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Jun 27, 2004 11:07 PM

Best Dim Sum in NYC?

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Hi, a DC hound here trying to plan a weekend trip. I'm looking for the best traditional dim sum available. So no Dim-Sum-a-Go-Go. We've been to Ping's & Jing Fong in Manhattan Chinatown on previous trips. The size of Jing Fong didn't bother us [kind of entertaining, actually], but Ping's seemed to have higher quality food. Looking for high quality & good selection -- I can get adequate dim sum in DC, but usually a pretty limited variety.

The board seems to agree that Flushing has the best dim sum [over Manhattan Chinatown and I don't know what other competition]. The outer boroughs board seems to opine that Gum Fung in Flushing is the place to be, although some people are saying Fay-Da. The posts lower down seem to be saying Henry's Evergreen or Chiam. Can someone break down the differences between these places in detail? And maybe provide an address for Fay-Da? I think I've located Gum Fung on google.

Any help appreciated.


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  1. HSF on bowery in manhattan chinatown has pretty good dim sum.

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    1. re: dongstadden

      HSF is my rec too
      on Bowery off of elizabeth I think (#68 Bowery? they are listed)

      but i have to say, the DC dim sum I have had is just better overall (i ate at the now defunct Golden Phoenix, i think)

      but HSF is a large scale place, food is brought around pushcart style, not by the order off the menu like in smaller places. and small parties are seated together traditional family style, so you may meet some nice locals


      1. re: folklaur70

        Last time I went to HSF I said to my crew you should listened to me and gone to Golden Unicorn on East Broadway.


        1. re: lib pat

          Despite all the Cantonese people in Chinatown, i find flushing has better dim-sum, especially the East Manor on Kissena Blvd right near flushing. it's a very large scale, fancy (the building and decor really reflects it) restaurant that's really suitable for native Canton-ians like me. THey're a bit pricey but the open-faced kitchens that cook Turnip Cakes and Egg Tarts right in your face makes up for it.

          1. re: TarragonOxide

            All the cantonese people moved to flushing, thats why the dim sum is better. You have Fukinese people serving substandard dim sum in chinatown.

    2. w
      Warren Goodman

      Just saw the posting today (8/21). When next in NYC--try "Dim Sum Go Go", 5 East Broadway, NY, NY.
      You won't be sorry; regular menu is great too.

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      1. re: Warren Goodman

        Please don't go there, I have lived in Hong Kong for 4 years and absolutely LOVE dim sum (yum cha). I was taken here the 1st week I moved back to NYC from HK and I have NEVER tasted dim sum so bad. I swear you're better off buying the frozen dim sum and steaming it yourself.

        Try somewhere else or in Flushing for real dim sum.

        1. re: Warren Goodman

          chathum square is way better and only across the street from a go-go