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May 2, 2004 12:11 AM

Best pizza in any borough?????

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I have been on a mission to find the best pizza in New York City since I moved here back in August. So far I have tried the following places:
MANHATTAN: Angelo's, Arturo's, John's, La Pizza Fresca, Lil Frankie's, Lombardi's, Koronet, Naples 45, Nick's, Patsy's, Pie, Totonno, Two Boots
BROOKLYN: Caserta Vecchia, Di Fara, Grimaldi's, Leonardo's Caffe
BRONX: Full Moon
QUEENS: Rosa's

So now I am looking for suggestions for some more great places to try. Anywhere in any of the five boroughs. Just the absolute best pizza places you can think of. And please include what type of pizza the places have, if possible. Any help is appreciated.

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  1. The Totonno's is Manhattan is but a pale shadow of the original in Coney Island. Some people like Joe's, on the corner of Sixth and Bleecker. It's not artisinal, but it's not bad.

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      Chicago Mike

      In Manhattan for plain slices try: Ultimate in Pizza, Pizza 33, Rigoletto, Sal's and Carmines, the Ben's on McDougal, Joe's on Carmine, Ben's on Spring, and City Pie.

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        Chicago Mike

        Sullivan Street Bakery is another must on the list for best Manhattan pizza although their style is "bakery artisanal" and not easily comparable to other styles.

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        My son is visiting a buddy at NYU next week. Any "bests" near NYU? Some people have suggested John's on Bleeker? Any thoughts on John's? Thanks

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          I like John's on Bleecker St. but we haven't been there in years. I think it is still better than Lombardi's which we tried once and had a pie that was lackluster to say the least. John's is not the best and the end crusts are kind of bland. My favorite would still be Patsy's on 1st Ave at 117 Street (no other Patsy's is even close) where the pies are usually great and you even devour the end crusts.

      3. It sounds like you've already hit many of the high points.

        Add Nick's Pizza on Ascan Avenue in Forest Hills, Queens to your list of places to try. Thin, perfectly charred-crust, brick oven pies that are just wonderful "plain" (with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil) though they have many toppings on offer (we sometimes break down and get some good Italian sausage, or fresh garlic, on ours.)

        Pies only--no slices--and cash only. Plan to eat it there because like many thin-crust pizzas, it just doesn't travel very well. Take public transportation (E, F to 71st St-Continental Ave) because parking is virtually impossible in that neighborhood.

        - er

        1. Try this pizza blog. I think it'll help in your quest.


          1. Try Frankies pizza on 31st street in astoria, their plain slice is a slice of heaven.

            1. Staten Island:

              Lee's Tavern
              Joe & Pat's

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                I'm excited to hear that Nunzio's is still good. Dude, that's the first place I ever had three slices of pizza in one sitting.

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                  Joe & Pat's . . . Two pies waiting for me at home, once I get out of work tonight. Currently my #1 place and I've been eating DiFara since 1972 or so!

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                    You know your stuff! I've never been to Lee's Tavern so I'd like to check that one out. Brothers has a great grandmother slice too.

                    My favorite place is the one that the original guy mentioned though. DiFara's is #1 for me.

                    Isabella's on the LES is pretty good too, but they are hit or miss. Sometimes amazing, sometimes just very good.

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                      Jimmy Max Special is a good pie as well. Denino's is still a fav if going for a sausage pie!