                                        104 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012

                                    2. Maybe this is inauthentic, but I don't like a lot of fat on my lamb. Cafe Raka on St. Mark's has the best, non-fatty lamb in their gyros, and it's really well seasoned. I love them!

                                      1. The Greek Corner on 7th Ave & 28 street is great, especially the avgolemono!

                                        1. I love Karavas. There are two branches in the West Village. One off the Christopher St. stop of the 1/9 train and another on the corner of Cornelia and West 4th st.

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                                            I second Karavas! The Christopher St one is open 24 hours and serves up a great, meaty gyro every time.

                                          2. The best in NYC: Mamoun's Falafel Restaurant

                                            119 MacDougal St
                                            22 St. Marks Place


                                            in Brooklyn:

                                            Plaka Taverna
                                            406 86TH St

                                            1. Sadly the best lamb gyro I have every had (and I am a native New Yorker) are from a cart on the corner of 45th and 6th Avenue called Kwik Meals. The "cook" is from the Russian Tea Room and the cart has actually been written up in the NY Times and the NY Post for excellent fast NYC eats!

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                                                Yeah! I work in the neighborhood and love Kwik Meals. Really outstanding food.. great bread as well! It's amazing the quality of food at rock bottom prices that you can find around the insanely touristy hood if you just poke around a bit.

                                              2. Go to Yatagan on Macdougal st & Bleecker st it's great

                                                1. Sammy's street cart at 73rd and broadway in jackson heights, easy!!!!!!!

                                                  1. Best Gyro by far...BZ Grill in Astoria (Astoria Blvd).
                                                    They eveb make their own "grill sauce" which is based on a homemade mayo. The BEST kopanisti and other spreads.
                                                    If you can, try their mixed grill for two. It includes shaved Chicken gyro, shaved gyro, seftalia sausage (homemade), befteki (homemade) and loukaniko (homemade).
                                                    You'll never taste fresher Greek food. ANd yes, their gyros are individual pieces of meat piled one on top of one another until the spit is full and roasted over the grill - delicious!
                                                    Let me know how you like it.
                                                    I have included the website

                                                    1. if you're going to be on Long Island at all, or are willing to take the trip here are the ones voted best gyro of 2010: http://bestof.longislandpress.com/li/...

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                                                      1. re: sadab

                                                        The Mediterranean Snack Bar is amazing, for everything. I miss their Greek Salad. I grew up near there and we went at least once a week. The grilled fish is nice too.

                                                        1. re: chowkitty

                                                          It used to be truly amazing, but not so much any more. Some things are still good, but not enough for us to go back. We live in Huntington, but drive to Gyro Time in Northport for good Greek food.

                                                        2. re: sadab

                                                          If we're talking long island, I know a great one in Merrick on Sunrise - called Gyro Palace (next to pit stop). unfort , haven't explored astoria too much otehr than the schwarma kings.

                                                        3. I just had this really delicious lamb gyro at Gyro King on Foster Ave. right off of Coney Island Ave. It's a Pakistani place and the lamb is ground, seems to be of good quality, seasoned well and is moist. I had the cook put on this homemade vegetable sauce/condiment along with some herbed yogurt and it was just delicious.

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                                                            Sorry, but I went there, and the place was just ok....nothing special. "Herbed yogurt"???? It was watered down milk with floating green stuff!! lol