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Eggs benedict

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Looking for a place south of 14th st or in brooklyn. Any suggestions?

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  1. hey - that's my favorite breakfast dish! the eggs benedict at Noho Star on Lafayette St and Bleecker are GREAT

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      i asked for my eggs scrambled on my eggs ben. its a good thing

    2. The first (and best!) Eggs benedict I've had was at Jane (100 W houston)

      1. I love the Latin Eggs Benedict at Beso, on 5th Avenue just south of Union Street in Brooklyn. If they have the passion-fruit mimosa (a special), get that, too.

        1. I'm not a fan myself, but this site of reviews of eggs benedict may be helpful...

          Link: http://mosaic.echonyc.com/~jkarpf/egg...

          1. the best eggs benedict downtown i've ever had were in Aquagrill (Spring St.) and at Jerry's (on Prince St. in Soho).

            in brooklyn, i would recommend Banania or LuLuc. Hill Diner's has far too much hollandaise sauce.

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              cant you ask the waiter for hollandaise on the side ?!

            2. I've recently been FORCED out of the city...to L.I., on acct. of new hubby...but I used to enjoy the Eggs B. at Bar Six at Sixth and 13th. Is it still there?

              1. CAFE MOGADOR --on weekends there is a cafe on st. mark's or 9th street between 2nd and first ave--Cafe Mogador...
                they serve traditional and like six other kinds-- plus you get espresso drink and fresh oj for a low price at brunch

                1. tartine on w 4th for brunch. and chumley's, underground speakeasy from bohemian west village days. no sign, 86 bedford. the term 86'ed originated here

                  1. Eggs Sardou at brunch at The Cajun in Chelsea is great. (like Benedict but served on top of an artichoke bottom instead of english muffin atop a bed of cream spinach)