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Best pizza in any borough?????

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I have been on a mission to find the best pizza in New York City since I moved here back in August. So far I have tried the following places:
MANHATTAN: Angelo's, Arturo's, John's, La Pizza Fresca, Lil Frankie's, Lombardi's, Koronet, Naples 45, Nick's, Patsy's, Pie, Totonno, Two Boots
BROOKLYN: Caserta Vecchia, Di Fara, Grimaldi's, Leonardo's Caffe
BRONX: Full Moon
QUEENS: Rosa's

So now I am looking for suggestions for some more great places to try. Anywhere in any of the five boroughs. Just the absolute best pizza places you can think of. And please include what type of pizza the places have, if possible. Any help is appreciated.

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  1. The Totonno's is Manhattan is but a pale shadow of the original in Coney Island. Some people like Joe's, on the corner of Sixth and Bleecker. It's not artisinal, but it's not bad.

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      Chicago Mike

      In Manhattan for plain slices try: Ultimate in Pizza, Pizza 33, Rigoletto, Sal's and Carmines, the Ben's on McDougal, Joe's on Carmine, Ben's on Spring, and City Pie.

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        Chicago Mike

        Sullivan Street Bakery is another must on the list for best Manhattan pizza although their style is "bakery artisanal" and not easily comparable to other styles.

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        My son is visiting a buddy at NYU next week. Any "bests" near NYU? Some people have suggested John's on Bleeker? Any thoughts on John's? Thanks

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          I like John's on Bleecker St. but we haven't been there in years. I think it is still better than Lombardi's which we tried once and had a pie that was lackluster to say the least. John's is not the best and the end crusts are kind of bland. My favorite would still be Patsy's on 1st Ave at 117 Street (no other Patsy's is even close) where the pies are usually great and you even devour the end crusts.

      3. It sounds like you've already hit many of the high points.

        Add Nick's Pizza on Ascan Avenue in Forest Hills, Queens to your list of places to try. Thin, perfectly charred-crust, brick oven pies that are just wonderful "plain" (with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil) though they have many toppings on offer (we sometimes break down and get some good Italian sausage, or fresh garlic, on ours.)

        Pies only--no slices--and cash only. Plan to eat it there because like many thin-crust pizzas, it just doesn't travel very well. Take public transportation (E, F to 71st St-Continental Ave) because parking is virtually impossible in that neighborhood.

        - er

        1. Try this pizza blog. I think it'll help in your quest.

          Link: http://sliceny.com/

          1. Try Frankies pizza on 31st street in astoria, their plain slice is a slice of heaven.

            1. Staten Island:

              Lee's Tavern
              Joe & Pat's

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                I'm excited to hear that Nunzio's is still good. Dude, that's the first place I ever had three slices of pizza in one sitting.

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                  Joe & Pat's . . . Two pies waiting for me at home, once I get out of work tonight. Currently my #1 place and I've been eating DiFara since 1972 or so!

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                    You know your stuff! I've never been to Lee's Tavern so I'd like to check that one out. Brothers has a great grandmother slice too.

                    My favorite place is the one that the original guy mentioned though. DiFara's is #1 for me.

                    Isabella's on the LES is pretty good too, but they are hit or miss. Sometimes amazing, sometimes just very good.

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                      Jimmy Max Special is a good pie as well. Denino's is still a fav if going for a sausage pie!

                    2. Muzzarella on A/14th - Manhattan - a perfect NY slice, square or round, and fantastic foccaccia. Also - cheap and open late.

                      1. Graziella Pizza - 3325 Francis Lewis Blvd in Flushing. Really good NY-style pizza - a tad bit heartier than most NY slices but in a very good and most delicious way. They also make the absolute BEST chicken parm roll I have ever had.

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                          Rizzos on Steinway in Astoria...best square slice I ever had. It's a littlr different but its great. Also Sac's on Boadway...another great Astoria gem

                        2. two of my Brooklyn faves -

                          Fascati's on Henry Street in B'klyn Hts.

                          Krispy Pizzeria on 13th Ave. @ 72nd St. in Dyker Hts.

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                            I like Fascati's too. I used to go there for lunch a lot when I lived on Atlantic Ave. Nick and Joe's which was on Court St was good too, but it's gone sadly [i think]. My Little Pizzeria, also on Court St, isn't bad.

                            I have to be a lemming and say Di Fara in Midwood is the best pizza ever. I really like it. It's great.

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                              Okay guys, this pizza place has been around for many, many years and the recipes of the original owners Louie and Ernie (now retired) was so good that Stauffer's offered them a ton of money if their receipes could be flash frozen for mass consumption. Stauffer's could not duplicate the recipes and so Louie and Ernie just continued to do very well with satisfying the pizza cravings of their very loyal and widespread clientele. I'll never forget the first time that I tasted one of their garlic pies. I ate an entire large pie and I still remember having a monumental case of heartburn due to my gluttony. Here's a link to another pizza lover's opinion of just how good this pizza still seems to be, many, many years later. If you're ever close by, or willing to take a detour for some seriously fine pizza, try Louie and Ernies. Zabar


                          2. Brooklyn, House of Pizza and Calzone on Union street. Don't forget to try the calzone.

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                              abdul alhazred

                              take the j train to forrest parkway stop in woodhaven. there's a little dive right downstairs that makes the best (plain) pizza i've ever had in my life. abdul

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                                Eric Schultz

                                Una Pizza Napoletana on east 12th street between first and second avenues in Manhattan is incredible pizza. The owner, Anthony Mangieri, is so proud of his ingredients and pizza quality that he doesn't have toppings. Believe me, you won't miss them. He makes great quality pizza out of a wood-burning oven, using ingredients such a mozzarella de bufala, Sicilian sea salt, and extra-virgin olive oil. Out of the four pizzas he serves, I would recommend the margherita. Highly recommended.

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                                  Every time I've tried to go he's been closed. I know his prinicple of closing when he runs out of ingredients, but it's been like 10 times.

                                2. I know you wrote NYC but this is just right outside of Queens in New Hyde Park, a place called Umberto's. They have a really good sicilian and the grandma slices are really good too.

                                  1. Koronets at 110 and broadway, that's all that needs to be said.

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                                      Koronets??? Dear god no! Not unless you're really, really drunk. It tastes like wet napkins.

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                                        But the pizza slice that's bigger than the size of your head is something to be experienced. Drunk yes, and it helps if you're a broke Columbia student as well.

                                      2. I strongly urge you to try my favorite. I've introduced it to several of my skeptical friends many of whom are now converts.

                                        It's only open lunchtime M-F.

                                        Friendly Gourmet Pizza on Cortlandt and Nassau.

                                        Try the sausage and pepper or white pizza. They're amazing.

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                                          una & lazzarra's in manhattan.

                                          difara's, lucali's & franny's in brooklyn.

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                                            Definitely Lucali's. Go there exactly at 6pm when they open to avoid the lines.

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                                              When going early to Lucali's you might want to wait until the oven is really fired up. I have gone at opening and I think it is better after about an hour.

                                        2. My favorite place is V&T's on Amsterdam around 110th St. It's different from Grimaldi's style pizza, but unlike most people, I like it more. It's got more cheese and I'd say is more of a comfort food type pizza.

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                                            second nicks in forest hills. Used to live in the same building, awesome is all i can say. Even the desserts are 'light'

                                          2. Manhattan: Ben's of Soho for their Palermo pie

                                            1. Hey, I don't even like Sicilian pies usually, but there's this Italian Bakery in Queens called Rose & Joe's that makes the best pizza I have ever tasted. We once bought 4 pies that filled 8 bozes for 5 people. It ws gone in two days. And the best part, it tastes almost as good heated up the next day.

                                              1. I've tried them all and Rosa's in Maspeth is the best. The chicken caesar slice is to die for and if you want something tomato-based, go for the grandma slice. It must be their crust that sets them apart. Yum!

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                                                  I have been going to Rosa's in Maspeth since 1981 when they had their store on Grand Ave about 2 blocks east of the current 69th street location.I go to Rosa's for one thing(not really,I've tried most of their stuff!)the Sicilian pizza.It is without a doubt the most original square pie in the city. I have been trying to figure out for years how they make it. If you watch them make it, you will see them sauce the dough and throw some grated parmeasan on top. That's it. I think the cheese is in the dough somehow, maybe slices of mozz placed on top prior to rising in the pan, I really don't know and they won't say. The sauce is incredible, spicy and thick and it's different than the sauce they use on round pies. It's hard to believe but it tastes the same now as it did 27 years ago. I lived out of New York for 7 years and when I would return home to Long Island, I would drive thru Manhattan, so I could get off the LIE and go to Rosa's. Even now, once a month or so I drive into Queens to get my "fix". It's worth the trip from anywhere.

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                                                    which or where exactly is this rosa's? I think I found a fake one once, but down to find this sicilian.

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                                                      there r a couple of Rosa's around the one norilove is talking about is on 69th Street off of Grand Ave in Maspeth. there is another one on fresh Pond Rd in Ridgewod but I dont like this one at all & another one on Metroplitan Ave in Middle Village. But the one in Maspeth is the best I agreee. Maspeth Pizzarea on Grand Ave makes a decent pie and Johns down towards Queens Blvd makes a great pie also.

                                                2. Original's Pizza, Canarsie. Real, good pizza, no frills. Venture into the hood at your own risk, however

                                                  Best BBQ Chicken Pizza - Little Italys around 44 and 6th? Its been a while, but that was a good slice. Crowded during lunch though

                                                  1. Totonno's on Neptune Avenue in Brooklyn, hands down. I enjoyed Lombardi's very much the one time I went, but I've heard they're inconsistent.

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                                                      Agreed, Totonno's on Neptune is tops in my book.

                                                    2. manhattan: lazzarra's, artichoke, una
                                                      brooklyn: franny's, lucali's
                                                      queens: nick's
                                                      staten island: denino's

                                                      <edited> opps i already answered this one. d'oh!

                                                      1. Just had four, yes four sicilian slices from Rose & Joe's in Queens. Hands down the best and (seriously) only sicilian I will eat anymore. I have had it about 4 times now, maybe 5, and it's better every time. This time was truly the best. Thin crust (especially for a sicilian slice) perfect amounts of sauce and cheese and you can taste the oil and the seasonings. When I say the oil, yes taste, not to say it's oily. It's truly amazing....and I've still not tried their breads and cookies.

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                                                          4 Sicilian L&B spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn

                                                          4 slices New Park in Howard Beach

                                                        2. Korner Pizza, on the southwest corner of Church Avenue at E 3rd Street in Kensington, Brooklyn. Still great after 38 years eating there.

                                                          1. Louie & Ernie's Crosby and Waterbury Aves in The Bronx. Best pizza in the city!

                                                            1. I've just posted a Manhattan-centric list of the current best pizzerias on the Manhattan board.

                                                              Note that 5 of the top 10 on my list are in the other boroughs.

                                                              1. How about Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn.

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                                                                  What's so good about it? Granted, I went several years ago, but there was nothing especially good about the pizza. I liked the rainbow spumoni better than the pizza, though. So what's the draw, other than character, which is fun but which I can't eat?

                                                                  1. re: Pan

                                                                    Just went to Spumoni for the first time this weekend and I thought the square slice was very good--not the best, but very good. And the atmosphere is wonderful. Also the roasted artichokes are FABULOUS and the garlic bread ain't bad either.

                                                                    My faves are DiFara, Lucali in Brooklyn for pies, Artichoke in Manhattan for a square slice. Motorino in Williamsburg is pretty damn good also for a newcomer.

                                                                2. If you're like me and like a good NYC metal oven slice: 68th b/w Broadway and Columbus, dinky pizzeria opposite the theater, gives a decent slice. In Jackson Heights, corner 74th Street and 37th? Ave., about a block away from the train.

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                                                                    good slice in JH? I think you are talking about that place which sells the indiv pizzas by the window. I don't even care to look it up. How can you mention that here???

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                                                                      OMG i totally know what place on 68th. They don't even have a name if i remember, the awning just says pizza!
                                                                      I think that Gotham Pizza on the ues (75thish and york) is excellent; they use a form of panko under the pie instead of typical flour or cornmeal which gives it an amazing crunch. I also do love totonnos; BUT, not the ones in Manhattan, you must make the trip to Brooklyn. THERE IS NO COMPARISON. the extreme heat that original oven uses gives the undercrust a texture you will not find anywhere else

                                                                    2. best pizza by far is DiFara. no doubt about it.

                                                                      1. Sal's in Little Neck, Queens is a favorite of mine for a slice. Dee's in Forest Hills makes brick oven pies, but is more of a sit down place. No slice to go.

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                                                                          Sal's in Little Neck has a new owner and most likely a new name by now

                                                                          My brother raves about New Park Pizza in Howard Beach, never been.

                                                                          1. re: CCSPRINGS

                                                                            New Park is good, but it can't compete with Margherita in Jamaica or Amore in Flushing as far as Queens goes.

                                                                            Amore Restaurant
                                                                            921 Hope St, Stamford, CT 06907

                                                                            1. re: Jeffsayyes

                                                                              Where is Amore in Flushing, the link is in CT?

                                                                              1. re: CCSPRINGS


                                                                                30-27 Stratton St. - for some reason we can't link NYC venues from this board.

                                                                                1. re: squid kun

                                                                                  It's in the shopping center. just south of the BQE.

                                                                                  1. re: Jeffsayyes

                                                                                    I know where it is now, thanks. Actually that is the Whitestone Expressway and the Van Wyck is just to the west a bit. Are any of you guys old enough to remember the amusement park on the north side where the NY Times building is now?

                                                                        2. Bklyn. L&B (square only),DiFara,Lucallis,DelMar,LaVilla

                                                                          Manhattan, Bens,Lombardis,Johns, Bway & 110st.

                                                                          Queens. New Park,Rosas (try the square), Nicks, Dees

                                                                          Bronx. Full moon, Patricias, Tosca, Sals of Soho

                                                                          Staten Island. Joe & Pats, Sals Of Soho, Deninnos, Lees Tavern,Kings.

                                                                          This is just a sampling there is so many places it is difficult to try them all.

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                                                                            ben's, lombardi's, johns????? are you kidding???? try Bleecker St pizza on the corner of Bleecker St/ 7th ave south; try Ultimate Pizza at 57th/ 1st avenue, try Franks on 23rd st off Leington Ave , try Two Boots..various locations, try Sal's at Mott St/Broome St, try Front Street pizza in DUMBO, Bklyn, try Arthur's on west houston or next to the Ed Sullivan theatre ( where David Letterman show is) 53rd and bway; try Patsy's ..55th off Bway or 110th/1st avenue, try anywhere BUT John's or Lombardi's....

                                                                            1. re: bigappleguide1

                                                                              Patsy's is not at 110th St. It's between 117th and 118th Sts.

                                                                          2. I heard Amore in Flushing is not good. But the person has not been there in a few years. Has it gotten good in the last few years?

                                                                            1. Is it hard to find parking for Di Faras? I never been over there and would like to go with a friend.