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Eggs benedict

stephro Jan 25, 2004 07:35 PM

Looking for a place south of 14th st or in brooklyn. Any suggestions?

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  1. e
    elvislives RE: stephro Jan 26, 2004 05:40 PM

    hey - that's my favorite breakfast dish! the eggs benedict at Noho Star on Lafayette St and Bleecker are GREAT

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    1. re: elvislives
      doc RE: elvislives Nov 21, 2004 01:25 PM

      i asked for my eggs scrambled on my eggs ben. its a good thing

    2. o
      offbalance RE: stephro Jan 27, 2004 11:11 AM

      The first (and best!) Eggs benedict I've had was at Jane (100 W houston)

      1. j
        JackS RE: stephro Feb 2, 2004 11:56 AM

        I love the Latin Eggs Benedict at Beso, on 5th Avenue just south of Union Street in Brooklyn. If they have the passion-fruit mimosa (a special), get that, too.

        1. s
          sarahoc RE: stephro Feb 2, 2004 03:33 PM

          I'm not a fan myself, but this site of reviews of eggs benedict may be helpful...

          Link: http://mosaic.echonyc.com/~jkarpf/egg...

          1. d
            dt RE: stephro Feb 14, 2004 08:12 AM

            the best eggs benedict downtown i've ever had were in Aquagrill (Spring St.) and at Jerry's (on Prince St. in Soho).

            in brooklyn, i would recommend Banania or LuLuc. Hill Diner's has far too much hollandaise sauce.

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            1. re: dt
              karen RE: dt Nov 21, 2004 12:15 PM

              cant you ask the waiter for hollandaise on the side ?!

            2. j
              Jennifer RE: stephro Feb 18, 2004 01:16 PM

              I've recently been FORCED out of the city...to L.I., on acct. of new hubby...but I used to enjoy the Eggs B. at Bar Six at Sixth and 13th. Is it still there?

              1. d
                djalex RE: stephro Jun 23, 2006 12:58 AM

                CAFE MOGADOR --on weekends there is a cafe on st. mark's or 9th street between 2nd and first ave--Cafe Mogador...
                they serve traditional and like six other kinds-- plus you get espresso drink and fresh oj for a low price at brunch

                1. j
                  jungirl RE: stephro Jun 28, 2006 08:09 PM

                  tartine on w 4th for brunch. and chumley's, underground speakeasy from bohemian west village days. no sign, 86 bedford. the term 86'ed originated here

                  1. e
                    Eat Me RE: stephro Jul 7, 2006 03:23 PM

                    Eggs Sardou at brunch at The Cajun in Chelsea is great. (like Benedict but served on top of an artichoke bottom instead of english muffin atop a bed of cream spinach)

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