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May 1, 2004 06:52 PM

best grits??

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Who has the best grits in Manhattan? Preferably at brunch, although I would be willing to eat them any time of day. Cheese grits are a plus, but the standard is great too.


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  1. I feel your pain. I can't tell you the number of bad plates of grits I have endured in New York City--most recently in a lovely and otherwise excellent little place on Smith Street in Brooklyn that was very proud of serving stone-ground grits at breakfast; what arrived at the table had more the consistency of the stone than the grits.

    Fear not.

    For good grits in Manhattan, you will need to seek out the soul food providers. Pink Tea Cup on Grove Street in the Village does a fantastic full-on Southern breakfast/brunch with your choice of grits or homefries (and the homefries are damn good, too.)

    Amy Ruth's and Sylvia's in Harlem also serve grits with breakfast/brunch; both are very good.

    Haven't found a great bowl of cheese grits up here yet, nor have I found an old favorite dinner dish, shrimp-and-grits. Still looking.

    -- er, native North Carolinian

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      Thanks very much for your suggestions ER - I will definitely check them out. I could have guessed you were an NC person - ont only because you seem to have great taste in food, but because of your recent Cheerwine references.

      I knew I was in trouble when I first moved here and my grocery store sold 15 kinds of oatmeal, but only instant grits. Thankfully I've found places to buy them for home consumption.

      Shrimp and grits is another great question (Crook's Corner, perhaps?) Does anyone know where that could be found in this city?

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        Jacques-Imo's has a version of shrimp and grits as an appetizer special. Grilled shrimp with tasso over grits with a hint of bleu cheese on the side.

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          I'll second Amy Ruth's. It's an excellent soul food restaurant and very good for breakfast. They only serve breakfast during the normal hours. Go back for dinner If you like soul food.

          Another good choice is M&J Diner, all the way west on E 125 where ends at Convent I think it is. They serve breakfast and good soft grits til'closing around 1 AM.


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          Although kind of a trendy play on the dish, the shrimp and grits at Clinton Sreet Bakery in the LES is pretty amazing.

        3. I second the Pink Tea Cup recommendation. This place is a real comfort for those with southern longings. Their iced tea could qualify as a dessert.

          Also, I think Bubby's has very tasty grits, though they are clearly prepared with a lot of cream, which some consider non-standard, or even outright cheating.

          1. VIRGIL'S BBQ! on 44th and 7th Ave - they have the best cheese grits I've ever had - killer good, check it out!

            also - Miracle Grill on 7th St and 1st Ave has good grits at brunch, very creamy and lovely.

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              Alexandra Halsey

              I'm by no means a grits expert, but for Easter brunch I had a delicous plate of grits and garlic shrimp at Maroon's in Chelsea (244 West 16th).


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                I also had amayzing cheese grits at maroons. I had them this weekend and I can not stop thinking about them. But since as a northerner it was my first time having grits, I can not vouch for authenticity.

                1. re: jgirl

                  The grits at Inside on Jones St. in the Village are amazing. Imagine grits made like real mac & cheese w/ bechamel sauce and a bubbling cheese crust. I think the grits are only on the brunch menu, which is only served Sunday.

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                if you're near the upper west side, citrus at 75th and amsterdam (or 74th) has a brunch item called "southern comfort". it includes grits that are made with cream and cheese. sort of like a souffle. curiously this is served with an english muffin. they're good but not like mama's. also on the uws are shark bar (pricey but yummy!) and brother jimmy's. love brother jimmy's okra with spicy dipping sauce. and i love watching acc games there as well!

                have you tried soul fixins at 34th and 9th? fish and grits almost every day. i've eaten the peach cobbler there many times with great success.

                i'm probably not telling you anything you haven't already figured out. best of luck!