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Aug 18, 2004 07:20 PM


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Though not the first place most people think of when talking about Polish Sausage; NYC has some of the BEST KIELBASA you will ever try.
EAGLE PROVISIONS ("White Eagle" in neighborhood parlance)on the corner of 18th Street & 5th Ave in Brooklyn sells "Epicurean delights from around the world"(per their sign) and makes their sausage on the premises.
It 's this fact, the freshness, that sets their Keilbasa "Keh-bahssy" apart from all the rest.
So good, it is best eaten uncooked, just cut off a piece and CHOW DOWN BABY!!!

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  1. We like Eagle too (for lots of reasons) but have you tried Jubilat down the street? I wonder how their kielbasa stacks up?

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      I've tried both White Eagle and Jubilat. They're good, but Kurowycky (1st Ave. @ 7th St. in Manhattan) is in a class by itself. The Best, and no doubt about it.

      1. re: KRS

        White Eagle is just OK, to my taste.

        Kurowicky (which is Ukrainian and not Polish) totally rocks, as does Steve's in Greenpoint.

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        Inspired by this thread, I finally got around to trying White Eagle and Jubilat, back to back. White Eagle was good, but for my money the clear winner is Jubilat. It's great stuff, full of smoky flavor. Now I've got to try Kurowycky....

      3. We have white eagle kielbasa upstate too, its made over in schenectady... is it the same stuff??

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          John Malinoski

          Where can you buy it in upstate like Saratoga or Albany, NY?

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            I wouldn't fed that to my dogs.