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Apr 30, 2004 01:47 PM

Best packaged sauerkraut?

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I've been making a pork chop dish with sauerkraut and bbq sauce and have been trying different brands of sauerkraut. So far Sabrett is not so good but Hebrew National is kind of tasty yet not quite what I want. does anyone have any opinions on sauerkraut available in Manhattan? Maybe bbq sauce also. I started out with Firehouse but recently tried Stubb's which turned out quite nice.

The requirement is for a 1 lb package but any source that will sell me 1 lb, even fresh packed, is welcome.

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  1. Just Pickles. They make their own, it's fabulous. There is a store on 28th and 5th and another in the 30's that I've not been to. (I think
    BTW, everything they make is fantastic.

    1. Try "The Pickle Guys" on Essex St. Or go to a good German Deli and get a can of Hengstenberg wine sauerkraut. Best kraut in a can!!

      1. Kurowycky, 124 1st Ave., makes excellent sauerkraut -- just the right balance between crunchy and pickled.

        1. Hawthorne Valley Farm (sp?) at the Union Sq. farmers' market - I know they're there on Saturday. Regular & Caraway (w/ juniper berries) - both excellent.